Friday, May 1, 2009

Fli Pelican gets SNKY in STL

The folks behind Fli Pelican will be in St. Louis on Saturday to officially introduce their clothing line to St. Louis at an exclusive all inclusive event at SNKY (you know the I Am...Sneaky store). I'm super excited about them coming to town because I've been checking out there blog for a while plus if you know me (Jami B.) nothing warms my little fashion spirit more than a casual tee, sweater or hoodie and they have all of those things and more on their official website. They also have a Fli Pelican blog that they use to showcase new fashions and keep their customers informed on everything they are doing. If you aren't at SNKY on Saturday then please just punch your self in the eye cause they will have the first look at their new AMBER (Kayne West kind of sorta girlfriend with the big booty) ROSE PELICAN shirts.


It's Friday and you are either happy you just got paid, happy you still got a job, or just happy that you haven't contracted the swine flu, so that sounds like you need to celebrate. Get out and  enjoy some of the great events St. Louis has to offer and don't be a STL hater whining about "it's never nothing to do in this town" cause we are giving you 4 great ways to spend your Friday night.

The weather is warming up and there is no better place to hang out than the U. City Loop. With ladies free until 11, I'm suggesting that you go grab a bite to eat at Pi and then head west up Delmar to see what DJ Charlie Chan has cooking on the 1's and 2's. It's on the corner just north of Delmar on Eastgate and in case you riding the short bus the address is 609. I wish I had more info to give you but I haven't been to 609 in a month of Sundays (really a year of Sundays) but it seems like Robert Kirk is still holding down a good crowd.

The folks at SoulStylz may think we have forgotten about them since they haven't been featured on the site in a while but we were just giving our readers a well needed rest so they would be refreshed to attend the Beautiful event at Sleek (inside of Lumiere). Since this event series was announced a few weeks ago there have been nothing but positive reports from the all the Beautiful people that support this SoulStylz event. I'm going to throw my new BareMinerals makeup on, spray some oil sheen on the crown and get all Beautiful so I can join the cool kids club.

There is a part of me that every time I see this flyer for LUSH I want to bust out the rap that Mocha does on her commercial...then I remember I can't rap so I just say it quietly to myself while I lay my clothes out on my bed that I plan to wear when I hang out with Mocha Latte & Boogie D. Everybody is FREE until 11 but if you didn't get on that V.I.P. list that they were offering via Facebook then you better get there early cause they start packing it in early.  Oh yeah and our girl  Tamariane will be celebrating her 30th Birthday there tomorrow night so you already know suiteSTL will be in the house helping Ms. Tamarine party like the little ball of sunshine she is.

Nothing makes me want to go out more than a good comedy show and a party. St. Louis House of Comedy is giving you both cause this weekend marks the 1st Anniversary of Dee Lee's comedy club. They've brought some big names and we were there during many of those events and no matter who they bring to town I still enjoy seeing the local comedians on stage doing they thing. I'm sure the locals will be there but I am excited about seeing the hilarious Tony Roberts who will be there through Sunday. Big ups to Dee Lee on his 1st year and we hope that this is just the beginning of many more years to come. I wonder since Steve "not at all funny in the morning" Harvey got moved off of The Beat after replacing Dee Lee do the folks over at 100.3 feel like complete fools for  shutting down the Dee Lee morning show. They better be glad HOT 104.1 put Rickey Smiley on mornings, otherwise I would be ready to protest demanding that they bring that light skinned comic back to radio. OK sorry I didn't mean to go off on a rant, damn this was suppose to be a Happy Anniversary post for them. Oh well get your tickets and support Dee Lee so he will continue giving us laughs down on the landing.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ced Trying To Creep In Your Livingroom

It's being reported that our hometown boy Ced is shopping around a new television show with Donald Faison. Man I sure hope so because there aren't a lot of black television shows, and whatever network, DO NOT PUT THIS SHOW ON A FRIDAY NIGHT!!! Yeah I'm still pissed at CW for putting The Game on Fridays.


Oh how we love a good throwback but this one might just have topped our list. Much thanks to MissDionne2U who is part of our twitter family, she suggested this video (with some other great classics as well) but I knew as soon as she said Juicy she was going to be the winner of our TWITTER taking it back Thursday video. Thanks again Dionne and for those of you who want to see your favorite throwback next week you gotta make sure you follow us at

Is it just us or were those ladies a bit freaky and wild. I still remember singing this song around the house and wishing I had that black and white polka dot one piece and now that I hear the words to the song I feel all dirty inside. Oh well now that I'm grown, this one might just have to get some play at the house!

