Friday, June 5, 2009


I'm not sure who told these young girls it was ok but we are here to end the madness. BRA STRAPS should NOT show unless you are modeling for Victory Secret. Yes you may be excited about the new bra you got while at Vickie's Memorial Day Sale but I promise you we don't need to see it in the club, the mall, church, work anyplace that is public. If you know the chick in the pic above please tell her we said good try on the simple look with jeans, white tank, big bag and gold jewelry but she got a FAIL for not investing in the right bra.

Bezzle Out Your Feet

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Trend Alert!!!! Any sandals or heels with embellishment gets a Suite stamp of approval. Shoe bling takes a boring shoe and makes it hawt and super sexy. Now if you click on these shoes and the prices seem outrageous you can always opt for the cheaper pair at Bakers, Steve Madden, Macy's(I still wanna call them Famous Barr) or any other department store at your local mall.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Taking It Back Thursdays

On Twitter (our Internet temple for everything that is great and foolish) we got to talking about Gangsta Boo and where she was these days. So in honor of Gangsta Boo the former 1st Lady of 3-6 Mafia here's Ballers by Project Pat feat Gangsta Boo

FYI - We've located Gangsta Boo. She hit us up on twitter after she we were talking about her! If you on twitter make sure you follow the Queen of Southern Gangsta Rap.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rules Of The Game

Dating, Relationships, Marriages, hell even being single can be hard work. When issues come up in the dating Game (and yes it can be a game) a lot of time we don't know what to do. Tell us What would you do in these "Rules Of The Game" Scenario's?

RULES SCENARIO #1: When should a woman begin contributing financially to romantic dates?
A) Only if she invites the other person out.
B) Anytime.
C) By the 3rd Date.
D) Never.

RULES SCENARIO #2: Your spouse/fiancee now hates clubbing, dancing, and random socializing in STL. The prefer to be a homebody, but you still love it! Do you:
A) Continue clubbing without them. This is who you are.
B) Endlessly coax them into coming out with you by bartering favors.
C) Hang it up. Stay home forever.

"RULES" SCENARIO #3: Ladies, you are ready to become intimate for the 1st time with your new beau. Do you:
A) Put it down on him, WWE-style: no holds barred! I got dat "good-good"!
B) Hold back a little bit on the freakiness. Save some for later.
C) He ain't gettin' any til marriage. If he liked it he shoulda put a ring on it...

"RULES" SCENARIO #4: A random cutie contacts you on Facebook/Twitter and starts trying to HOLLA. You are intrigued. Do you:
A. Ignore the flirtations. You don't know them from a can o' paint!
B. Engage in a prolonged cyber-message courtship, possibly ending in meeting at some party.
C. get it cracking after a few messages. Set up a dinner-date and see what happens.

WTF Wednesday: Hoe Sit Down Edition

We are over here just trying to do the Lord's work and share the youtube foolishness with you. Please enjoy and no matter how hard it gets, watch these videos all the way through so you can soak up all the ghetto energy these two are giving you. 


If you had to put these two in a battle who you would put your money on?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 5th Is A Female Version Of A HuSTLa!!!

The rap game is hard as hell to break into. Yeah your beat may be hot, and your rhymes are tight to death but only the strong survive in the jungle known as the industry. Some guys with they sickest lyrics don’t come close to having their songs played on the radio. So what’s a chick to do, when she knows her rap game is tight? She forms a group with two other females that are equally nice with the mic. And June 5th is born. They've heard it all how they could be models are some nice arm candy for a fella or two. Don't let the looks fool you, they are serious about their craft. From an impromptu performance of their song On My Worst Day, to just spitting some lyrics from famed female rapper Lil Kim. June 5th wants the world to know who they are. Any adventure needs a stepping stone and June 5th wants their hometown to give them that extra boost. So we sat down with the trio to help spread the word across the Lou on just who June 5th is?
suiteSTL: How did you meet and form the group
June 5th: Brooke and I (Tiffany) are cousins and real cousins at that!!! We hooked up with Scar we’ve known her for a while she's my best friend. It all felt natural for us to just hook up like that.

suiteSTL: How did you get your name?
June 5th: We were throwing a lot of stuff out there and Scar just said why not June 5th being that it was the day the group came together. Two days later we were in the studio recording

suiteSTL: Here in St. Louis how do you think people take seeing three women on stage rapping.
June 5th: We get a lot of love in the Lou we love performing here. But you have to think bigger than just St. Louis. You should leave and travel around just to make your skin thicker.

suiteSTL: If someone was to label your sound what stamp would it receive?
June 5th: There's no defining June5th. We have our own style and our own flow. We all have three different backgrounds that we talk about, so I know that we each touch different people for different reasons.

suiteSTL: Now the rap game is mainly men, how do men that you date handle you three being around that atmosphere.
June5th: They don't handle it well, and that's a problem for us. Any guy who we would be with would have to be totally confident.

