Saturday, April 11, 2009

Have a Good Weekend

Don't you miss the days when you would wake up on Saturday Morning and spend the day watching cartoons. As you get older you realize that cartoons really just turn into comedy shows and below is some true cartoon/comedy in the form of SOUTH PARK and Kanye "Gay Fish" West. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Fri-DAY26

Reality TV is suppose to show you just how real things can get but I think by the time the editing crew gets done chopping things up you don't know what to believe. All the tears and fighting on Making The Band can't really be faked but sitting down with the guys of Day26 gave me an entire new outlook on the groups dynamics. As soon as they stepped through the door the MTV superstars made it a point to shake everyone's hand and introduce themselves, proving to me that despite all that crazy fighting they still know how to act like gentlemen.
St. Louis native Andrea got an early 21st Birthday gift as she got up close and personal with her favorite group

Awaiting the arrival of the Bad Boy artists, were anxious HOT 104.1 fans who won a chance to get up close and personal with Willie, Mike, Brian, Robert and of course Que. The room was quiet while the winners waited after the rain and traffic delayed the group, but once they stepped through the doors you could hear the screams of excitement from all of the fans. I was waiting to see Mike off in a corner being his shy (according to MTV editing) self, but was surprised to see him so outgoing acting like he went to high school with everybody in the room. Willie stood back but it wasn't long before the older women in the room slide over next to the tall smoove cutie.

Taking a break from his seat on the window seal and giving one die hard fan hug, was Robert who shocked the nation with his emotional breakdown during last weeks episode. I'm not a fan of the mohawk but that man rocks it right. There was one person that just seemed to be all over the place. No it wasn't Que, I will get back to him later. Robert was moving around the room like he had about 2 Red Bulls on the elevator up. Que well where do I start. He was not the man I've seen on t.v. But after watching tonight's episode and seeing Diddy send Que away for a "break" I guess he took that time to calm it down and grow up.
First question on everybody's mind seemed to be "What the hell is wrong with Que?" He cleared that up immediately by saying "I'm not crazy and I'm not drugs" I've seen people on drugs before and that man didn't seem crazy to me at all. No I didn't swab him for a test but all we can do is take is word for it and move on. Between taking pics and sitting in on Young Dip's show the group was singing hooks off the new album which hits stores on April 14th. They even sang an impromptu hook to Young Ro's "Dunk That Booty" in the studio and of course some of those St. Louis women took the time to show them the dance (use your imagination for that image). The members stay connected with their fans on Twitter while on the go (yes it is really them updating) but stated that it's the fans that keep them updated on the show. Watching the show is not a must for them since according to them "we lived it" but they do like to stay on top of what the season shows. The guys also performed at The Venue later that night.

The show may keep us all entertained including the fighting and crying but the guys made it clear that they are focused on pushing the single "Imma Put On Her and April 14th. The date when their sophomore album "Forever In A Day". The moment of truth to see if this group that went through auditions, reality tv and life with P. Diddy to a real life Band...Bad Boy Band has what it takes to make us remember DAY26 when the camera's stop rolling.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Decisions to Make

Since when did Thursdays in St. Louis become so popular? There is a lot to do tonight so now it's time to make that choice. Let me break it down for you.

With the economy being so jacked up, you never know when you are going to need a job so I stay correct on my networking skills. The Urban Mixer is the perfect place to rub shoulders and exchange business cards with St. Louis VP's and professionals. Plus anything that Vanita Applebaum Entertainment is involved in I'm there to give my support!

I would stop in the Loft to get some of those wings while I'm at Diva Thursdays and see what really goes down in there and to look for everybody that keeps hitting me up on Facebook about this event. I swear they have about 763 people promoting the same event.
Take a little walk over to Locust to show support to the gentlemen who have Thursdays on lock. Freetime, while they host Groove Theory at EXO. While I'm there gotta see what the Chef has cooking cause one wing plate never fills me up.
Then I'm skipping (yes I still skip) over to LUSH to see what those men of SYGU have cooking. OK wait I can't eat again but I will enjoy a drink or two at their FRESH event since this event is FREE all night
Right after I pop a no-doz pill I'm running red lights all the way to U-City to help Kyjuan kick off his Birthday Weekend at Escalade's. I gotta do all of this and still get home in time to lay my clothes out for The Fall Out with (my new Internet Prentend BFF) Vandalyzm which goes down Friday at the Gramophone.

STL is going GREEN

The city will go GREEN this weekend as St. Lunatics member Kyjuan celebrates his Birthday. The theme may be the same as in years past but this year it goes down 3 nights in a row for the birthday boy. I'm looking forward to these events cause I've had these lime green leather tights that I have been dying to wear. Well maybe I will save those for another time but you better believe suiteSTL will be in the house and snapping pics of all the green.ATTENTION FEMALES GROUPIES: The parties are FREE so you don't have to turn any tricks for the security guards to get in. Save up that energy for the Derrty Ent vs Loosecannon Ent Celebrity Basketball game on May 8th. Wait, that's for chairty so please don't go asking them for tickets to the game, you get your tickets now.

