Friday, May 29, 2009

U C Me Even When I Don't C U

They set the city on fire at the turn of the new century. You couldn't listen to radio or watch t.v. without Derrty ENT popping up at least once an hour. Hands down STL became known because of them, yes artist had been out before but no one was really checking for the city until Country Grammar popped. Right after the release of that multi-platinum cd The St. Lunatics dropped their debut album Free City. You know you couldn't deny the STL vibe when the beat of Midwest Swing pounded through your speakers. I can't front and say Diz Iz Da Life wasn't my anthem even though I was broke as hell. But that was The Lunatics drawing you into their life and it felt good bobbing my head to it. We sat down with Murphy Lee and Kyjuan, brothers from the group who are very much still on their grind. Sitting down with these 2 brothers we didn't know what to expect or knew what type of reaction we would get to our questions but it didn't take long before Murphy Lee and Kyjuan opened up and told a story that went much deeper than the "U C ME" and "Derrty Ent". While their fame has come from music and continue to be associated by a label it was evident that these Lunatics are much more than beats, rhymes and colorful attire.

suiteSTL: Are there any rumors about the "beef" in the St. Lunatics that you would like to clear up?
Kyjuan: there is no beef between us, we are a group but we also have solo careers. So when people don't see us together all the time they naturally assume we are beefing
Murphy Lee: We perform together and then the next day someone will say they didn't see so and so on stage. The problem is we don't explain those kinds of unanswered questions.

suiteSTL: We put up a poll on our site asking who was the hottest rapper from St. Louis and you won Murph. How does that make you feel to have that kind of support from your hometown.
Murphy Lee: It feels good because I never considered myself the tightest in St. Louis. I just get in the booth and do me. I'm glad my city is supporting me, now I need that kind of support worldwide.

suiteSTL: We love showing love to everyone from the city, our readers however have a love/hate relationship with Nelly. A lot of times they say he ain't for the city anymore. If someone said that to you how would you address it?
Kyjuan: I would say Why? why don't you like him? They really have no valid reason not to. They say they hate him but in the next breath he walk in the club and you trying to dap him out or the ladies are trying to say hi
Murphy Lee: It's always someone hating, but the haters are still outnumbered. They still say hi to him even when they hating on him.

suiteSTL: What's your favorite Lunatics song ever?
Kyjuan: Man that's hard to say I don't have a favorite for real. I love them all but the first song on the Free City album I love a lot and was just listening to it the other night before a show
Murphy Lee: That's like choosing your favorite child out of your kids. It's the art of it so it's a picture painting on all of them. Now one might have sold better than the other but one isn't better.

suiteSTL: Do you still feel like you have something to prove in the rap game?
Murphy Lee: Nothing at all to prove. For some this is a hustle, some do it for the love of music, and for others it is a career. I can't go back to working a 9-5. I was so much younger than them and they did everything for me. I am my own man now so I have to prove to myself that I can do this and it's time Murphy Lee to grow up and do THIS and I like growing. The only thing that I have to prove is that I'm Boss.

From explaining their reason of not eating meat "Live people shouldn't eat anything dead" Murphy Lee and Kyjuan both let us into their world behind the music. Lee went into detail with great passion about his lifestyle choices on being a vegetarian and let us in on a secret about an upcoming project to inform the world on why he lives the way he does. If you think we were in a room with Murphy Lee and didn't ask him for the exact release date of his much anticipated album then you are crazy. No matter how many times we asked or how slick we tried to be with the questions, he remained quiet on details only informing us that he's releasing a DVD with a free Album. Murph seemed to recognize the respect he has of the streets but never boasted about being considering the best by many of his fans. While Kyjuan may be the most Colorful person with his gear and personality, there was no confusion on what his role is and how much respect he had for his younger brother who he considers an industry best. And if you think all that Green is just a fad, then think again because this man has always had his own image and personality. After telling us that "Green wasn't he is favorite color but he was green's favorite person" all we could do was sit back smile, respect his style, sense of humor and a personality that makes you want to be his friend. Kyjuan also stays busy behind the scenes with many projects including the handheld HD video cam, which made us have think were we being recorded. When asked what do you want suiteSTL readers to know, Kyjuan quickly responded "I'm Human" which prompted laughter and a few jokes from Murphy Lee but we understand the answer. They stress while people may talk about them not being personable, or complaining that they don't know enough about them, Kyjuan wants nothing more than to convey they he is a regular guy. Well may not regular but he is human! When we threw the same question to Murph he was all smiles as he said "I'm Free" responding to his current label status which he refers to "an Independent Situation." Murphy Lee who had the calm voice during the entire interview only came to the edge of his sit when he cleared up the rumors of the Lunatics beefing and how he doesn't like people comparing him to others in the group. He even challenged that if we had 10 haters on the blog (you know who you are) and they hung out with them for a day they would change their opinion of the group and realize how down to earth they really are, including the groups biggest star, Nelly. We didn't need to spend a day with them to understand just how real they were because halfway through this interview the respect we already had for them as artist, grew into respect for the two as men. 

