Saturday, November 22, 2008


volunteers prepare to deliver Thanksgiving baskets in the Carr Square neighborhood

Following a successful career in the NFL, Demetrious Johnson knew he wanted to give back to the community during the Thanksgiving holiday. He started helping just 50 families and work with less than 10 volunteers. Now, 17 years later and with the help od over 600 volunteers came out this weekend to help pack and deliver over 2,000 Thanksgiving baskets to deserving families in the St. Louis metropolitan area, including the Clinton Peabody neighborhood in which Johnson grew up. 
Demetrious Johnson, Dr. Chief Isom, STLPD, and Earl Wilson of the Gateway Classic Foundation. Wilson shows great support by allowing the DJCF to use his space to prepare the Thanksgiving baskets.

Tracey and Meghan O from HOT 104.1 were looking fly as they helped load up the trucks

Cricket Wireless came out with bags for deserving families as there staff went with DJ to the LaSalle/Clinton Peabody neighborhood 

Mayor Francis Slay of the City of St. Louis also came out and got right in line to give a helping hand.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Welcome to the Suite Life

suite STL...where URBAN and CHIC collide and harmonize

St. Louis has been a growing and thriving city long before Cedric became a King, Nelly showed the world our Country Grammar,Larry Hughes soared in the NBA, and Kimora made the catwalk her own. As our local celebrities leave the city and pursue their dreams, we know that there is still so much going on in the city we call home SUITE home. It's the only place where you can't spend a day without seeing someone you know. You can get to know someone by the infamous line "What high school did you go to?" Some that are born here leave and never come back, others vow to never leave, and some that come to visit want to make it home. No matter if St. Louis is your home, or just a stop in your journey let us keep you up to date on everything that goes on in SUITE STL.

There will be something for everyone: take a brief look into the suites we offer below and get ready to join us on a journey that will that will take you all around town, and unlike Highway 40 (64 for newbies) we will never be closed or under construction.

If we've missed anything or you simply have information to share, please be sure to drop us a comment and let us know how you really feel. Get ready as we take things to a new level with a blog that offers a Suite everyone.

Suite Reservations

Don't let us catch us saying "I can't believe I missed it". There is no reason for you not to be informed on the hottest events around town. We will always know what's going on from Concerts to Charity Fundraisers, so be sure to check back weekly so you can make your reservations and Save the Date. If you have an upcoming event be sure to let us know so that we can come check it out and let others know what you have going on.

Wake Up Call

We all live busy lives but when there is breaking news you won't be the last to know. We will wake you up with the news you need to know

V.I.P. suite


If they are famous, think are they are famous, or trying to become famous we'll have the VIP access so that you can stay informed. Stay tuned so you can check out your local and national celebrities up close and personal in the VIP suite

Between the Sheets

Many find themselves most comfortable between the sheets of a bed reading. The sheets within the book are able to take us out of an element and put us in a proper place and time. If you like book clubs but don't have time to meet, this is for you. A place to stay current on new authors and old favorites.

Coming out of the Closet

Open the doors and let your fashion spirit out. You can't spell STyLe without STL and there is plenty of it going around. Whether you are an up and coming designer or just a fashion savvy socialite come out of the closet and let us know what you are working with. We will feature an individual and showcase 3 outfits from their closet. Get ready to take notes as we bring you a little Project Runway and House of Style to suite STL.

Work it Out

With today's economy we all need to make sure we have a steady check. Whether you are looking for a job or struggling to keep the one you have, let us help you get and stay paid. Top job postings can be found here along with professional development tips to make your career a success.

Do NOT Disturb

disclaimer: The do not disturb posts are intended for a mature audience only. Meaning if you are not grown and sexy this may not be the spot for you. At times the do not disturb section will be a little more vulgar (but still classy) than others. This is not to offend anyone, so please do not take offense.

Check In/Check Out

We don't give Birthday Shout Outs but if you know someone that just gave birth or would like to celebrate another year check in with us so we can spread the news. At some point we will all see our final resting place but before you go make sure your loved ones comes to check you out.

Confirmation #

There are so many new things coming out around town, but not all that is new is good for you. As new things arrive to the city we will test and try them out and give them a proper confirmation #. Not everyone will make the list!

Cancellation Policy

Were you one of those folks who drove to Grand and Page when gas was $3 for some chicken and a side of ketchup only to find that London & Sons had been closed? If you want to save some rage and depression, Cancellation Policy is for those local spots that just don't make it in this depressing economy. Or better yet if there is someplace that just needs to be closed down because the service was poor, restaurant was unclean, or the whole experience was one that you just wish you could forget. Don't forget to email us if you spot any place that most definitely needs a cancellation policy. We'll put them on blast (in a nice way of course) so that they can either step up their game or step out of business.