Friday, January 16, 2009

Ludacris and T.I. to Perform in STL

It is confirmed that Atlanta rappers T.I. and Ludacris will be back in St. Louis on Thursday, February 19th at the Chaifetz Arena. Both T.I. and Ludacris made stops in the Lou in 2008 with Ludacris holding it down at EXO for a Election watch party and T.I. headlined at Hot 1041's Super Jam back in June. I can't even front, I am as excited about seeing these two as I was getting my hair cut in stacks back in '93.

You know I can't post this without letting you know that you don't have to wait until tickets go on sale on Saturday.. Or you know how things go when you in the Suite - once the comment count makes it 10 - somebody might just post the code in the comment section that will allow you to purchase your tickets TODAY from 10am - 10pm

Thursday, January 15, 2009

STL Celebrity Sighting

(photos jacked at Sandra Rose)

Rumor has it that St. Louis native Kimora Lee Simmons is expecting another child. Since we don't gossip over here at SuiteSTL, we can just focus on that fabulous bag of hers that is covering up her tummy.

Stay Warm today with $1 Coffee

The tempature is -freezing and the country is in a serious recession! Don't worry because there is a way to save a little money and stay warm. Go to West End Grill and Pub today and enjoy some HOT coffee for only $1 (today only)! While you're there check out the menu and enjoy some nice cuisine and culture in this City's trendy Central West End.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Honest, Fantastic, Godsent, Loyal, Sweetheart, Tenacious, and Passionate. All words that friends and used to describe Notifi Records CEO, Ira DeWitt. She is a Doctor, Mother and Wife and the owner of the Record Label that 90’s heartthrob Ginuwine signed with in 2008. I recently sat down with DeWitt to discuss the upcoming project with Ginuwine and Notifi Records and what she has in store for the St. Louis music scene.

pictured left: Ira DeWitt, CEO of Notifi Records

While I went in ready to learn all about what Ginuwine has cooking with his upcoming album I found myself more intrigued with how Ira DeWitt landed herself in this position. When you think record label head a lot of images may come to mind, but Ira is ready to change that. On the East Coast you have Bad Boy, and So So Def is a part of Atlanta history and for years I often thought that Derrty ENT would hold the same kind of weight in St. Louis. After meeting with Ira DeWitt and seeing the fire in her eyes and passion for what she does, I’m going to say with total confidence that she will take Notifi Records into that leadership role. St. Louis natives Oli and Ms. Bee are 2 of Ginuwine’s label mates and DeWitt plans on reaching out to Faith Evans and Jagged Edge to join this group. Although DeWitt says she doesn’t have the thick skin that many others have in this industry, her songs keep her going. Her husband Bill DeWitt, President of the St. Louis Cardinals admits that the long hours his wife works are hard but says, “he couldn’t imagine her doing anything else because she loves what she does.” While R. Kelly, Ginuwine and even some old school Boyz II Men are in constant rotation, Dewitt’s is focused on Ginuwine topping the charts again and bringing some credibility back to the St. Louis Music Scene.

She has hit the St. Louis music scene running by signing Ginuwine who most recently was linked with the group TGT (Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank) but that didn’t last long after legal issues halted the project. If you are thinking “What has Ginuwine been doing these days” then you will be glad to hear that he has been working hard on an upcoming album and from what I hear, you won’t be disappointed when it it’s stores. Once famous for having a way with the ladies by doing songs like “Pony” that would have ladies going wild, he has matured his sound and style. DeWitt says that Ginuwine has “evolved as an artist”. Oh and ladies if you thinking you are going to catch Ginuwine (who is still looking fine) around town and have your way with the pretty boy, please keep don’t go groupie on the brotha because he is still married to former rapper SolĂ© who is a Midwest native so you know she don’t play. Stay tuned for what’s to come and I’m sure we will have an update on his comeback real soon.

WAKE UP CALL: STL needs to put a wrap on it!!

As a child I wanted to be Punky Brewster with the cool bed, fly style, and the adoptive father Henry who would let me get what I wanted. I even wanted to be Vanity, I mean seriously what little girl didn’t want to be saved by Leroy. I once cried because I even wanted to be Rudy who had the best family ever on The Cosby Show. But I never ever wanted to be that girl. You know that girl that your mother didn’t want you to play with because she was “to damn fast”. There were positive role models, and positive role models sometimes help positive outcomes happen to young people. I have to shake my head at all the foolishness that is going around in my city. I mean seriously the embarrassment with the possible HIV break out at Normandy High School should have been enough for people to wake up. Now once again this city should be ashamed at leading this country in gonorrhea and chlamydia. I mean really people in 2008? Are you still having unprotected sex? Does the threat of an STD not scare the lust out of you? I know that some men are trifling and want to “feel” it and refuse to put on a condom. But ladies lets please wake up. It’s your body!!!!!! Nothing should be more important than your body!!!!! You have the right to refuse to have unprotected sex. I wish we could just have a city wide rally and just shake the stupid out of people. I know that a lot of these cases are probably from teenagers. I am so scared for today’s teenagers. They are reckless and unfocused, and I know that most don’t give a damn about life. Everyone has been there and we don’t like to be told what to do, but let us tell you this one thing, Sexually Transmitted Diseases are real. Know the value of your life and for your own sake, wrap it up. You want the full story you can check it out here. Be safe people.