The Lunatics long awaited album titled "CITY FREE" will drop this summer along with Murphy Lee's DVD (which will include a free CD). And from the music we've heard so far from the sampler from the St. Lunatics should kill all doubt and send the haters to the corner to recollect their thoughts. 

Michael Coylr back in STL

The man who keeps me laughing all through the Murphy Lee's Mixtape, Hotsauce will be on the big stage when he host A NIGHT OF THE ARTS on May 30th with comedy royalty, Michael Colyr. Every time I think about Colyr I think back to 1999 when he came to The Ambassador (back when it was the old bowling alley in Northland) for Funny 1st Thursdays and instead of telling jokes he picked up a copy of the Whirl and read the paper for 45 minutes and I swear it was the funniest comedy show to this day. Now 10 years later the man that I first saw on Venice Beach is still the King of Comedy. Hosted by St. Louis native Hotsauce, this show which is set to include comedy, poetry, and live jazz is one that I won't be missing. Tickets range from $20 - $60 and can be purchased early (which I strongly suggest) from Ticketmaster. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ocean's 7 Mix Tape Release Party

You still have time to high-tail it to the ATL if you want to support Nelly with his new mix tape. The party is tonight and the mix tape will be out on Friday. I have watched the Ocean's 7 crew on YouTube and please believe their conversations are something else. Definitely for the grown up crowd. I was searching the net and our ATL sista in blogging Necolebitchie had the scoop on the party tonight.

Popcorn To Die For

Normally I am to shy to try new things. I stick with the same ole stuff because I hate to waste my money on some bull. I work in Chesterfield and the taste buds out here are apparently different than the West side. I mean I can't even find a chicken place, but that's neither here nor there. So I went to the gas station down the street from here and was looking for some Red Hot Riplets (of course I couldn't find them) however I did pick up this bag of popcorn. I was hesitant at first but I gave it a try. To my heart's delight it was delicious. Surprisingly the place that makes them is just across the river in Il. I had my co-workers eating it and the rest is fat girl history. Lol. Since then I have bought a bag everyday, so I say all that to say this. Pick up a bag please, this is getting the official stamp of approval from 1/2 of suiteSTL. First fried oreos and now popcorn no we are not trying to make you fat, just give you a little comfort.

Fat Girl Rating: 8pounds (out of 10)

WTF/WHY/WTH Wednesday: Specgayular Edition

Can we please have a moment of silence for Pretty Ricky because although their career was already on life support (since Pleasure P left), this character called Spectacular pulled the plug and killed Pretty Ricky forever whit this foolishness

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cafe Soul

Make sure you join the Cafe Soul ladies at the NEW LOCATION and the NEW DATE tonight as they relaunch this monthly event at The Loft. Folks are already talking about how they know Terrell Carter is going to put on a show for St. Louis. Carter has been in plays and even a Tyler Perry movie but you know the real test will be if he get the crowd going at the legendary Cafe Soul event.

SIDE NOTE: We love that this was moved to The Loft because you know they cook up those wings like no other club on this side of the river.

Monday, May 25, 2009


This man deserves a hug for telling the world what I've been saying since skinny jeans were created by the devil.  THEY ARE NOT FOR MEN. Please Men don't do a disservice to your body like that. 

photos taken at SYGU's TEESE event and this shirt was created by the men at Patches Clothing. More photos from the legendary Teese event coming soon!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Why The World is Obese


I spent Saturday at Soldiers Memorial Plaza for the annual Rib America event in Downtown St. Louis. After trying BBQ from Memphis, Texas and Chicago my mouth was all set on some desert. I was thinking a funnel cake or maybe an ice cream cone but nooooooooooooo. I was talked into (ok nobody really had to talk me into this) trying DEEP FRIED OREOS. After the first bite I was hooked on the gooey center which was covered with the same light batter like that of a funnel cake, sprinkled with powdered sugar and to ensure I remained chubby they poured chocolate sauce all over it.

FAT GIRL RATING: 9pounds (out of 10)