Saturday, July 25, 2009

Between The Sheets: Pleasure

I was somewhat nervous about reading this book when it first came out. Not because the title or anything scared me, but more because lately Eric Jerome Dickey and I weren't seeing eye to eye on his books. I guess I was searching for that rush I felt when I read Friends and Lovers. However last week I was searching for something to read at the book store and Pleasure just kept jumping out at me. Maybe it's the woman in me and we all seek to have that Pleasure that is not easy to always find. Let me say this book did not dissapoint. I was wrapped in Nia Simone's story and in a way I felt connected to her. Just like she, I have searched desperatel to find the euphoric feeling that makes us feel complete and whole as a woman. But you should always be careful what you wish for, it may be more of a bite than your small mouth could chew. My suggestion is to find a quiet spot in your home, light some candles, cut Maxwell's Blacksummernight on low, and just let this book have its way with you.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Meet Me In The Lou, It's Going Down!!!

St. Louis is popping tonight. There are so many things going on our inbox is full. Of course we are here to hook you up with some of the happenings. Don't say SuiteSTL never done anything nice for you. lol

By now you all should know that Jamie Foxx, Wanda, Ray, or whatever you are calling him. Is performing at the Chafeitz Arena tonight. Hope you got your tickets because I'm sure this is going to be an awesome performance. He is singing and supplying your life with some comedy.

Don't have any cash? You can go downtown Live on the Levee and check out Ms. Angie Stone. This is sure to be a great experience and it's FREE. Need I say anything more?

If you wanna get your Ricky Bobby on, then Spruills is the place for you. You can go and get some fire chicken wings and Ricky Bobby with B -Hamp all over the club. Spruills has remodeled and we even hear they have a pole in the middle of the floor. That's doing way to much for us, but you may enjoy.

Hometown sweetheart Teresa Jenee will be performing at the InSpot on Delmar tonight. Mark our words she is going to blow up. There is no person to better support than someone born and bred in the STL.
(all credit do to pictures rightful owners)