suiteSTL: What keeps this group on its grind?
June5th: Every time they say we can't. That helps us remember that every single moment is our time. It's our right now

suiteSTL: Where can people hear your music?
June 5th:

Interviewing the ladies of June5th would have to go down as one of our favorites because of the great vibe we had with them. As we sat around St. Louis Bread Co and talked it felt good to have five beautiful sisters at a table and not feel even the smallest bit of hate from either sides. They give off a vibe of determination and super star status already but were down to earth like you were a family picnic. Don't sleep on these ladies St. Louis. They are on their grind no doubt, with collaborations with Snoop, Jim Jones, and Akon they don't plan on going down without a fight. And Even on their WORST DAY they hold their own in a what some may say is a man's world.
Join June 5th and show support at LURE for Red Hott Thursday's. It might start on June 4th but when the clock hits 12:01 and the calendar reads June 5th the party will be for these ladies as they celebrate their Anniversary.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Between The Sheets: Selah's Bed

Poor Selah was born to a 16 year old prostitute and her daddy is her mom's pimp. Selah's mom left her in the care of her grandmother Mamma Gene because her spirit was to free to be tied to a child. Mama Gene, a nurse, worked hard taking care of Selah. She tried to provide her own daughter with the world but somehow things went wrong and she didn't want the same for Selah. At an early age Selah realized that boys will do anything for a woman's most prized possession. In some kind of sick twisted way she felt closer to her mom by charging the neighborhood boys to feel on her. Selah lives her life running from bed to bed until she meets her college sweetheart Parker. In Parker she finds the love that she always wanted until an unexpected pregnancy rips the relationship briefly. Years later Selah finds herself as a photographer of nude men and Parker now saved. Will their relationship be able to stand Selah's cheating ways, Parker's holier than thou attitude, and their daughter Michelle.

Soul Searching at The Fox

Sunday Night, The Fox Theater was filled with good music as Chrisette Michelle, Musiq Soulchild, and Anthony Hamilton sang the music that we all love to hear...SOUL.

If you were not there at 730 (cause you thought this was a CP production) then you missed Chrisette Michelle, and such a rare treat she is at the young age of 26. She hit the stage looking casual in a black sequined jacket and black pants. Ever so smoothly she hoped right into her single "Epiphany". The pipes on this young lady is ridiculous. With the soul of a woman who has been through some thangs she sung "Be OK" from the first album and then my summer anthem "Blame It On Me". Which speaks of a relationship gone wrong that she is sick of. Because she was opening she didn't sing that many songs but she blessed us with "If I Had My Way." Which she funked out in the voice of John Legend, Erykah Badu and Anita Baker.

We almost missed Musiq Soulchild trying 2 get drinks, but we made it back in time to enjoy his classics and his rocking all girl band. The keyboard chick scared us a little bit with her hairdo but those ladies did their thang. Musiq also put on one hell of a show preparing the crowd for Mr. Hamilton. They were out of tune on "Who Knows" but he didn't mind cause he was super crunk and was feeling the love he was getting from the crowd. His backup singers really cut a fool during The Proud Mary set while Musiq went off stage. We were a little surprised that when he returned and sang "Radio" he didn't pull Murphy Lee, who was sitting quietly enjoying the concert in the front row, to have him do his remix of "Radio" that was featured on his Mix Tape. He came back just to sing "Love" and The Fabulous Fox went nuts. His ending note was one that I didn't know men were capable of doing. Musiq got busy hands down but that was just the soup for the main corse.

Headliner Anthony Hamilton hit the stage in his schoolboy outfit which included a snug shinny white members only like jacket. At first you didn't notice him because his fat boy backup singer was killing it, dude was dancing like he been battling since childhood. "Coming From Where I'm From" is definitely one of St. Louis favorite songs I could barely hear him singing for the crowd's (and some crazy lady behind me) screams. Several times he had folks (including CryssRenee) in tears yearning for the love that he was singing about. "Can't Let Go" had all of Grand Blvd. rocking and swaying. "Sis Big Bones" had all the big girls on stage shaking their jelly and made Team Chunk stand up. I'm so glad too because this allowed Silky Sol to have her shine moment and she worked that Red Afro right on stage. Silky was doing her thing but I think for one moment she thought she was performing cause she tried with all her might to get that spotlight on her. We ain't made at you Sol do yo thang but don't hurt nobody in the process. Anthony showed those sistas love and even threw a skinny chick or two in the dance. My feet were hurting from going to church Southern Baptist style, but if you were sitting down you know nothing about soul music. He sung of troubles that was going on in his life and he floored me with his connection to his lyrics.
Best concert St. Louis has seen this year by far for us. We may have been the only ones standing for the show but we didn't mind standing out in a crowd of lames that forgot what good soul music was all about it. Shout out to our faithful readers Icee, Miss Dionne, Tiffany and Mz Janee who were somewhere in the crowd having as much fun as us.