Friday, December 26, 2008

check out: RIP Eartha Kitt

I know it's true but it is still shocking to hear that Eartha Kitt has died at the age of 81. Kitt who lost her battle with colon cancer lived a long life and had a successful career that lasted 60 years. She was often referred to as a "sex kitten" and with her famous cat sounds I don't think anyone could ever disagree. She is still remember from her famous line "Maaaarrrrrcus Darling" in the hit movie Boomerang starring Eddie Murphy. How ironic that the women who sang "SANTA BABY" and was heard in homes and offices all around the world each Christmas, went home on Christmas Morning. 

Our prayers are with her family and I hope they share the secret to how this lady stayed so fit and fine at 81!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Koncept Christmas

Make sure you go check out the fablous Skybox after you've opened up your Christmas presents and spent some quality time with your family. Before you step out of the house on Jesus Born Day please make sure you are dressed in Upscale attire only if you plan to celebrate in honor of the Lord with Nelly and St. Louis Ram Orlando Pace. Normally when you have the type of losing season that the Rams have had I don't think a party is in order but it is Christmas and because Koncepts is involved I know it will be a night to remember. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Wishes answered for over 1,000 kids

Retired NFL player, Demetrious "DJ" Johnson (pictured hosted a party for over 1,000 deserving children at the new Hyatt Riverfront (formerly the Adam's Mark) for his foundation's 17th Annual Christmas Wish Party which was done in partnership this year with the Gateway Classic Foundation. Children were chosen from area organizations including St. Louis Parks & Rec, Jennings School District, Mark Twain Association, and Wellston. 

VIP artist Lil Frank performed his new song with J-Star. This kid is only 12 years old and is starting his career off well by giving back during the holiday season.

There were plenty of toys to ensure that every child went home with a smile on their face courtesy of the U.S. Marines Toys for Tots toy drive.

Interscope Recording artist Jibbs made the kids and parents alike go wild when he performed Chain Hang Low. Another St. Louis Native knows the importance of giving back. Jibbs took time out and took pics with all the kids and even shared a photo with Miss Gateway Classic 2008. 


I was sent an email yesterday that I thought was interesting. I could dig a couple of the reasons, not that I condone cheating, but I can understand some of the reasons. However, me personally I think it is better to just leave than cheat, but as a woman I can see how some of these reasons are valid.

10. The relationship isn't THAT serious. In the beginning, you may find yourself in a brand new relationship, you're just dating but you really like the guy but you aren't quite sure if you want to be exclusive, men, you better not take too long to figure it out and seal the deal.

9. They are bored in the relationship. When women get bored with their man they may seek comfort in the arms of a stranger or an old familiar flame.

8. They aren't getting what they want out of the relationship. Most women want a place to call home, especially a house, they want a marriage or some type of commitment, and eventually, they want to start a family.

7. When he has too much baggage. Psycho ex girlfriends, baby mama drama, ex-wives with too much control, a meddling mother, over-protective siblings, bratty kids and friends that don't know when to go home, will take their toll on a woman.

6. They won't leave something for nothing. When you're just not getting along and you seem to be fighting a lot, fellas beware! Most women won't have a clean break because we need to "get under someone new, to get over someone old."

5. Ok, sometimes it is about the SEX. If a girl is having trouble climaxing, no matter how great of a guy you are, or if you have a mortgage, lease or kids together, she just might stray, depending on how bad it is and how much she really loves you.

4. When things start to go sour. Let's face it, women need a lot of attention. If you forget her birthday, an anniversary, or any other special day or if you skimp out on the other important days like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, New Years Eve or WHATEVER, she will feel unappreciated and that is a major red-light danger zone!

3. If the relationship gets physical, in a bad way. Don't think that you could ever completely control a woman. If you try to use scare tactics, if you hit her, beat her up, or threaten her, she can and will stray at some point.

2. When she doesn't come first in your life. If you put other people before her then she will eventually stray and find herself in bed with a guy that will put her first.

1. Whatever you can do, we can do it better. If you have cheated on us and we take you back, you better be on your toes every minute of every day! Don't think you are in the clear just because she forgave you.Does this sound about right?

I think an honary one should be, SHE DOESN'T FEEL APPRECIATED!!!!! If you can't make me feel like a woman fellas me no likey.

Monday, December 22, 2008


They perform together, vacation togther, sit court-side together, and even catch up on the latest new and gossip together. But more importanty last year this couple brought in a combined total of $162 million dollars. Beating out top a-listers such as Brad and Angelina and even Will and Jada. They are by far the undisputed king and queen of hip-hop/r&b. You can say what you will about the two apart but you can't deny that together they make one hell of a beast. You know little about the relationship and they love it that way. They decided to tie the knot in a private ceremony this year making their 6 year relationship more solid. Have your way with the comment section, they are still the 2nd hottest couple of the year.

2008 HOTTEST COUPLES # 3 Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

This couple is one of my all time favorite couples ever. They always seem genuine, loving, and Will knows to be quiet and let Jada run the show. LOL. Just like with Duane and Tisha there has been all kinds of rumors of them swinging with other couples and even the rumor that Will and Duane were more than friends. I seriously doubt that he or Jada would let the other sleep with someone else. They got married in 1997 and according to California's state law she is now entitled to half of his dough if they divorce. I don't think that will happen though, they have a really solid close knit family. This couple as well as their children are on their way to dominate the silver screen. Will is the only actor to have 8 consecutive movies that grossed more than $100 million. They were the number two couple on Forbes top power couples of 2008, only to be beaten by Suitestl's number two hot couple of 2008. Stay tuned for the top two!!

Cancellation Policy: KMOV is off Charter

According to KMOV, Charter has made the decision to to no longer carry very popular KMOV signal in the St. Louis Market. If you are a Charter customer this means that starting December 31, 2008 you will no longer be able to get any CBS programming like the following shows which include Young and the Restless, Dr. Phil, CSI (all 27 versions), David Letterman, 48 Hours, some NFL football games, Cold Case and 60 minutes. The cancellation of this signal comes after months of failed negotiation between Charter and KMOV after the local stations' request to be properly compensated by Charter to carry their #1 rated Charted signal. If you don't want to miss out on what CBS has to offer you have 2 options

Let Charter know how you feel by contacting their general manager Steve at or call his office at 314-965-0555


You can also live worry free by making sure you go with a carrier that has all the local channels you need.

DirectTV 800-494-4388
Dish Network 888-825-2557
ATT U-Verse 800-288-2020

Sunday, December 21, 2008

2008 Hottest Couples #4 Angela Basset & Courtney B. Vance

An outstanding actress who is still underrated, Angela has been on the scene for a while. The secret to her great look has to be the love that shares with actor Courtney B. Vance and raising their twins. Whatever the case may be these two make our list because of their solid love and longevity has survived a 11 year marriage in hollywood. They have a wonderful book "Friends A Love Story" that is a must read for everyone and recently shared the screen together as husband and wife on ER.

..::?FASHION or FOOLISH?::..

One of faithful readers sent us this pic of him rocking this  cream and fur lined hat. The verdict on this style is still out so we need your help...Is this FASHION or FOOLISH?