Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dear Nelly

We're goning to keep giving you updates on the man you suckers love to hate so sit back and grab you a big bowl of hate and enjoy the latest song from Oceans 7 (you know Jermaine Durpri's new gang of Atlanta's Elite). Catch the hometown hero at the 3:20 mark and listen as he gets some hot lines off. Ok with that being said I gotta tell Nelly something. Well maybe not him but the folks over at Derrty Ent that read the blog (we know ya'll check us out...thanks) and pass the message to him.

Dear Nelly:

We still love you here in St. Louis, ok well not the whole city cause you know you have a lot of haters floating around the muddy Mississippi. It gets really hard for us on this blog to go hard for you cause the #1 thing folks always say is "Nelly don't even support STL". So as you get your Ocean 7 mixtape on, and work hard on the new St. Lunatics Album I hope that you can get back to your roots here in St. Louis and do some of that old school promotional work. I wouldn't mind seeing you roll through the new Ambassador for a show...ok well maybe not that. I do think there is a way you can get better connected with the St. Louis folks while still keeping your superstar status. I really said all that to time you in town get at us so we can do your first interview with the hottest blog in STL.

Friday, May 15, 2009

1st Annual Mardi Gras In May

Mardi Gras In May is going to be at Terry Hall Expert Window Tint at 4162 Natural Bridge (at Fair) fromn 2pm until 10pm this Sunday May 17th. Don't fret about the location because security WILL be on the scene. There will also be a live DJ, games, contests, food, drinks, prizes, vendors selling everything from clothes and accessories to a photobooth (you know you want to take a picture in the new May Day outfit) and best of all the premiere models of Fat Cat Clothing Co. This is an adult (21 and up)event so leave the kiddies at home and come enjoy a night of buddies, beats and beads with Bodacious EMP. I may have to check this out the ladies of Bodacious EMP are singing my kind of tune!


Sometimes I forget or not even really forget, but I don't think I reflect enough on the fact of who is running the country. This picture came to me this morning and all I could do is smile. I see you over there doing your thang Michelle!


While listening to Staci Static Thursday on Hot 104.1 I heard Arvin Mitchell talk about a benefit that would be at the House of Comedy on Sunday for his sister who was killed in a car accident. In case you can't make that event please just make sure you keep the family of Ebony Minnis-Mitchell in your prayers. The family is also in need of contributions that can be made to any Bank of America. Please visit this site that was set up in her memory. While nobody should ever die for others to learn a lesson, I'm hoping that we can all learn something about this because the driver that hit her car ran a red light. So the next time you think you can make it or think you are in such in a hurry that you can't stop, think about the life lost of Ebony Minnis-Mitchell and stop.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

STL needs some U-N-I-T-Y

Big shouts out to Harlem B for picking what we wanted to be this week's Throwback Video via Twitter. We told you that the only way to submit videos would be through twitter and although many submitted request, and some great ones at that, Ms Harlem (who also writes for the Whirl) got my vote right away. This Sunday is the May Day Parade and even though the parade has moved downtown folks still like to act a fool. This video serves as a reminder that we need to see some U-N-I-T-Y this weekend, this summer, and forever in St. Louis.

Now since these Music Companies don't like you posting videos they own and have blocked you from using it, which I don't understand cause we might just inspire somebody to go buy the CD and put more money into they pocket. Anyway CLICK HERE to see the orginal video.


No matter who's hot right now, the biggest question in Hip-Hop will forever be "2PAC or BIGGIE?" This hot topic can cause friends to fight and marriages to end, because no matter which one gets your vote you can't deny that they are 2 of the greatest rappers ever. So when LME decided to have a "2PAC vs BIGGIE" party on Friday at Black Label they knew it would get folks talking and hopefully hyped enough to attend the Birthday Party of LME partner Otto Nichols. If you see Otto around make sure you tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I wonder does would he say 2PAC or BIGGIE?
It goes down at Black Label Lounge on Friday 10pm - midnight but we are about to start this battle a little early. Which one do you think is the best and if they were still alive right now how would they rank against the current rappers that are out? 


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Look Into The Mind Of Mr. Wellz Fargo


Arrogant? Maybe but why should he not be. Since when do people throw free parties all night long for everyone? Slim aka Wellz Fargo is on top of his game and he knows it. And yeah he feeling himself, but wouldn’t you if you could single handily shut the city down. If Slim is throwing a party then you can bet your life that the place will be packed. I remember when the color themed party was made famous by Diddy, who also use to be a party promoter. Once Slim got a whiff of that, he made it his own. There was the red party, the black party, green party, red white and blue party, and the big ass party for no damn reason. That’s right if the man feels like throwing something for his city he will do it. It doesn’t have to be a reason; you could do it to if you had a master plan to first take over your city and then the world. I remember when I was sitting at home when the commercial came on asking if you wanted a piece of the Slimulus Package, I thought to myself this dude is a nutcase. But for him the mission was accomplished, he had gotten the people’s attention.

