Saturday, December 6, 2008

Comedy King in St. Louis

D.L. Hughley  backstage at Dee Lee's House of Comedy
One of the orginal Kings of Comedy, D.L. Hughley is in town for a series of shows at Dee Lee's STL House of Comedy. I checked out the 8:30 Friday show with Matt Collins, Dee Lee, and Malik who all took the stage before Hughley. I was at the Pageant during D.L. Hughley's last stop in St. Louis and with not half the seats filled and and minimal laughter I was a little nervous about how he was going to keep us laughing on the landing.

Newcomer Matt Collins took the stage first with what seemed to be mixed reviews. I'm not sure if the folks were still cold from the night weathers or what, but I felt like only half the crowd got into him or maybe they were just a little stuck up to really relax and enjoy his style of comedy.

Dee Lee took the stage at his on comedy club in front of a sold out crowd. He is not just the owner folks, Dee Lee can hold his own on the stage like the seasoned pro he is. I guess that's why he will be taping his HBO special at the club on New Years Eve. If you enjoyed him when he was host of his own morning show on 100.3 Beat (before they replaced him with the non-funny Steve Harvey) then you will enjoy him even more on stage. If you won't be able to go to D.C. for the inauguration then don't worry because when Dee Lee does Barack Obama it's a night to remember.

Malik is not just a brother with swagger and a smile ladies, he can make you laugh too. He started out his show by telling the church ladies and preachers to get ready for some cursing and if they had a problem they didn't have no business in there anyway. Well he used some other words when he said it but I won't go there. This Miami native was funny as hell and reminded me of why I loved comedy shows so much. He was raunchy, funny and thought quick on his feet. He almost made me drop my camera from laughing so hard when he told one audience member that with all the leather he had on he was looking like the inside of a Lexus. If you get a chance to get to the show, make sure you buy this brothers DVD.

When D.L. Hughley took the stage I wasn't sure who I was going to get. Would it be the King of Comedy we all know and love or would he be in CNN mode with a more serious version of his comedic style. I was pleased that we got a little of both. He made it a point to talk about the basement like feel, which I hadn't noticed before, but it does remind you of a my aunt's basement in North St. Louis with all that stone and no windows...LOL. Overall I would have to say that D.L. Hughley performed like the King of Comedy that he is. He will be in St. Louis with 2 shows on Saturday night and his finale at Dee Lee's House of Comedy will be Sunday night with a 7pm performance. For more information or to purchase your tickets check out STL House of Comedy  and go support this top rated club because yo won't be disappointed. 

Friday, December 5, 2008

wake up call: DON'T STEAL

This should be a WAKE UP CALL to everyone, not just to the only black man in the world that got away with murdering 2 white people, don't steal. Orenthal James "O.J." Simpson has been sentenced to 15 years in jail for stealing. Yeah it was technically it was some of his own items but instead filing a police report like most people, this former NFL superstar decided to go and steal is stuff back.

And for that...he will be spending the next 15 years of his life in JAIL. He really should be in a mental hospital because you have got to be crazy for doing something this foolish

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Static Static is stuck on the Bus

I was out at Wal-Mart Wednesday trying to see if they had any black friday sell items left and who do I see on the parking lot in a big yellow school bus? Hot 104.1's Staci Static. She tell us that she is not getting off the bus until it is filled with toys. The folks out in St. Charles really helped get the bus filled with some good toys, I even saw 2 bikes and a guitar on there. Thursday she will be at the O'Fallon, IL Walmart. Make sure you check her out and please take a few new unwrapped toys so this girl can get out of the cold. Friday she will be back in St. Louis at the Wal-Mart on Rd. Hanely. Lets hope fill this bus so she doesn't have to spend another night on that cold bus.