What are you doing TONIGHT?

Not sure when the secret meeting went down but apparently local promoters have decided to make Thursday's the hottest night in St. Louis. No more waiting until Friday and Saturday nights the party starts tonight and you've got 3 dynamic events to choose from.

No Dress Code, the cost is just $5 and Needles is the DJ. I'm not really sure what else you need to know other than Nubia Cafe is going to pack tonight with those that love them some Old Schol Hip Hope, DanceHall, Nu Soul and all other classics the legendary DJ Needles plays. If the stanky leg is your cup of tea then I'm thinking this won't be the place for you.

Lure and all it's white interior was nice last week when we stopped through after the Jennifer Hudson concert. The crowd was mixed, positive and and plenty of eye candy for the men and ladies. It has a vibe of no other event that I've been to in St. Louis within the last 5 years. I'm thinking we better keep our eye out on Phil and the folks from Liquid Assets cause they are sneaking on the scene and making folks turn heads and take notice.

Everybody may be doing but those men of FreeTime can take the proper credit for starting the trend of making other folks step they game up on Thursday Nights. Groove Theory is at EXO and the crowd that hangs out there just may be favorite. Well I don't know if it's the crowd or the dishes that come out of the kitchen that keep me excited. Whatever the reason I'm there when I can and tonight might just be one of those days. Since Mexico is off the list of vacations spots and you still love you some Tequila get to EXO tonight cause I hear that 1800 Tequila White will be all over the bars.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WTF Wednesday: Beyonce is Phase II

You may call it Special Ed/riding the short bus or whatever but we gone take it back to what our former high school, McCluer North called it and put Beyonce in the Phase II class. She was sounding really lost when she was on Larry King on Friday. She's a great entertainer nobody can take that away from her but if her daddy/manager or mother/stylist ever let her go on T.V. with out practicing the answers like a Easter Speech again the whole family needs to be sent to Phase II. Check out the interview below and let us know what ya'll think.

awww poor Beyonce, she needs to take a break from voice lessons and try some speech classes. It didn't stop there, check out part 2 and see just how special our little star is.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Monday, April 27, 2009

super SOUTH jam

SUPER JAM is bringing the south to the midwest with Baton Rouge native Lil Boosie and Pleasure P and Plies who both come are from Florida. As much as I love me some Ann Taylor and dinner at Ruth's Chris my heart will forever remain at Fairgrounds Park when it comes to the music that moves my little northside soul. So when Boogie D announced the new artist that were added the Super Jam 2 line-up, I can't front and act like I didn't get a little excited about Pleasure (Mr. Boyfriend #2) P, Lil Boosie (Webbie's BFF who loves to Zoom), and Plies(Mr. Bust It Baby). With Young Jeezy, Keri Hilson and Soulja Boy already driving folks to get those pre-sale tickets, I'm sure this recent announcement, will have the tickets flying fast when they go on sale Saturday. Verizon Amphitheatre needs to be ready on June 13th for Super Jam II.

SIDE NOTE: Hey Ma'at (yeah we linked you cause the people need to know who you are) if you think you are going to copy this post like you did my last Super Jam post (we noticed you used the same jpeg file that we put together and wording) be ready for our readers to rip you a new one cause you are OUT(town) and the people are all aware of who you are. Now if you would like for me to remove the link, a simple apology and maybe give credit on all the post in which you stole from us and other STL writers or a note on your website letting your readers know that you DON'T write all of you own blog post will be what we need. Thank You and as always please come again, but don't take a damn thing with you when you leave.
UPDATE: We removed the words "blogger thief" since he did apologize but we still keeping an eye out!

Between The Sheets

I know you are use to seeing fictional books in the Between The Sheets post, but your girl Cryss is very odd when it comes to reading. I read whatever tickles my little fancy and this book right here has to go down in my top five books ever. If you love the underdog then this is the book for you. Ms. Assata was part of the Black Panther Party, a group that was proud of who they were and tired of laying down to be stumped on. Their message fell on death ears to every race outside of the black one. They took their pride for being rebellious. And after reading her book I would say that they were rebellious but that is human nature to rebel when your back is against the wall. This book made me cry for the pain and the suffering that she endured at the hands of the FBI and the super racist J. Edgar Hoover. I wish she would have told of the escape from federal prison more, I am sure she didn't embellish only to protect the ones who helped her escape from prison. At the end of the book when you know she is safe and sound in Cuba you can't help but feel a sense of pride that starts in your belly and makes it way to the corners of your mouth in the form of a smile.

Which side will you be sitting on?