Friday, August 7, 2009

Free Weekend at STL House of Comedy

We invite you to join us for a Sneak Peek of the
All New House of Comedy-St. Louis.
We want you to be the first to check out our new and improved location. And this weekend, everyone is FREE! Come out and enjoy the hilarious Deon Cole!
Friday 8:30 and 10:45pm
Saturday 8:00 and 10:30pm
Sunday 8:00pm
For more info visit our website at

We are now located at 1925 Washington Ave. (below the Tudor Lofts)
Please visit our website or call for directions

CHINGY is back...

It's not a full album (well at least not yet) but Chingy has been busy in the studio working on his latest Mixtape. Chingy who is still with his own label Slot-A-Lot Records will be at the The City Ultra Lounge hosted by Kevin Hart for his 5-STAR Mix Tape Release Party. Gone Chingy we support you even if we love to give you a hard time. OK lets show support St. Louis because when we post something about Nelly ya'll forever reminding us about Chingy as if we don't show support so this is the time. Be at The City on next Tuesday for some special 5-Star Giveaways.

I see the Slot A Lot, Close To Famous and even HOT 104.1 logos on the flyer but I heard some rumors that Chingy had joined forces with another STL mover and shaker...hmmm let me find out what the real deal since Chingy and his people don't like to send us our ish directly I will just have to snoop around.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Chingy was seen last night at the Madden Release Party. Definitely loving the hat!
Awwwwwww OK! magazine has the first pictures of Kimora's baby. He is a lil cutie.


Oh lord this video brought me so much joy. I still remember doing this dance back when we were...ok let me not show how old we are. Please tell me you all remember this video and if you can still do this dance...well meet us at The Loft on Friday cause I plan on asking DJ Cuddy to play this LOL.

Oh LORD you know an old dance song had to make it in the hands of somebody's cheer team so check out these subuaran kids doing they thing. I was kind of feeling their remix on the dance until the 1:20 mark when the poor girl in the green lost her clip on ponytail...lmao

Monday, August 3, 2009

Soul-less in STL?

I once asked the question on twitter if soul mates exist. This very thought has been tearing through my mind for weeks. Is it possible to meet someone who can fulfill every single want and need that you have? Whose heart beat in sync with yours, whose breath fills your lungs with the air that they need to survive. I know several people who are in relationships and several people who are not. It seems like the ones who are in a relationship are just as lost as the ones without a relationship. Yes I am in a relationship and yes we have had plenty of downs as well as some great ups. But isn't that in every relationship? You have to go through the bad to realize how much you love that person because if you didn't you wouldn't waste your time trying to stick it out right? But I'm finding so many of my friends are preferring to be single lately. This brought me to a new question. Is St. Louis becoming one of those single cities where it is hard to find a good man or woman like ATL or LA? I was so close to believing that it was, when I stumbled upon a blog of a great friend and daily reader of suiteSTL PAJNSTL sometime last year. Her relationship is truly one to envy because it seems like she has really found that one piece of the puzzle that you yearn for to complete you. I am sure that they have days where they are not getting a long but when they are it sure is fun to read about. So to my single friends and foes a like I say hold on. I am sure that he/she will come along and complete you as well. But let me say this unless you find Jesus and know more than his name, you really have to have a relationship with him, you will always feel empty because only He can provide you with an unconditional love. Keep your head up people your happiness could be just around the corner.

There is a GOD...

I've been saying the inSpot is the place to be for a while now but it just took a moment for them to open up those doors to the public and let St. Louis see what they have to offer. Wednesday night is your chance to see what all the talk is about and enjoy a glass of wine in The Chocolate Room.