Friday, April 17, 2009


This is an event you don't want to miss. Join us as the City Forum brings St. Louis together for the 1st Ever Unity Forum & Game Night. There will be discussions on Social Divisions in St. Louis and what we need to do as a city to become more united. Once the talking is done and solutions are offered, LET THE GAMES BEGIN. There will be Connect Four, Spades, Taboo (if you want to be on our team please submit application), Dominos, and yes we will have the Wii set up and ready to go. Admission is only $5 and the night will start early so please be at Nubia Cafe at 8pm to experience St. Louis in a new way.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Solange is So St. Louis

Solange Knowles will be in St. Louis on Friday and before she gets here lets just get a few things out of the way. Yes she is the younger sister of Beyonce. Ok now that we've said it I don't want to hear another person mentioning it while she is here. Solange may be all Knowles but she is a star in her own light. Make your way over to Webster University Garden Center and check her out for only ten dollars. People sleep on Solange because of her family but I love the cd especially the 60's vibe of it. A refreshing sound compared to all the junk that is floating around. St. Louis native Teresa Jenee is the opening act. You know there won't be a show like this without a proper afterparty. Teresa Jenee will be hanging out with the Soul Stylz at Sleek and Solange will be a Lush along with Mr. Hi Hater, Maino.

Are You GAME?

Not sure what the deal is but St. Louis loves to show hate towards Nelly. So for everybody that always has something smart to say, bring your big mouth to the Chaifetz Arena on May 8 for the 2nd annual Derrty Ent vs LooseCannon Celebrity Basketball Game. If ya'll still mad at Nelly for not picking you in his last video or not giving you a loan or whatever the hell yo issue is with the man then just make sure you sit on the LooseCannon side and cheer on Slim and his boys. I really don't care who you cheer for just make sure you get to Metrotix and buy your tickets NOW. There are NO EXCUSES!

SIDE NOTE: Please don't try to call asking for the hook up on the tickets. This is for CHARITY.


Can somebody get Jermaine Durpri on the phone because I want to know what happened to the Ghost Town DJ's. "My Boo" got major play in my car in high school. I still remember singing every word to this song with my sun roof open and windows down rolling in my 626 thinking I was doing big I can't even front like it's been ten years since I've heard this song cause I have them in my iPod like they came out last week.

What were you doing in 1996 when this song came out?

(note from CryssRenee, I do not endorse this song or support it because I was one of the unfortunate people who happened to ride around with her when she would play this song all the time. This song may be the reason we went into the back Wonder Bread truck. LOL)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


From her innocent and inspiring spirit to the way she works up a sweat and gets the crowd going when she is on stage, THERESA PAYNE is the real deal. Suite Soul Spot is always a treat but this Concert and CD Release party will be the one that keeps people talking. Doors open up at 7 but I swear I'm going to be there at 5 knocking on the door trying to get my spot as close to the stage as Vanita will let me get. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Between The Sheets: Red Light Special

Good Lord I don't even know where to begin with this review. It took me exactly four hours to read this book. When I say that you can't put it down, I mean it. Monday has hit the jackpot with marrying New York City Mayor Kenyatta Smith. He's charming, good looking, and knows his way around the bedroom. However, Mayor Smith has an addiction to sex, particularly from call girls. When his favorite extracurricular activity is shot in the midst of them having sex Kenyatta is looking at everyone sideways. With the FBI closing in on his shady business ventures and the diary of the dead call girl surfaces Kenyatta finds his life spiraling quickly out of control. Monday has stood by affair after affair covering for him, but this time she may have a little creep of her own. One that Kenyatta is not ready for. Especially since the real killer is dead set on framing him

Open Letter to that one dude

Dear Blog Thief:

You are not slick, funny, cute, or talented when you take the time to steal other's work, then pass it off as your own. We call that stealing, wrong, and bad blog etiquette. While blogging is fun for us, we take our work very serious. Visiting clubs, concerts, and various events is work for us, that's why when we're out you see us taking pics and notes instead of hanging out at the bar sipping on a drink or getting all sweaty on the dance floor. Following those long nights, we stay up late so that we can write our post because we like to give our dedicated readers an update daily. So imagine how frustrated it is to find out that there are people out there like you that are so bold, lazy and trifling to just copy what you read on other sites and post it on your own and act as if you were there, wrote it and took the pics. That my friend is NOT O.K. If you think for one moment that folks haven't noticed you are WRONG. There are other bloggers, writers, and many of our readers that are aware of what you've been up to and has expressed how upsetting and sad your actions are. And before you give off the same goofy look you did when you were approached about stealing from our blog the first time, we have proof of what you've been doing to us and other writers in St. Louis. You have been given warning after warning but I see you just won't stop. So let me ask you (since we know you read our blog), WHY? Why can't you write your own work? Why can't you take your own pics, we've seen you with that pocket camera so don't act like you don't have a digital camera? Why can't you send a simple email requesting a copy of the work so that you can post and GIVE PROPER CREDIT? If you or anyone else has the answer please let us know.

Jami B. and Cryssrenee

P.S. - while we like to support local blogs, you sir we can NOT and will NOT support. Because of your actions you have been removed from our blog roll. While we won't give your name on this blog we believe it is our duty to warn other bloggers of your actions so that they will be aware of what you are up to. Thanks and please visit our site agin...just don't take anything with you when you leave!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring/Summer Fashion Trend

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Gladiator Sandals!!! Of course they came out last year but expect to see these more frequently this summer. Every shoe store I went in this weekend had rows and rows of Gladiator Sandals. Team Chunk if you think your legs may be a little thick and the sandals won't snap, don't worry Bakers carries the ankle style Gladiator sandals. If you can't rock heels then the flat ones would be for you. I just love the look they make any set of legs look sexy.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Easter Tradition

While folks were getting dressed in their pastel Sunday best I spent my Easter Sunday understanding the history and tradition behind the story and importance of a '63 Chevy Impala Super Sport. John Ballentine (my Uncle) has for years spent his Easter Morning in Forest Park at the Horseless Carriage Annual Car Show. After skipping church service I thought I would finally go see why this was so important to "Uncle John". Forest Park was packed with families, couples and old men exchanging stories of how they acquired their classic car and the process it took to restore them. After passing the muscle cars and climbing the hill to the more traditional historical cars I found the still active 86 year old dressed in his Cardinals gear sitting in what to him was more than just a car.
Purchased for $3,500 brand new from the dealership, he wanted to get the Impala minus the SS which was 1k cheaper but his son John Dillard (a.k.a. Johnny) talked him to the nicer more expensive model. He knew that his plan was to give the car to Johnny so when he saw how much he adored the SS he couldn't say no. Not long after the car was purchased Johnny volunteered for the Army and served his country proud in the Vietnam War. As the car sat ready for Johnny to return, one day news reached back to St. Louis as army officials notified John that his 21 year old son would not be returning following deadly wounds he received from a helicopter crash. Johnny's mother would never allow the car to be sold. 

This classic car looks just as it did in 1963 and has been re-painted the original black while the red interior looks as it did 40 years ago. While I walked through the rows of classic cars and heard the story of how one man purchased his 50 year old Rolls Royce 12 years ago or how the father son team restored a '57 chevy, none of the shiny paint or hard work meant more to me than the 1963 Impala SS. A car that has received many offers twice what's worth according to Kelly Blue Book, but for one 86 year old man the car is priceless, and like John Dillard, it can never be replaced