..::Biggie .vs. Tupac::..

While everybody is focused on NOTORIOUS the movie that is taking the hip-hop world by storm and the folks over at HOT 104.1 are asking if not Biggie then who is the greatest rapper? I thought it only be so appropriate that I post the video below. And to all my Biggie fans - ENJOY.

Monday, January 12, 2009

V.I.P. Suite: Gorilla Zoe

(photos taken by: Jami B,

We’ve all heard the stereotypes of today’s rapper: Money, cars, clothes, sex, and sometimes vulgarity at its rawest form. Aside from his gear of sagging jeans, cocked hat, and oversize shirt Atlanta rapper Gorilla Zoe dispels those myths. His mannerism tonight is playful infused with a twang of southern charm, his answers are well thought out taking a pause before answering each question, and he is adamant about keeping it real at all times.

What are you bringing different to the table with your new album Please Don’t Feed the Animals?
I’ve done the club songs and the booty popping music you can only shake your ass so much. With this album I’m talking about real shit and real issues. This is something you never heard before from Zoe. This is album is about real life shit.

Were you surprised with this success of Hood Nigga?
I was surprised with success period. On the real this wasn’t guaranteed. I could’ve still been out there in the streets.

Where do you stand on the “hip hop is dead” issue?
Hip hop to me is just like dancing, it all evolves into something else. Saying hip hop is dead is just like Run DMC telling NWA they killing hip hop and NWA saying that to No Limit and No Limit to Cash Money and Cash Money to Soulja Boy. You have to adjust with change. Hip Hop is far from dead, it’s just changing.

Tell me one thing about you that people don’t know that you wish they understood about you?
I’m educated, well rounded, and just a real ass dude.

Pac or Biggie?
Pac, I could most definitely relate more to Pac, he was rapping about the type of stuff where I was at in my life, thugging.

Nas or Jay-Z?
Nas, and I say that because I love real shit!

Alonzo or Gorilla Zoe?
Alonzo, and I mean that because I am always Alonzo that is who I am and nothing will change that, but Gorilla Zoe is who I am at a certain time.

Gorilla Zoe was recently in St. Louis for the Lil Wayne concert in which he later offered the sound advice of “go hard and put your money together” to St. Louis rappers who are known for not working together (i.e. – New St. Louis vs Old New St. Louis). St. Louis has made a good impression on Zoe who says it reminds him of how Atlanta use to be, “down home”. Gorilla Zoe has worked with St. Louis’ own Jus Bleezy and is a fan of Kanye West, T.I., and Rick Ross. When talking with Zoe you can feel the humility and appreciation of the position he is in. It’s clear that he is aware that he is lucky to have the opportunity to go into the studio and pour out his heart through his passion for rapping. His video for his new single Lost just made is debut on 106 and Park last week, the song is also blazing the hip hop radio airwaves and is sure to be a top song of 2009. Make sure you grab a copy of his sophomore album Please Don’t Feed the Animals.

Cryssrenee, Gorilla Zoe and Jami B

Sunday, January 11, 2009

SOLD OUT: Rickey Smiley

According to STL House of Comedy owner Dee Lee, Rickey Smiley was the fastest selling show ever at his comedy club in St. Louis. That means the HOT 104.1's morning show host sold out faster than D.L. Hughley when he was in town. It's no secret that every Friday I can be found at Dee Lee's House of Comedy catching the 8:30 show but I haven't seen a crowd like this since the Election watch party. Dee Lee opened up at his own club making sure he got the crowd ready for the national headliner. I know most people in St. Louis still remember Dee Lee as a Radio personality but he is even a better comic. Another comedian Ced (who I've never heard of) showed up and out as he almost made me fall out of my chair a couple of times during his show.

When Rickey Smiley hit the stage his greeting alone made a sister laugh. You know he wasn't going to do comedy without a addressing the Pimp comedian Katt Williams. He said he was going to hold him down and put his hair in ponytails and barrettes. LOL. Now you know Katt Williams don't play about his hair but he had to address that fool calling veteran comics Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer "has beens". He loves him some purple and gold so he had to acknowledge all the fraternities and sororities in the house even the 1 lonely Iota. Then he started shouting out the Crips, Bloods, Vic Lords and McDonald's workers who seemed to represent as well. He tried to do a little set with a keyboard but since it wasn't hooked up to his liking he scrapped that and ended the show with an old school set which was accompanied by him dancing his skinny self around the stage. Overall I must say that the show was one of the best I've seen at the House of Comedy.

If you haven't checked this club out you better get your game up and get tickets to the next show which is set to feature Esau McGraw. But no need to wait until the weekend because P-Dub (you know him as Pretty Willie) will be there on Wednesday for the Urban Suite.