Thursday, January 1, 2009

HOT 104.1's top 50 St. Louis Songs

Hot 104.1 released the top 50 songs by St. Louis artist from the last 20 years. What better way to start the New Year off by remembering all of you favorite songs from St. Louis. There were some aritist that made the list more than I thought were needed and others like Penelope didn't make the countdown at all. Take a look at let us know what you think.

  11. Nelly - Delima
  12. Murphy lee – What the Hook Gon Be
  13. Nelly – Hot In Herre
  14. chingy-feat tyreses-pulling me back
  15. Ko Ko-Mob out
  16. eternity-hush
  17. da bangers-run up
  18. NELLY Air Force One
  19. Hakeem Da Dream – Thick wit
  20. Nelly – Grillz
  21. Chingy – Holidae Inn
  22. Joka & Tha Deck – Swing On ‘em
  23. ali-breathe in breathe out
  24. J-Kwon – Hood Hop
  25. Nelly – E.I.
  26. Gena – Dope Boy Fresh
  27. st.lunatics-gimmie what you got
  28. payback-things you do
  29. Abyss – Catch 22
  30. P-Dub – She Gotta Man At Home
  31. Nelly – Shake a Tailfeather
  32. Truth Hurts – Addictive
  33. Jibbs – King kong
  34. P-Dub – Roll wit Me
  35. St. Lunatics – Let Me In
  36. Vic Damone – Check My Swag
  37. P-Dub – 4 walls
  38. Murphy lee-shoes
  39. St. Lunatics – Summer In The city
  40. Potzee – Good Evening
  41. just black-women aint all that bad
  42. out Of Order – All hjis Money All His Cash
  43. Spaide Ripper – Always
  45. Potzee – Dat Girl
  46. Allstars – So Serious
  47. Ludy – Thang Right Thurr
  48. One Man Stan – Because I Chill
  49. Out of order – Work Something
  50. Toya – I Do

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Between the Sheets: She Had It Coming

Best friends Valerie and Dolores share a secret from their childhood. A secret so deadly that it tears them apart and ironically keeps the two tied together for life. Now grown Dolores habit of keeping secrets is stopping her from having a happy life. Her husband Paul has given her the world, but she failed to mention to him that she is married to her high school sweetheart Floyd who was sentenced to life in prison. Living a double life isn't easy but Dolores is up for it. Everything is going fine until Floyd is released from prison due to new evidence being brought forward. Mary Monroe draws you into this book and you will find yourself wondering if you should feel sorry for Dolores or if you think she deserves what ever happens to her. Regardless of personal feelings you will be on the edge of your seat as the secrets start coming to light. Co-signing the famous quote "what's done in the dark will surely come to light".

New Years Resolutions

Each year we all set those all so important resolutions. I have heard several people say they wanted to become closer to God, of course loose weight, eat better, or stop drinking and smoking, etc. This time around I have decided to try something new and that is "hold my tongue". Yes, you heard it hear first on suiteSTL Cyrssrenee is going to learn to hold her tongue. Like Murphy Lee I am soooo St. Louis, and St. Louis girls are known for going off. One year a cousin of mine was in Miami and this dude grabbed her and of course she cursed him out, and his reply was "you must be from St. Louis, all St. Louis chicks got smart mouths and are stuck up". She laughed at him because with the millions of people down there how did he guess she was from the Lou. We don't play that, please don't grab me and please don't disrespect me is most of our motto. Seriously though I really want to work on controlling my mouth, I am very quick witted and some would say that I lack tact, but that is all Sags is my defense. If not all Sags, then that smart mouth is the West Side way of life. You couldn't play on Cook's school yard without learning how to be tough or talk a good game at least. But now that I am older I look back at some of the situations I have been in, and I say if I only I would have shut up. I was thinking about the Crucifixion of Jesus and how they ridiculed him and all he had to do was open his mouth and say the words, but instead he kept quiet and only asked for their forgiveness. All I am saying is the world would be a better place. What resolutions do you plan on making and keeping?

Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 Hottest Couples #1 President Elect and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama

There was no way any other couple was going to top this list. When I look at these two together I see love. Real love, not the modern fake manufactured love. The looks that they share on down to fist bump is just who they are. WE got the fist bump, WE understood what it meant, and WE felt proud to have them standing there, clinching the Democratic nomination. I love the fact that they are equally intelligent. Even though I am a tad bit jealous of Michelle's hair I love them. Most definetly "Change WE can believe in". Regardless to Fox News ignorance, Obama and his "baby mamma" (as they so ignorantly called her) are the real deal. No one can argue with it.