suiteSTL: First lets begin by asking you what high school did you attend. You know how the Lou is people think they know you better by what high school you attended
SLIM: I went to alot of them Soldan, Parkway, you name it and I went there.
(We even learned that Slim did a brief stint at our former stumping grounds McCluer North)

suiteSTL: Ok now how did you get into the whole party scene?
SLIM: My brothers had connects with rappers. Whenever they came to the Lou they were hanging around with them. Here I was 12 years old hanging out with men in the industry so you could just imagine how fast I grew up.

suiteSTL: You've been holding St. Louis down for years now what keeps you moving?
SLIM: I've been the only consistent promoter since 2002, you have Mocha now and she is doing her thang, but it's just really been me for the longest. I'm on 24 hours a day I never take a break, cuz there's no room to sleep.

suiteSTL: What would be your biggest regret?
SLIM: That I only told my boys once what I was going to do. I say that because we were on the porch and I said I would take over the city, but I don't think some of them believed me. So some got left behind, but I really wish I would have drove that point into their heads.

suiteSTL: Here people always gossip or speculate about you in regards to what you driving or where you live. How do you keep them guessing without telling all of your business.
SLIM: I am a private person and my private life is just that. You will never see pictures of my house or my kids because nobody wants to really hear about your personal problems. If you're flossing your life in people face if you fall off they can use that to tear you down.

suiteSTL: Why the free parties?
SLIM: You have to give back. Regardless of what you are doing if you can't give back then you really aint doing much. Plus there is no way you can take over your city without giving free stuff away to the people. I'm actually about 3 years behind where I really want to be right now.

suiteSTL: What's next for LooseCannon?
SLIM: Movie, album, and then total world domination. I meant that I would first take over my city and then the world.

Ok (class) so what did we learn here today? Slim loves his city, he planned to take it over a long time ago, he left some folks behind and even though it was necessary he still regrets it, he loves his city, he can give you a party for free because he wants to share his wealth with his folks, he loves this city, and taking over the world is at his fingertips. You have to respect the man's huSTLe! This is not the last time we will hear from Slim, when his much anticpated Album/Movie drops sometime this year, Slim will be back in the V.I.P. with suiteSTL to tell us more about that man that keeps St. Louis talking and others promoters constanly trying to play catch up.

Happy HUMP Day

While visiting of my favorite blogs I spotted this video that is just filled with the proper Foolishness that makes WTH Wednesdays so fun. Watch, enjoy and be sure to thank us for making your day filled with laughter

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I heart Hip-Hop

The Hip Hop Soul set is here. Corey Black is always a treat but I think the one that will steal the show on Wednesday night at Suite Soul Spot will be ROCKWELL KNUCKLES. He made me a fan during DTP Madness. Rockwell is what Hip-Hop is all about and I'm suggested you go catch this brother now while you can for just $10.

Dear Twitches: Tweet This

We're on facebook, Ning, Myspace and of course we have the whole blogger thing down, but our favorite networking tool has got to be TWITTER. For 24 hour foolishness and quick updates on what suiteSTL is doing and working on please make sure you follow us at

Would you go?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Nelly at the Hawks vs Cavaliers Game

Maybe he was thinking about his loss on Friday night because he sure doesn't look to happy here. Jet lag has to be the reason for the down mood, traveling back and forth can put wear and tear on your lips, I meant body.

Last Week In Rap-Up

Jibbs new video The Dedication (Ay DJ) with Lloyd on BET. I love it, the song has a nice STL vibe.

Nelly to come out with an Apple Bottom perfume, I heard some really funny names people were throwing out on the net for him.

Chingy set to drop a new mixtape this Tuesday called First Quarter, I stan hard for you Ching-a-Ling. He is our own Little Engine That Could

Clean House went around America looking for the messiest homes and low and behold someone in St. Louis was picked. IF I SEE ANY FAMILY MEMBER OF MINE ON HERE I WILL NOT CLAIM YOU!!!!!

Yo Gotti birthday was party Thursday night at The Society. Unfortunately the party was over shadowed when 3 people were killed that same night after leaving the party.

Another senseless murder of a 14 year old boy who was standing on Kingshighway at the Mi Hungry b-bque stand. His father was also shot, things like this are just stupid and pisses me off.

Last week St. Louis City Police beefed up their patrolling. Various different blocks have been in celebratory mode and City ain't having it. I seen the Command Center posted up and I really am loving the new trucks the police are riding in. Unless they are in my rear view of course.

The Travel Channel has a show called Man vs Food (I absolutely love it) Wednesday night they will air the episode of St. Louis. If you are tired of fast food then you should definitely watch as he only goes to Mom and Pop dinners.

Loose Cannon wins over Dertty ENT at the annual celebrity basketball game.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all mother's who are holding it down doing the hardest and best job in the world. You deserve more than you get and there is never a way to say thank you but we want you to know that we appreciate you for being a MOM.