Saturday, June 13, 2009

Soulja Boy goes So STL

Friday, June 12, 2009

Notch turns 25

He's worked with Murphy Lee, Tiffany Evans Pimp C, Mims, Ebony Eyez, Bun-B, Spiffy and many other artist, but in STL his most popular work as one of the hottest producers was his work with Hakeem Tha Dream for the hit "Thick Wit It". He's well respected in the music business and does his part to make sure that his work is noticed. But today this multi-genre music producer is getting love from us because he has hit an important milestone in his life. RONNIE NOTCH IS 25. That's right he's a step closer to 30 and halfway to He may work hard all year long but today Notch is taking a break from his music grind to celebrate his 25th Birthday. Tonight he will be at the Skybox for a FREE so you already know you need to get there early. Sunday things get a little Bad as he teams up with the Mista DJ for the Gemini Edition, Bikini Birthday Bash at the Venue.

Before you attend the Bikini Birthday Bash please check out this video (don't click this link at work or if you are not prepared to see extreme stripper like talent) and be sure that your body is ready for a bikini....otherwise just wear a cover up or a cute dress. Please and Thanks.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Taking it Back & Giving Back

to suiteSTL reader "IAmCiCi" for winning a pair of

We taking it back to SUPER JAM 2008. Hot 104.1 made other stations step up there game when they announced SUPER JAM but only one station could pull off a show with T.I. for it's first ever SUPER JAM. This year will be bigger and better and if you weren't there last year take a peak at what you missed and make sure you are in the house on Saturday for SUPER JAM 2

Just 2 days out we want to make sure our readers have a chance to go. Be the first to answer the questions below and you will WIN a pair of FREE SUPER JAM TICKETS.
(In order to qualify you must be signed in and become a follower of the blog as well. If you have a gmail email address you can use that sign information to so)

Name 3 artist who were at the first HOT 104.1 Super Jam in 2008.

Name 2 books that we've reviewed on suiteSTL

Name 1 song by of the following Super Jam 2 artist: Keri Hilson, Plies, Kenny Knox, Young Jeezy, and Joka

We featured Marcus Cooper in the V.I.P. Suite, what is his stage name?

Which artist are on the STL Mixtape for Super Jam 2?

*All answers must be submitted in the commetn section by 10:00pm June 11, 2009 and the winner will be announced 8:00am on Friday, June 12, 2009

If you don't have anything else to do

I love a good birthday party but when I go you gone have to tell me who the party is far...and didn't these folks do just that by making sure that these Gemini's names are big as hell.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


to suiteSTL reader "Tanisha" for winning a pair of 

Now you know we weren't going to let the biggest concert of the year come to town and not give our readers a chance to win some tickets. HOT 1041.1 made history last year by putting on the biggest hip-hop concert St. Louis had ever seen. This year SUPER JAM 2 is bigger and better with Young Jezzy as the headliner and acts such as Pleasure P, Keri Hilson, Day 26, Trey Songz and many of local artist will be on the stage as well.

We are giving away a pair of tickets to the first person to answer all the questions below correct.
(In order to qualify you must be signed in and become a follower of the blog as well. If you have a gmail email address you can use that sign information to so)

Who is on the air on HOT 104.1 3-7pm?

Willie from Day 26 is related to what other Super Jam 2 artist?

Where are Super Jam 2 artist UnLadyLike from?

Name the 2 writers fro suiteSTL?

Which group did Pleasure P once belong to?

Name 3 people that suiteSTL has interviewed for the V.I.P. Suite?
*All answers must be submitted in the commetn section by 10:00pm June 10, 2009 and the winner will be announced 8:00am on Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


5month old Baby Cortez who we mentioned in an earlier story was found safe with the babysitter, 17 year old Danielle Medina in Indiana. Details on this story are still very shaky but we are happy that the bay has been found and can be returned safely with his mother in Madison, IL. 

Between The Sheets: Hustlin Between The 2

Hustlin Between The 2 is written by 3 sisters from STL and E.STL. I was excited to see the arch on the cover so I snatched the book up and went straight for my couch this weekend. My excitement pretty much ended there. I found the book hard to read because of the simplicity of the story line. But I love to support the natives so I kept on reading waiting for the big moment to pop off. I won't really go into the book because I want to be fair and say this was their first novel, and just the fact that they have published work is a really big thing. So just go out and buy the book to support our hometown sisters!


Police need your help in finding 5month old Cortez L. Rose who also goes by the name "Lil Pimp" according to his mother, 16 year old Makeela King. The mother went shopping and left the baby at her home in Madison, IL with 17 year old Danielle Medina who is suspected of kidnapping Cortez Rose.
Cortez is just 5 months and weighs 20 pounds and has birthmarks on his right arm near his shoulder and one on his right ankle. He was last seen on Saturday by the mother wearing a red shirt. The sitter, Medina who is suspected of having the baby had been rocking a orange & black weave, black leggings and long brown t-shirt when she was spotted on Sunday pushing Cortez in a brown stroller. The father, 19 year old Levelle Rose, of the baby is not suspected in the case and he is currently serving a 4 year sentence..and no it's not statutory rape. Medina also has a background who came to St. Louis just months ago after leaving New York where she served time for grand larceny and is still wanted by NY police on a child endangerment case. Medina may also be with her boyfriend and a 16year old female who is from Illinois.

While the people involved in the case may have many other issues it is still important that we take this very serious and help this young baby return home. We all know that this case won't get the attention of mainstream media and if it does they will forget soon like they often do our young black babies. Please pray for this family and if you or anyone you know has information about where 5month old Cortez Rose is you need to call the police at 618-876-4300.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Photo Of The Week

June5th at their birthday celebration at Lure nightclub along with Liquid Assets Phil. Head over to LOUFLICKS.COM for the rest of the pictures of the celebration.

Suite Soul Spot

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I wanted to write something about this LME event but I can't because I have to do my crunches so I fit my in my swimsuit by July 24th for Summer Reign. Oh lord I'm about to pass out from trying to do these sit ups. I might have to just wear a cute little summer dress but either way we will be there for what is set to be one of the hottest weekends in St. Louis...well in the Lake of the Ozarks.