ATTENTION MALE GROUPIES: Leave your demo CD at home and let that man celebrate his birthday in peace without you trying to get signed to a label all in the party. And fellows you get in free all night so all you need is money for your drinks and you too can feel like a baller even if you are on a budget.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WTF WEDNESDAYS???!!!!!!!!!????

I'm so sick of this dude but he just keeps on surprising me. Week after week him and his foolishness that he calls fashion. He is serving you guys some serious fierceness with that hand on his hip. Now granted if this dress was on a chick it may be that deal (ok no it won't)but please dude, you killing me. Are those little chocolate nipples I see. LMAO!!! And then the wax figure behind him, I'm so jealous of his hair. This ish right here, this ish right here is exactly why I have a love/hate relationship with the Internet.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Voting Experience

I love St. Louis City I really do, but the next time I go vote I would really like to have a normal experience. I've seen some crazy things over the years but today just really pissed me off.  As I go in to check in at the dusty little table I see one poll worker hunched all over eating his deli meat that he brought from home and eating straight out of a Walgreen's plastic bag. There were 6 people at those tables and I was the only voter in the building, the least he could have done is take a break outside or in another room. I'm sorry but I really just needed to share this foolishness with somebody and everybody that would listen. Some damn lunch meat out a plastic bag? Really? You need to be fired and sent to etiquette school immediately for pissing me the hell off while I'm trying to be a good citizen and cast my vote.


St. Louis has been known by many as a city that is full of Hate. When we started this site we wanted to prove that not all things in STL are negative. The City Forum did an outstanding job with the Love Forum in February and they are back this month with Game Night and The UNITY Forum. Join us as we discuss the social issues in St. Louis that for years may have been the cause of all the "hating". Or is our city really as bad as what others think? When we say Game Night we mean GAMES. If you think you got game then you have another thing coming...cause I (Jami B.) am the Master at Taboo and Connect Four. I can't be beat and won't be beat, take my word on that. If you want to be on my Taboo team please know what you are doing because if you don't know how to play I will blast you! Hope to see you all on Saturday, April 18th at Nubia Cafe.


Editors Note: This Picture was taken in 2009!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

And The Winner Is...

JOKA. It's been a long journey for this St. Louis native but on Saturday when he won HOT 104.1's DTP Madness, Joka was humble and emotional when Ludacris and Chaka welcomed him to the DTP Family. Joka will have a single deal with Disturbing Tha Peace. I don't want to tell Ludacris how to run his business but they really should look at releasing Joka's hit "Swing On 'Em" and add a little DTP magic to it. For some this looked to be a creative radio promotion but seeing Ludacris on hand at the Loft giving feedback to the four finalist, you knew it was the real deal. Chaka Zula, CEO of Disturbing Tha Peace made it clear that he respected many St. Louis artist and always new there was talent in the Midwest. If you missed the show then you missed seeing some good talent out of the four finalist, Young Zone, Rockwell, Joka and J-Var.

Chaka, Ludacris, Kenya Vaughn (St. Louis American) and Kevin Johnson (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) were all judges

The only singer to make it to the final four was J-Var. His sounds was hit and miss on Saturday but his stage presence which including 2 women in the first round, got high marks from Ludacris. The future video girl in the tight leather like pants brought Ludacris to his feet. Overall his show was just ok for me despite him going all out on Signature Coach Loveseat with bar stools to match.

The youngest finalist was 17 year old Young Zone, who happens to be Joka's younger brother. His performance showed he had some serious talent but his youth and lack of experience showed through. His lyrics are his own and his look isn't the only thing that reminded me of Joka. His voice and energy was dynamic and I'm sure with the right coach he will get his own deal soon. Maybe the folks at DTP took note of the upcoming star and will sign him later and put the two together for a duo project!

Rockwell Knuckles made it clear as soon as he got on stage that he was just there to be HIMSELF. His show was refreshing in today's grimy gimmick hip-hop world. His look was plain, while his lyrics were as a creative and inspiring as Common and Kanye (pre bald-headed big booty white girl) with a STL flare that kept the attention Ludacris and the crowd chanting his hook. This was only my 3rd time seeing him live but it was Saturday when he made me a fan.

While not everyone's favorite person won, it was good to see each competitor support the other while they were on stage. The underground stl hip-hop scene supporters were there along with the Entire HOT Squad. I even spotted last year's winner of Koch Mandess, Nite Owl. Mr. Chain Hang Low, Jibbs (pictured left with Ludacris and Boogie D) was also there to lend his support. DTP artistWillie Northpole and Playa Cirlce also performed for the large crowd of supporters. If you see Joka around the Lou make sure you tell him Congrats and support him and all other local artist...that are good of course

Sunday, April 5, 2009


The entire Disturbing Tha Peace family was in town on Saturday for HOT 104.1's DTP Madness. Joka took the crown and is now the newest label mate to Ludachris.