Have A PLATINUM Christmas

You know when it starts getting cold it's time for the Annual Platinum Group's Christmas Party. 2008 marks the 7th year for this Networking Symposium and it gets better every year. Last year we had the pleasure of going and it was a ball. I did get the chance to do a little networking but you know I also had to get a few plates (yes I had more than one) and do some serious damage on the dance floor.
Tickets are only $20 in advance and $25 at the door and if you want to do it Platinum style get a VIP table of 10 for only $500. Don't miss out and be sure to join the Platinum Group at Lights On Broadway on December 13, 2008 7:30 - 1:30am. For more information call 314.231.3500 or email them at

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

suite reservation: LIL WAYNE

UPDATE: PRESALE CODE IS "seat" and can be purchased by going to
Alright, get ready to spend your rent money, because Lil Wayne is coming back to St. Louis. This time he is bringing more than those 2 styrofoam cups that he insist on carrying around everywhere he goes. Mr. Carter will be in St. Louis with T-Pain, Keyshia Cole, Gym Class Heroes, & Keri Hilson for his "I AM MUSIC TOUR" on Thursday, January 8, 2009 at the Chaifetz Arena on the campus of St. Louis University. Oh and you know we gotta make sure you all get the hook up on tickets so if you want pre-sale ticket information, we will post it once we have at least 10 COMMENTS from this post.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Good Man vs The Bad Boy

Last night I was thinking about relationships. Not just mine, but different relationships of people that I know and some that I don't know all that well. I read something that a friend of mine wrote about how she is attracted to the bad boys. Most of the women that I know are as well, myself included. The bad boy represents excitement and carries a certain element of danger. As women we always say that we are looking for a "good man". Often we pass him by because we are chasing behind the bad boy. He's only interested on his terms, he's often in another relationship, and great in bed. However, outside of the bedroom you really can't understand what it is you see in him. But yet we find ourselves slightly addicted to him and often find ourselves wondering how did we get into this situation. I thought for countless hours on what is it about these men that attract women. Or is it that the "good man" is doing something to make himself seem less attractive? It really can't be the flowers that he sends you, or the way he holds you as if his life depends on it, and who wouldn't love thoughtful text messages throughout the day just to let you know that you are on his mind. So what is it? My own personal opinion is the weight of knowing that man has put you on a high pedestal is a heavy load to bear. You don't want to disappoint him or let him down in any way. With the bad boy you can just be you, no false pretenses. Although the bad boy can touch, tease, feel, and caress; he can't love you as you should be loved. So what do you do? Go with someone who will make you his everything or follow the guy who is simply your nothing. Although I wrote this with women in mind, I am dying to know what men think about this.

Monday, December 1, 2008

FreeSTyLe: So FlyyEarring Collection

The world is sleeping on St. Louis and the ridiculous amount of talent that comes out of it. We may not be the fashion mecca of the U.S. but we still love to take items and put our own Midwest Swang on just about anything. Fed up with seeing the same kind of earrings and bracelets in the stores St. Louis native, Cynthia Browder decided to make her own. So Flyy Earring Collection is urban, trendy, and unique. Cynthia started out designing one of a kind pieces by painting Air Force 1's and styling hats, shortly after she decided to venture into earrings and bracelets. Her prices are reasonable ranging from $10-$25 dollars depending on how big or small you would like your earrings, you can even order the earring bracelet set. For more information and ordering you can check out her myspace page And for those who have to know that priceless STL question she graduated from U. City High.

V.I.P. Suite: Nelly's Sean John Ad

I know we have been talking about Nelly and Derrty ENT alot this past weekend, but when I spotted the new Sean John Ad and they featured STL's Nelly I had to post them. They made me do a double and then triple take, ok so I may have even drooled just a little. Truthfully I don't think St. Louis has ever looked so good.

