Monday, March 29, 2010


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Why Lawd WHY?

I guess the two princesses on the end couldn't find any cute heels so they went with the next best thing, some nike socks. I know the devil is hiding in one of those purses, I know he is.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Breaking News: Tiger Woods Hurt in Crash

Tiger Woods is recovering after crashing his vehicle into a fire hydrant outside of his Orlando, FL home according to CNN reports. While no major details have been released the report that the police released did NOT have indicate that Woods was intoxicated at the time of the accident. We do know that just before 3am this morning Woods was driving his Cadillac Escalade ...STOP...doesn't Woods endorse Buick? I hope that the old people over at Buick don't snatch away his endorsement deal over this one. Anyway he was driving his truck right towards the fire hydrant and then hit a tree which is where things came to a hault just steps from his front door. He did have some facial lacerations and from reports on CNN, Woods has been released from the hospital but his current location is unknown.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pray...Eat Turkey..Then Party

We know some of you ghetto bunnies went out and bought Thanksgiving outfits so lay your clothes out on the bed cause we have a list of places for you to go. Ladies please remember that if you stuff your face on Thursday you should be wearing your Spanx or Body Magic until Sunday afternoon. Fellas I'm going to need you not to rub your bellys on the women in the club, its not cute and nobody likes to have they drink knocked out of their hand by some big belly drunk. Alright pull out your True Religons, Seven, Rock & Republic jeans or if you are on a budget like I am enter Black Label on Wednesday proud in your Old Navy jeans and party the night right into the Holiday as the fellas from Delux Magazine bring you another great event. So you know Slim couldn't be normal and just open for the Holiday, he has to go all the way out and throw not 1, not 2 but 3 parties this week all in the name of KARMA. Thursday night Murphy Lee opens doors for FREE with his annual Thanksgiving Night Bash, Melyssa "I'm not a Video Model" brings her booty in the doors on Friday, and Aunt Viv (Vivica Fox) comes to town for Sutra Saturday. He was here a few months ago but now Suite Soul Spot celebrates their 2 year Anniversary with ERIC ROBERSON and he is bringing his entire band with him. I know folks think they have seen a show before but if you have never seen Erro hit the stage and do his thing then you have not truly lived. He will be at The Ambassador on Friday so there is plenty of space for you to enjoy the show and parking is all around so there is no excuse for you not to be in the house. People love to hate in STL, or least thats what people love to say, but the ladies of June 5th have showed us nothing but love since we started suiteSTL. Tiffany Fox will be celebrated her b-day on Black Friday at EXO so you know what color to wear and in true Black Friday deal tradition, admission will be only $5 so this seem to be the party of the week for us!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ms Kriss helps Cafe Soul with Move...

Yes the ladies of Cafe Soul will still be at The Loft but they are moving to Friday nights starting this week. Recognized as the best open mic event in St. Louis by just about everybody that counts, this Friday would be on FIRE. She got St. Louis' attention when she won the McDonald's R&B Soul Search competition 2 years ago and after signing a deal Sony, Ms. Kriss is set to debut her new single "DAT FIRE" as the spotlight artist on Friday. Please make sure you know that Cafe Soul still rocks the crowd no matter what day of the week so please get there early and be prepared to the pay the $10 admission.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nelly on CSI

TONIGHT set your DVR or do like myself and get home early so you can catch our STL's own Nelly body on CSI. I'm sorry that was so inappropriate, but dear jesus that man body has been speaking to me in my sleep some night. *stay focused* Nelly who is set to appear on 4 episiodes of CSI will make his first apperance tonight on the hit CBS. In St. Louis you can catch him on KMOV Channel 4 at 9pm. Get it Nelly

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This makes me sleepy

I know we late in posting the pics from Nelly's Pajamma Birthday Party but after reviewing the pics I just couldn't decide what to hit you with first. So to our faithful readers here you go....

Excuse me ma'am but I think your nipple is showing

One of these girls is not like the other

Shouldn't I be the one with the scared look on my face?

Slap whoever said they were your friend

Is this a mother and daughter team

Girl we see you doing the most...but its not working

Nope can't comment won't comment

I'm still wondering just how can I get my eyebrows to be this fab.