Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wake Up Call: 2 dead after police chase

Following a chase involving the St. Charles Police Department, there was a crash on Eastbound I-70 between Riverview and Union. The suspects vehicle was reportedly wanted in a cracking when an officer attempted to pull the vehicle over. The driver reportedly hit the police cruiser and shots were also fired from a passenger in that vehicle. The crash ended with 2 individuals from the suspects vehicle dead. there was another vehicle involved in the crash which injured all 4 people in that car and at least one police officer is being treated with minor injures.

 Why do criminals continue to run from the police?

Friday, November 28, 2008


HAPPY (late as hell) BIRTHDAY 
goes out to NELLY. 

November 2nd was his actual birthday but since he has decided to celebrate at home this weekend I don’t feel bad about the LATE check in. That’s right folks, the mane who put St. Louis on the map (according to him) is 34 years old. I’m not sure if that’s milk doing a body good or what but our hometown hero is looking as a good as a slice of sweet of potato pie.

Lets wish Nelly a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and make sure you get out to at least one of his events this weekend.

You know that we will be out this weekend helping celebrate Nelly's Birthday during his 2nd Annual Birthday weekend and we will be armed with the camera so be aware and make sure that you good. And if you come out with some suite STyLe then we may just feature you on the site next week. See you at the Skybox Saturday and remember "WE ALL WE GOT".

Thursday, November 27, 2008


I know some of you all are standing in line right now so you can be the first to get a place at yo momma's house for some of her famouse macaroni & cheese. Make sure you save plenty of room for some desert because there will be plenty of it around town in the local club scene. Get ready to make your Suite Reservations

Since Boogie D of HOT 104.1 will be hosting, you know I will be right behind in the DJ booth trying to flirt. The Loft is always packed and Thursday night won't be any different. Plus by midnight I will be getting hungry again and you know that have those wings cooking up in the back.

EXO: Groove Theory
this will be our first stop since the ladies are free until 10:30. Harry and Fred never disappointme with an event and the guys at Freetime are sure to have the party filled with the type of people I like to party with.

DANTES: Murphy Lee Thanksgiving Bash
Now you know I must always go to whatever Murphy Lee especially since he is kicking butt on our poll (check it off to the right of the page). This is the 3rd year he's doing it big Turkey Day style and with Nelly's bringing in the Stars for his Derrty ENT weekend.

LUSH: SYGU The Bailout
Alright now if you are reading all the events thinking you bought too much on groceries to try to go out. Don't even sweat it because the gentlemen of SYGU are ready to assist with The Bailout. They are letting everybody in FREE (so no excuses people) at Lush Thanksgiving night. So you know what that means. You better get there early because the place will be packed.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A great read for the Thanksgiving Weekend

Brenda Hampton, one of STL's accomplished authors is back with a book most definitely worthy of a read. The Dirty Truth gets down into the mind of a young man, Brandon, who learns that his fiance' has been murdered. Brandon is heartbroken to say the least, and he begins a journey trying to find the real killer. Meanwhile his dead fiance' has secrets that are talking from the grave, she was in love with another man, who happens to be a St. Louis city police officer. He too is bent on finding her killer. Not sure who to trust or what to believe Brandon encounters various different women and try to turn them into his dead fiance' by playing the same dangerous sex games that he and she played. Evelyn, begins to capture Brandon's heart and may find herself in the same predicament as his ex-fiance'. If you are use to guessing how the book will turn out after the first couple of pages, then get ready to be fooled.

Thankgiving APPETIZER

Before you make youself sick with a plate full of candy yams and some fried turkey that your uncle made, get one last night out before you have to report the family's meeting place for Thanksgiving.

MANDARIN: Rams Player Steven Jackson
I thought he was injured...I guess he isn't too hurt to party. Steven Jackson and the good folks of Syngergy and Koncepts will be at Mandarin doing at big like they always do. If you see any Rams players partying to hard....please remind them that they are curretnly having a horrible season.