V.I.P. Suite: Nelly's 3rd Annual Black & White Ball

After partying hard at LUSH on Friday and the Skybox on Saturday, Nelly and the Derrty ENT family ended the Derrty ENT weekend with Nelly's 3rd Annual Black and White Ball. The event this year was extra special because they announced the start of a scholarship in partnership with Lindenwood University for 2 students. If you are going to party, then party with a purpose. Synergy put on a fabolus event and with sponosrs like Budwieser and Jose Cuervo you know the bar stayed occupied. Plaza Motors may have won my unoffical award for sponsor of the year for giving away a brand new Lexus valued at $48,000 to one lucky guest. The event started out with a small intimate dinner and followed with a larger guest list for the party. Guest included former Rams player, Roland Williams, Kiki the 1st Lady from 100.3 the Beat, Mike and Jeanee Roberts, Jermain Dupri, from News Channel 4 Vickie Newton, St. Louis Cardinals President Bill Dewitt III, Congressman Lacy Clay. St. Louis Rams player Steven Jackson showed up, but he came late after losing to the Dolphins which makes them 2-10. And of course Ashanti was there with her Mother and younger sister.

Boogie D of HOT 104.1 stopped on the red carpet for a quick pic with his wife, Jami B.

(l-r) Quincy, George, and Kieth

The evening got off to a good start because I was sitting at the table with Quincy and Kieth.

My favorite St. Lunatic Murphy Lee and his wife showed with a splash of color. I must say that they make a lovely couple and you know their closet has to be filled with some original pieces because they are a very stylish couple. If you haven't picked up his Mix Tape, please do so because it is so HOT, it hasn't left my CD player yet.

St. Louis Promoter Queen, Mocha Latte was there before heading over to Dante's for her Sunday Night event. I almost snatched this fab jacket right off her back.

(l-r) Loni Swain and Christina
Ladies of Radio-One St. Louis were there. Loni can be heard weekly on Loni's Love Lounge on Foxy 95.5

(l-r) Jami B. and Jermain Dupri
Mr. Super Producer Jermain Dupri had his bow-tie swag game in full effect.

Kyuan and along with his wife
The Lunatics were all over the place at the Chase. Kyuan managed to squeeze a little of his trademark green into this tie. Ladies take note of his wife's hair, it was the perfect color and the cut too cute.

(l-r) Alecia, Wanya Harris and Paige

Fontbonne students Alecia and Paige had a good night and were looking sexy in there all black. Wanya of Boyz II Men was smiling hard, but can you blame him.

(l-r) Jami B. and City Spud
That's right folks City Spud was in the house. Is it just me or is he starting to look a lot like Nelly these days. And he's buffed up something major. He was looking fly and smiling just enough to show off those dimples.

Young Dip of HOT 104.1 took time out from sipping on his drink so we could snap a photo with JIBBS. I almost didn't recognize Jibbs without his chain, plus he's no kid anymore, he was looking like a grown man last night.

Boogie D who worked at Virgin before coming to St. Louis was able to meet back up with his former boss Jermaine Dupri.

Boyz II Men (-1 that left the group) were singing like it was 1992. During "I'll Make Love to you they got up close with more than a few ladies as they passed out roses to the crowd. They even brought us into the holiday spirit by singing Silent Night.

suite reservations: SUITE SOULSPOT

hosted by: ERIC ROBERSON
This event is sure to be a treat. With Eric Roberson hosting and Jarrard Anthony performing it is sure to be a night of SUITE SOUL. I've never been more excited to get out on a Tuesday night before. Vanita of Vanita Applebum Entertainment has been around the industry for a long time and she knows what she is doing when it comes to putting a solid show. For only $10 you will be getting an experience of a lifetime and with DJ Needles on the 1's and 2's there a party is sure to follow the concert. Make sure you check out SUITE SOULSPOT Tuesday night and support one of the hottest events in St. Louis.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Night Photos: Loft & Lush

Check the SYGU Swag in front of Lush.
Joy, Taylor, and Tiffany looking relaxed and ready to party at Lush
(l-r) Spinks, J-Kidd (a.k.a. Mr. Exclusive who has a song out with the same name) and Daron were ready for a party and made sure to get to Lush early.

My boy Marcus was out chilling with his family at The Loft

Only at the Loft will you have 9 people at the picture booth inlcuding HOT 104.1's Boogie D who was hosting that night...if you ask me he was too much fun to call that work.

These 2 ladies were kicking it all night in there sweater dresses

There is Boogie D again this time in a mist of ladies in Yellow

DJ Cuddy had the folks at the Loft on the dance floor all night.