Thursday, June 25, 2009

..:::KING OF POP DIES:::...

I am at a complete loss of words. This, like all deaths, was one that nobody was prepared for. I can't believe that it is true. Had it not been for this man there would be no Usher, Chris Brown, Omarion, and a host of other singers and dancers. In plenty of today's videos you can see the heavy influence that Michael Jackson had on their careers. Our thoughts and prayers are completely with the Jackson family at this sad time. Say what you want about Mike but there is no denying that he was the extreme cross over star. He started heavily with an R&B background with Motown Records. After leaving the Jackson 5 he embarked on a solo career that many could only dream to have. He had so many hits that it is hard to narrow down which one is our favorite. But we would love to know WHICH MICHAEL JACKSON SONG IS YOUR FAVORITE EVER?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Made in STL

Ginuwine released his album today with major STL support. His new label is Notifi Records headed by Ira Dewitt (we've already had the pleasure of having her in the V.I.P. Suite) who made folks take notice when she started up STL's newest record label. Ginuwine has been in a St. Louis a lot over the last year making sure that this album "Last Chance" hit the charts with a bang. I can't front like I didn't question if Dewitt when I heard she was working with Ginuwine because I thought he was a 90's star that was the end, but this man has a more mature sound and look to match. The album just hit stores today and from the joints we've already heard I'm going to say it's a go.

For those that don't know I'm a Murphy Lee fan all day long so when he linked his song with Day 26 on twitter I thought it was my duty as President of his fan club to post the song for all to hear. Ok maybe I'm not president of the fan club but in my mind I'm head of promotions for his upcoming album.

Gucci Mane & Melyssa Ford in STL

No Matter what side of the river you like to party on Wednesday you have something to do. Melyssa Ford will be hanging out at The Loft (is it still called the Jazz Loft...anyway) for the annual Black & White party. I know folks like to be different and try to rock some color but remember if you rocking black and white you get in FREE. I will be there in my all white trying to get all the wear I can out of it before Labor Day hits and the fashion police try to ticket me. If you can't make it to the Loft to see the now infamous video model you can also check her out at Shop N Save where I here she will be doing a promotion before the club. I wonder what it is she will be helping sell

This man made me smile when he showed up on twitter last week. Gucci Mane has a following that I swear is borderline cult like. He recently had some strange beef with Young Jeezy but please don't ask me to explain cause I don't know what it was nor do I really care. All I know is after doing his time Gucci Mane is out and hitting the pavement hard and will be at Blackmon's Plaza on Wednesday night presented by Big Future Entertainment, or shall we say early Thursday morning cause you know how they party on the east side. Hosted by Big "Mr. eyebrows look the best" Terrance and DJ Tab will be spinning.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jesus Take The Wheel & The Bottle..

STL came out in full force to support the birthday celebration of hometown producer Ronnie Notch at the Skyboxx inlcuding Chingy. We not even trying to be funny (ok yes we are) but can somebody tell me who all is in this pic because I'm having some issues right now and I need to know who it is I'm talking about before I put them on blast. Thank You and God Bless

STL Native Sighting

Nelly and Ashanti were spotted at the opening of her Broadway play "The Wiz" last week. So as usual the rumors are untrue and these two are still "good friends".