Friday, February 27, 2009


Last night was long and I'm still a little tired so I'm going to keep this brief and to the point..enjoy!!!

SOUL STYLZ: Modern Luxury with Lisa Hartwel

  • Great Price...and free if you RSVP'd on time

  • It rained but the folks still came out
  • I enjoyed myself...

  • Everyone looked really nice

  • but of course there were some groupies - young and old
  • until someone came and asked us to get up out of the seat we had been sitting in for the last hour...

  • I was upset, heated, all that...

  • then 3 hood rats sat down...

  • wow...

  • last draw for me...

  • I left before Lisa Hartwell had a chance to finally show up...

  • For those that want to see pics of Kieth Sweats ex-wife (who is fighting hard to get custody of her kids) in St. Louis click here

    SIDE NOTE: An event sponsored by Plaza Motors attracts (for the most part) folks that can afford those type of cars. Which means they have jobs and starting something at 9 or even 10pm and not market it as a "club" is too late for a Thursday Night. But I must say that I will be supporting Soul Stylz in the future. I like the vibe of the group and I think they have what it takes to make some things happen in St. Louis.

FREE TIME: Groove Theory

  • Weekly Event at EXO

  • I loved it from the moment I walked in

  • Everyone was down to earth and not trying too hard

  • Some good looking fellows were there...for you single ladies

  • Ladies Free before that

  • Great music and the place had a crowd but it wasn't stuffy

  • No Coat Check...but no worry, Adrian of Free Time was a true gentleman and took our coats
  • Will be going back to this event for sure

STL Black History: Sumner High School

In the wake of all the violence that have plagued Sumner High School I think that people are forgetting the importance of this school. Sumner was the first African American public school west of the Mississippi River. That fact alone should be enough for kids to have some respect for this school. I didn't say first school in St. Louis or even Missouri, first African American school this side of the water. The school was established in the late 1800's and have been at the current location we all know since 1908. Sumner had the pleasure of knowing some of the world's great entertainers before super stardom. Such as Tina Turner, Chuck Berry, Robert Guilliaume (Benson), Arthur Ashe, Dick Gregory, William L Clay, and a host of many more. I think that children today should look at it as a privilege to walk those halls. Just knowing that so much history is built into that school, attending should be like a badge of honor. Hopefully the violence can stop and the school can continue to birth future talents. Although the list that we named of entertainers is impressive, I bet there are equally doctors, lawyers, activist, police officers, and hard working people alike who have come across those doors.

Big B's B-day Party

St. Louis native Big B celebrated his birthday party Wednesday night at Society. (real heavy sigh) OK maybe I just may be to grown for the crowd but Lord that club needs a serious crowd makeover. The night started off wrong when St. Louis finest wouldn't let people valet park. So after finding a spot not close enough to Society we tried to get our pretty girls walk on. We get to the line and once again St. Louis finest are rude and very disrespectful. Making us wait at least 45 minutes before we got into the club. What a culture shock it was as soon as I stepped through the door. STL we have got to do better fashion wise. Ladies you can be sexy without looking skanky and fellas please at least wear a clean t-shirt if you don't want to dress up. The highlight of the night was when Miami rapper Ric Ross took the stage. He performed various songs and really had the crowd rocking. U City was definitely in the building celebrating with the birthday boy. Murphy Lee was parlaying within the crowd as if he doesn't crack out hits on the airwaves. Noticeably absent was the rapper who B protects with his life everyday, but that's neither here nor there I guess. I hear that he is working on a reality show so let that be the reason he couldn't attend. I must admit that the random groupies were on Murphy and he wasn't paying them any mind. All in all I guess you could say it was a nice event, but I wouldn't recommend Society unless you are 25 and younger. I also would like to tell the owners that St. Louis City police officers do not make great bouncers. SMH that I even went!


Big B and friends walking through the crowd

Ric Ross doing his thing on stage, he really gave a good show
You couldn't get a close up of Murph thanks to all the hopeful groupies
You know a party aint a party without our girl Icee.
St. Louis native Tiffany stopped through to party

Thursday, February 26, 2009

CHECK IN: Mocha Latte & Chris Draft

HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to Rams Linebacker Chris Draft and Mocha Latte of Monopoly Promotions.

We know the Rams are having a, how shall I say this, tough, no rough, well the Rams haven't been doing that well but Chris Draft is a superstar in my eyes. This brother has been doing some great things in St. Louis and is dedicated to the St. Louis community although not a native. This brother didn't waste anytime on giving back. He also is working with my of my favorite groups, Smoke-Free St. Louis.

If you have ever partied in St. Louis then you know that Mocha Latte throws some of the best events in town. I remember the first time I saw her do poetry back at Raw Sugar (side note: I miss raw sugar) and she got up on stage and did a piece that left everyone in the room in shock with her skills. She's done it all and there is a reason that they call her the Queen of Promotions. Friday night she will have one of the biggest celebrations in town with her All-star Birthday Bash at Lush. Special Guest will be Ron Brownz and hosted by Boogie D.

Murder in North St.Louis...again

The murder rate in St. Louis is on pace for a rapid increase for 2009. North St. Louis produced 2 homicide victims last night when a woman and man both were gunned down on Page and Sarah. Both victims were in there mid 30's. Although the names have not been released those close to the woman were at the scene last night and from what I heard (on the street of course) is that the woman was in an abusive relationship with her on again off again boyfriend. There is no word on a suspect at this time. More details on this coming to you as soon as we get them.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Ash Wednesday

Well I'm not sure if we really should say "Happy Ash Wednesday" or what the proper term for today is. But in many religions the day is celebrated with a service of repentance. You may see a lot of people today with what looks like a dirty rash on they forehead but please don't wipe it off those are simply the ashes from last years Palms. I don't have time to try to explain how this all works so if you still need some help just google it or better yet start going to church!

This is also the start of LENT? In past years I've given up everything from Chocolate, Sex, Soda Cursing, Bread and even meat. Do you plan on giving up anything this year for Lent if so what?

Monday, February 23, 2009


The good folks at SoulStylz said that they were bringing some Luxury to STL events and there 1st event of 2009 will be just that. MODERN LUXURY will be a new event and one that St. Louis hasn't seen but has been in need of for a long time. You know her from Real Housewives of Atlanta but Lisa Hartwell is a woman that wears many hats and she will be hosting this luxurious event on Thursday, at F15teen. Congrats to Cornell Boone and the rest of the Soul Stylz team on thinking outside the box on this one. And we've been told that there will be some NFL eye candy in the house so if you are still singing Beyonce's Single Ladies make sure you are in the house

FIRE at Beaumont

While St. Louis Public School advocates fight to keep schools like Gateway and Roosevelt open, somebody is trying to burn down historic Beaumont. Area Firefighters responded to the high school just after noon today after someone allegedly set a bulletin board on fire. There were no students harmed and the students were allowed back to class after the smoke cleared.

WTF is really going on in St. Louis Public Schools?

STL Black History: Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry was born here in St. Louis. Raised on the north side he attended Sumner High. Chuck left St. Louis with his guitar and a sound that would soon change the world. At the time they were not sure how to classify his music, so it was put in a category of its own, Rock & Roll. Early on several of his records were stolen by white artist to sell to the white crowd. Chuck and his unique sound soon were able to break color barriers and he was playing to a mixed audience. He was arrested at the height of his career and watched as Elvis Presley, The Beetles, and The Rolling Stones became mega stars by emulating his style. He was one of the first musicians inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Although Berry's life has been somewhat plagued by legal problems, his continuing performances in front of a sold out audience shows that his gift of music is one of a kind.