Saturday, March 28, 2009

Party Over

The Party is OVER for Club Tv One who recently set up shop as a nightclub in East St. Louis that targeted to the teens to and (very) young adults. The Feds came through the club yesterday and once inside they found drugs and some items that are suspected of being purchased illegally. Maybe Club Tv One should have stayed put on Washington in the location that once housed Dream and The Kastle. What is it about the other side of the river, this is the second Federal raid in East St. Louis in less than a week. The owner of the club holds residence in St. Louis and it's not sure if he is the same person that was taken into custody on Friday afternoon. Club workers have already cleared the club out but you better beleive the investagation isn't over. We will keep you updated as the plot thickens.

Friday, March 27, 2009


The Old Rock House will be all Sol on Saturday. CafĂ© Soul will host their monthly open mic event featuring Silky Sol. If you want something calm and mild then this is not the event for you. Silky Sol and her Red Afro are like drinking a strong cup of coffee with a shot of Patron on a roller coaster at Six Flags during Labor Day weekend….yes it’s just that wild and entertaining. The new venue is a spacious with 3 levels and 2 dj’s to keep all guest happy and entertained. 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Factory Report

Spring is here and so are 2 new clubs. The Black Label and The Factory opened their doors on Saturday for business as 2 of St Louis’ newest hot spots. Mario Wayne (pictured right) was all smiles when I stopped by his new club, The Factory on Saturday for “Spring Training” the first official party of Spring by Free Time and Koncepts. The new 2 level venue was a packed house as Boogie D of HOT 104.1 hosted and DJ OK kept the dance floor paced. The stairs at The Factory and the odd color sponge paint on the walls both made me a little nervous but the vibe was a perfect blend of high energy, and positive people that made my night a great one.

Tiger Watch in Midtown

GO TIGERS...Mizzou or Memphis?

The mascot is not the only thing these 2 colleges have in common. They both are looking for a win in tonight's game so they can make it that Elite 8 and get their school one step closer to the NCAA championship. My heart is screaming "M-I-Z...Z-O-U" but my head is saying "damn Memphis is gone blow Mizzou right back to Columbia." When the University of Missouri hired there first African-American Head Coach (in any sport), Mike Anderson three years ago today, nobody could have guessed that he would be spending his 3rd Anniversary with team in the Sweet 16. Anderson has worked wonders with Missouri Basketball and the he is deserving of this opportunity. Since Memphis is just up the muddy Mississippi, we know that Memphis fans will be out and about tonight as well. Whichever Tiger you are rooting for just make sure you do it in Midtown St. Louis.

Get some Education for your Stomach and watch the game at The U (3108 Olive) and enjoy some of that good food they cook up all night long. I was never a big fan of sandwiches but I swear the folks at The U have changed me. That loaded Cheesesteak is the truth. They will have the game on tonight and they have they have the bucket special going on. $10 for 6 Beers (Bud, Bud light or Select) and $15 for any other random beer. The game starts at 8:30 so make sure you stop in early to get your food. If you want to do a little more than eat you can always go right next door to The Loft who is having a viewing party with HOT 104.1. And across the street LUSH is having a Networking event sponsored by a variety of local professional organizations including the Urban League Young Professionals.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This is MADD

If you were a Police Officer and your son is awaiting trial for allegedly killing someone during a drunk driving accident what would you do? Well for one Christine Miller she may have just done the same thing, only instead of killing someone, she killed FOURt. Toxicology results are not back yet but the Sunset Hills police officer is suspected of driving under the influence during a wrong way accident while she was off duty last Saturday that killed four Eastern Illinois University students.

People are still driving drunk? Really? Don't you know you can kill someone or FOUR? There are 2 many cab companies for anyone to still drive drunk. If you know you are going to the club and you plan on hanging out at the bar so you can stumble out, bring a friend with you that will pop bottles...of water only. Please people this is just getting out of hand. There is no reason for things like this to continue to happen. DO BETTER or STAY HOME.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Between The Sheets:Basketball Jones

Dray Jones is a NBA player with the world in the palm of his hands. He has looks, millions of dollars, houses, cars, and can pick any woman that he wants. Sounds like the good life right? As we all know life has a way of throwing a curve or two in the mix. And Dray's life is not exempt. Dray has secretly been on the down low with A.J. his college tutor. Keeping his life with A.J. a secret has been easy until Dray meets and fall in love with Judi. Judi changes the game for A.J. and Dray and becomes his wife. Drama surronds this unusual threesome when someone is threatening to destroy Dray's career because they know his secret. As bad as I would like to tell you guys the rest I want you to read for yourself. The game of cat and mouse is on and as you read you will question every character's motives.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Public Service Announcement

2009 Spring/Summer Do's and Dont's
With the weather warming here in St. Louis I have seen the best of things and the worse of things. I prefer to see the best, but of course foolishness follows anything. So here we go, take this list to heart because it's that serious. lol.

DO get out and enjoy the weather
DON'T sit on your front porch in a lazy boy recliner

DO -wear flirty short dresses
DON'T wear these dresses if your stomach hangs out the bottom

DO show off those pretty toes in sandals
DON'T and I repeat DON'T show your feet if you have three months worth of dead skin

DO have a family barbecue, fish fry, or just get together and have fun
DON'T serve alcohol if you know your uncle "can't handle his liquor"

DO get out and explore the city on the weekends
DON'T sit around complaining about how boring St. Louis is.

DON'T fight with your momma in the middle of the streets and then cheer her on as her boobs flop out of her shirt and her hair weave is flying all over the place. This is just unacceptable, although funny as hell to see. I was somehow saddened, at the lengths we go to "keeping it real"

That's it for now, but remember our eyes are always watching!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Everybody and they cousin stopped through The Factory for FreeTime and Koncepts Spring Training event, including Rhashad aka Shadzilla of SYGU. This photo defines that event so perfectly...FUN, ENERGETIC, and GOOD PEOPLE.