ST. NICKS: Skate Party
Lace those skates and put your knee brace on and enjoy the Old School Skate party at St. Nicks with DJ Reminse. I might have to put my helment on and get out there.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

suite STyLe of the week: Cadillac Records Premiere

Black Hollywood was in full force last night for the movie premiere of Beyonce's latest flick, Cadillac Records. One thing I love about us is that we know how to show up to any event. Lauren London hands down has the hottest style of the night. Her black dress is flirty and sassy. Her shoes gave her just the pop of color that is needed to sass anything black. Beyonce and Regina Hall also opted for black, and Ms. Sanaa Lathan (who can do no wrong in my eyes) decided to rock white. Normally I would be pissed about this white after Labor Day, but in Hollywood the temperature is still summer like so she gets a pass.

suite STyLe of the week: Dirty Awards

R & B Singer Monica was doing it last night at the Dirty Awards. The red hair is normally not my thing but when she rocks it like that, I had to give her a pass. That fur jacket was as hot as bag of Red of Riplets and they went lovely with that FAB purse and sleek boots.

Side Note: How in the hell does Monica keep that body looking so slim right after having a baby?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Feel Like A Woman

"Touch Me, Tease Me, Feel Me, and Caress Me"

Just as the Earth has its elements, these are the four major components to feel like a woman. It's possible for some people to look at the words; touch, tease, feel, and caress and consider them kind of the same thing. But any woman who has yearned for that indescribable feeling can dissect these words and present the hidden gem in each.

Touch Me- It's easy for someone to physically touch a body part. But the "touch" that we as women are looking for is the touch of the soul. If done properly, a woman doesn't even realize at first that her other is connecting with her on a spiritual level. Warning ladies: just because you claim you love and can't live without him doesn't mean that he has reached your soul. It's easy to get lust confused with a strong connection.

Tease Me- Everyone loves a tease. The cat and mouse game can be a very seductive tango. Most women love men who seem as if they are doing their own thing. Yes we love flowers and attention, but men shouldn't make themselves so available that they are running at every beckon and call. Warning fellas: I know that some movies and fairy tales make women seem needy and clingy, but trust when I say we want our "me" time to relax and just do us. But remember that being always out of touch is the fastest way to loose that woman.

Feel Me- OK, people can say what they want, but we all know that sex really does matter in a relationship. No one wants to have bad sex, that's not the point of being intimate with someone. The main goal is for everyone to reach that big O. Warning for both sides: when it comes to being felt. Fellas should be less selfish and more into her. Get to know her body and ask what feels good and what doesn't. Yes being a little rough is good sometimes, but remember there are important organs that we need. Ladies some men don't like to make much noise in the bedroom, so you have to watch his body language. Remember what made his spine shutter, or what caused his toes to curl. If it is good to the man, he will reciprocate and make it great for you.

Caress Me- OK the big bang is over and done with. It would be so simple to turn over and fall off to sleep. You're hot, sweaty, and all out of breath. But the key to letting me know that I am all woman and you love and appreciate everything about me, is just simply holding me. I know it sounds so cliche' but you will be amazed what a cuddle could do. Your arms wrapped around me represents security. I don't just want to lay my head on your chest and fall off, I want you to pull me so close that our personal space is combined into one. I want our hearts to beat to the same tune.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

SOUL food

Before you get ready to stuff your face and overload your belly on Thanksgiving with your granny's soul food, go to The Jazz Bistro on Tuesday and feed your soul.I've heard nothing but great things about what JE ENT is doing so it is no surprise to see them doing it big every Tuesday over at The Jazz Bistro. You know the place on Washington across from The Fox and behind The Best Steakhouse. For $5 (yes you can still go places for $5) you are in for a real treat.I will be there for sure to check things out because you know next week I'll be with ERRO, check for that post coming soon. Also big shout out to Helen Marie for making sure that suiteSTL is up on what's going down with Soul Sessions.