Monday, August 10, 2009

And the WInner Is....


Murphy Lee and Boogie D were at The Loft on Friday Night to settle a battle that these two have been talking about over the airwaves of HOT 104.1 and via twitter for weeks. Foreplay Fridays was changed to Fight Night as Mr. U C ME battled Mr. NYC in a PS3 challenge. You would have thought it was an Ali fight going down with all the ish talking and bets that were made. If Boogie D would have lost he would have had to turn over his show to Murphy Lee for a day. But since Murphy Lee went down in a sweep he now will be taking 20 lucky ladies out on a date. It was a different way to start a Friday Night at the club for sure and I'm thinking if these two keep teaming up there will be more unique events ahead. We were split on the support, Jami B was all in Boogie's corner while Cryssrenee supported the Murph or Die Campaign.