Friday, August 14, 2009

TOPHER a.k.a. "Birthday King"

I'm going to go ahead and crown Tohpher the Birthday weekend king. This weekend Jones who is one of the brains behind Derrty ENT, will celbrate his Birthday over a 2 day stretch. Now I can't front like Topher's Ego doesn't catch me off gurad each and everytime I hear him speak but while his Ego may be large so are his ideas about business and life so make sure you come out and help him celebrate his birthday. This is one weekend you don't want to miss out on. 

It goes down Saturday for the kickoff hosted by Murphy Lee and ladies are free before 11 so there is no excuse for you budget chicks not to be there. Everybody and they momma will be in the house and you already know Topher brings out the stars groupies Get. Ready. Set. Go!
Busch Stadium is going to see a whole lot of brown in a sea of Red on Sunday because for $40 you can get your Cardinal ticket which will also grant you admittance to the Day Party at Black Label following the game and one free drink. Charlie Chan will be doing what he does best so make sure you get out of church early and join the fun with the grown folks as we party mid afternoon on Sunday in our Cardinals gear. 

SIDE NOTE: Can somebody tell Topher that once this birthday party is over he needs to call up somebody's production team and start filming his reality show because either I've just caught him on a whole lot of funny days or this brotha is really a natural born fool...funny fool that is. 

Party for a Purpose

EXO is having a party but tonight this private event will be for a greater cause. Join the American Diabetes Association as they STEP OUT and Walk to Fight Diabetes.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

VICK headed to PHILLY...

...but what the hell we gone do about our Rams

I'm so glad PETA didn't put the fear of the Phildephia Eagles so they could sign Michael Vick to the 2 year deal that he is so deserving of. Ok yeah yeah I know all the blogs are focusing on Vick going to Philly and that's great, but my mind is on the Rams

Before The Rams start having they mistresses and groupies try to jump me in the club I'm not going to say anything bad...well not real bad...well I won't lie. I love the Rams. I've even ordered a new jersey to accommodate these extra pounds I'm carrying but I be damn if I walk around with a jersey on for a team with (ANOTHER) losing season. I'm really not trying to hear my husband talk ish about the Rams during any games we may attend this year. Seriously I'm giving you all a try this year. If it helps I think it might be a good idea to find Marshall Faulk and maybe even the 12 Heavy Team from Herbert Hoover. Get somebody on that field to help us out. Cause if we don't win at least 3 games before Oct. 1st I'm going to find Issac Bruce, Dre Bly, and dust off Tony Banks and bring them right on down to the dome and throw them on the field. 

I do have faith in The Rams but tell me, am I alone and and crazy in thinking that we can really win more than 5 games this year?

Suite Success

When I saw Jada Avenue on the bill for Suite Soul Spot I was sold. I love her voice and her positive energy and great humor made me a fan last year. While I love to support this event I don't get a chance often to attend the 2nd Wednesday monthly event, but I told myself there was no way I would miss Jada on the stage.

Homegirl did her thang in her cute dress which is a new look for the artist that promises to release her EP in time for Christmas. Her song "Vitamin" talking about one man giving you everything you need had me on the edge of my seat. Her songs about love, men and just life in general weren't the norm because the voice that Avenue belts out reminds you of why you love music. The rawness, the originality, and true passion that flows through her voice will make you a fan for sure.

Wildman who is also from St. Louis came on after Jada and did his thang to the fullest. The only way I can describe him is think Bilal without his ADHD medication. He is a talented man and his on stage performance is something that everyone should see at least once. He took his shirt off and flipped those long dreads all over the small stage and gave the folks a true show. The makeshift spotlights proved to be too hot for him because he insisted on taking off his jacket, which got the crowd going and got one fan an up close and personal look. Each time I see Wildman live I like him just a little bit more. He is for sure different and while his style is his own his music is for all to enjoy.

It was Wednesday night, I was tired, my feet were starting hurt and the spotlight I was seating next too was giving me a headache and I told Nicole, Inc that I would only stay for 1 maybe 2 songs by Choklat. Well when this Seattle born songwriter got on stage and hit her first note I was happy I stayed and knew I wasn't leaving until her last note was out.
CHOKLATE, who Nikki Roach, the host for the evening described by using song title "Killing Me Softly" may have reminded some of Lauryn Hill (pre the crazy drugs) but she was more the female version of Eric Roberson with a twist of Common rolled up into a female with a bad ass pair of shoes on. She had us singing along to classics but her own music is what made me truly take notice of her greatness. She was singing so hard she went down on her knees and finished one song, but when she tried it for a second time the speaker fell off the stage, knocked the spotlight off all while she was rocking those heels and never, missed a note. Normally I would have laughed but when she never stopped singing and even made a quick joke about it I was like this sister is the business! She finished her set by spitting a freestyle and even brought "16 Bars" on stage with her and allowed him to do his thang as well. I could go on and on about her and ya'll know I will but I'm going to save it because I'm determined to get Choklate in the V.I.P. Suite very soon.

NEXT MONTH: ERIC ROBERSON. That's right folks MR. ERRO will be in St. Louis on September 9th for Suite Soul Spot at Black Label. Show starts at 8 but if you've ever been to an Eric Roberson show before you may want to go camp outside starting now.

School Is Now in Session

I wish my first day of school was something like this. But that's ok cause I'm going to rock me a new outfit just like I did my first day of high school and go party with the cool kids tonight at Brennan's Maryland House. Stop by 4659 Maryland Ave. in the Central West End tonight and experience something new in St. Louis!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Do you ever see that person out in the club and just think "what are they doing" Well we see them too and like our good friend from The St. Louis American, Kenya Vaughn likes to say "They are doing the most" Instead of putting people on blast each week and getting some cheap laughs we want to put the people on blast each week laugh and also say a quick prayer for thier souls.
Dear heavealy father:

Please pray for this sister and her too short shorts because we know Lord that her kitty kat needs protection, not from the guy grinding all over her in the club but from any infections she may get for wearing these shorts like Dazzy Dukes just came out last week.


Chokalate, Wildamn and Jada Avenue will all be on one stage this Wednesday at Black Label durin Suite Soul Spot. With a $10 cover you would have to be crazy to miss out on such a great event. See ya on 4th Street Wednesday ngiht, doors open at 7 but I will be there about 6:30 to make sure I get a good seat!

And the WInner Is....


Murphy Lee and Boogie D were at The Loft on Friday Night to settle a battle that these two have been talking about over the airwaves of HOT 104.1 and via twitter for weeks. Foreplay Fridays was changed to Fight Night as Mr. U C ME battled Mr. NYC in a PS3 challenge. You would have thought it was an Ali fight going down with all the ish talking and bets that were made. If Boogie D would have lost he would have had to turn over his show to Murphy Lee for a day. But since Murphy Lee went down in a sweep he now will be taking 20 lucky ladies out on a date. It was a different way to start a Friday Night at the club for sure and I'm thinking if these two keep teaming up there will be more unique events ahead. We were split on the support, Jami B was all in Boogie's corner while Cryssrenee supported the Murph or Die Campaign.