Friday, April 3, 2009

V.I.P. Suite: Vandalyzm

If someone was to walk up to me and ask who was Vandalyzm I have to admit that I would tell them about the character of him before I speak on his craft. Not to say that he isn’t moving well when it comes to spitting lyrically but it’s just so refreshing to see a young black man this day and age who has something real to say. His mannerism, speaks magnitudes of how he was raised. Like so many others he could have been a product of his environment but he knew that there was something greater in store for him. Vandalyzm may be young and a face to match his wisdom shows through his conversation and knowledge of what many rappers call "the game." For this U-City resident (no he is NOT related to Nelly) his music is not a game, it is a way of life. With no big time money bank or professional athlete funding his music he hits the pavement to make a name for himself and let his talent speak for itself. While a native of St. Louis, the massive respect he (along with other rappers) gets away from home is no surprise.

Suitestl: Before we really get started lets get you familiar with the readers. For some reason we think we can sum up a person by asking, What high school did you go to?
Van: Parkway Central and that was by way of Deseg program. I grew up on CoteBrilliante and Euclid in the heart of the hood.

suiteSTL: How did you get your name "Vandalyzm"?
Van: My boy in highschool just yelled it out and it just stuck

suiteSTL: What direction do you think the STL hip-hop scene is headed?
Van: It sucks it’s horrible it’s at a complete stand still

suiteSTL: Are there any local artist that you think people should pay attention to, besides yourself
Van: Black Spade he speaks some fire

suiteSTL: why is it so hard for STL artist to come together?
Van: Jealousy and too much hating. It’s enough money for everyone to eat.

suiteSTL: what made you want to become a rapper?
Van: When I heard Sally Walk for the first time, plus my uncle was a D.J so I been on the stage all my life, it comes natural for me

suiteSTL: Who are your favorite rappers?
Van: , Big Daddy Kane, Common, and Royce Da 5’9

suiteSTL: Where would you like to be five years from now?
Van: Stable in my music, opening doors for younger artist, and shining light on St. Louis

Talking to Van was like sitting there with your cousin, there was a feeling that he was family. The conversation flowed easily as we discussed his music, St. Louis, and St. Louis women. Although he said that we could quote him on how slick some of the women in the Lou were with their mouths, we won’t go there. LOL. However we would be remiss if we didn’t tell you that you should watch for him in the near future. His sound is as refershing as his strong, positve and honest personsilty. His hit "I AM MAJORZ" is hot but our favorite "TRICKIN" is the truth. Go support Vandalyzm April 10th at The Gramophone (4243 Manchester) in The Fall Out. You can catch this tech savvy rapper on MySpace, Twitter, and of course Facebook (click the links to get directly to him). This young man is most definitely on his huSTLe

Suite Reservations

I better not hear another ghetto bunny or bum talking about there is nothing to do in St. Louis when every hour we are getting emails on what' s going down around town. Below are a few things you can do just this weekend alone. There is something for everyone so pick one and enjoy your city and show support!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

TONIGHT: Don't Miss Out

Make sure you are at Cicero's TONIGHT for Wildman and Teresa Jenee on stage for what is sure to be a wild, crazy and fun show. A friend made me (I think I was forced) to listen to Teresa Jenee and soon after she opened for Eric Roberson (SIDE NOTE: I LOVE ME SOME ERIC ROBERSON) and I think since then she has been one of my local favorites on the music scene. Also Wildman will be on stage doing his thing...who reminds me a bit of Bilal with a side of caffeine. Also Cicero's has that some of the best greasy food and a beer list longer than the Loop.

Between The Sheets

Mo and Quan have been an item for almost 10 years. Quan and his sidechick and secret baby mama, Sherry, have dealt with each other for about 3 years. To Quan, each woman has something different to offer, and he "needs" them both. Mo, a college-educated young lady with upper middle class status, lost her mother as a teenager. Mo spent her teenage years mourning her mother's death and craving attention. She thought she found that in Quan but he wants the one thing that Mo can't give him, a child. Sherry is an around-the-way project chick who wants to become Quan's main girl. Sherry is at Quan's disposal and she knows that if she just hold on a little longer (and use her child) she can get to the top spot. However Sherry is growing tired of her child being a secret she wants St. Louis to know she is the chick with Quan's seed. Torn is a story that many women have faced: to be or not to be with that certain man. The moral to this story is that sometimes the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Other times you will find yourself wishing and praying that you could go back to the life that you thought you didn't want. The author, St. Louis native Keisha Ervin, had me with this one. To date I have read Torn 5 times. I must warn you to grab some tissue because this book will definitely have you shedding a few tears.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Fashion Trend: Jumpsuits

While Jami B was in the A seeing duck tails and silly things of that nature. I have been at home star gazing as usual. I've noticed a trend that I am sure is coming to a store near you. From watching the runway shows on Style to red carpet pictures I have seen a lot of jumpsuits. Some long like Keri Hilson and Teirra Marie (possibly how you spell it, to lazy to google her). I even saw a lot of short jumpsuits. I like the look because it is simple throw in a few bracelets and some sexy shoes and you are out the door. With every trend this may not be for everyone. Now your body type and what's right for it.

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Monday, March 30, 2009


On my recent trip to ATL I spotted more than a few trends that I wish would have stayed in the 80's where they belong. It was all topped while I was at the airport on my way home I thought the Lord was paying a cruel trick on my soul. I spotted a man, I mean a damn fool with a tail. Yes a damn tail all braided up and hanging out of the back of his hat like it was o.k. My scared spirit doesn't know what else to say.