Friday, September 18, 2009

What's YOUR Alter EGO

Derek Blanks the king of Alter Ego photos and ATL's favorite photographer unvieled his Alter Ego photos of The Real Housewives of Atlanta last night. I don't know if it was the photo reveal or Kim's wig and bruised ankle who got more attention but NeNe still managed to show off the photos her and her quick weave directed. I thought the photos were pretty good with the exception of Kim of course, I'm sorry but I just can't stay focus when she comes on tv, I think her wig has some kind of control over me.

SHEREE: Gold Digger attacks ATM
KIM: The Wife and the Mistress *yawn*

LISA: The Bully and Girl Scout

KANDI: Drunk Driver and Victim

NeNe: Mother of Pearls and Stripper

What's your alter EGO?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

STL Native Sighting

Kimora and the kiddies are back in the NY this week for Baby Phat's Fashion Show at NY Fashion Week. Say what you want about Kimora, but I love the way she devotes her time with those kids. Here's to hoping and praying that she gets another season of Life In The Fab Lane

Monday, September 14, 2009

The deadly truth about Pancreatic Cancer

He grabbed my attention when he danced all over the big screen in Dirty Dancing but it was the movie Ghost that made me a fan of actor Patrick Swayze. After almost a 2 year battle with pancreatic cancer Swayze died today. While many blogs are giving you the news about Patrick I have a more personal story to tell.

It was Fall of 2004 and I remember a neighbor coming to my job to tell me that my uncle (who I lived next door to) didn't look to well and had been in his car sitting for over an hour. I ran (i could run then) and talked Uncle Charles (pictured right with me, Jami B.) out of the car and onto the steps of his apartment. Halfway up I knew he wouldn't make it and instructed him to have a seat. He didn't have any children and was never married and my mother was out of town so it was up to me to figure out what my next move was. Not knowing what to do I called 911, and after some complaints my uncle finally decided to get into the ambulance. I'm glad he did because after a short stay in the hospital and a return for more test, results showed that my Uncle Charles had cancer. Just years after my dad had battled and beat prostate cancer I went in like oh cancer, thats all, we can beat this thing. Then the doctor said he has Pancreatic Cancer and said it in a tone of such seriousness that I immediately knew that this Cancer wasn't going to be a simple fight and eventually we would lose the battle. And less than 3 months later, after my entire family put on boxing gloves and got in the ring, we lost the battle, and our Uncle Charles. It was the first time we lost a close family member to cancer and proved to be just the start of a long lasting relationship my family would have with the disease. 

I tell this story not to take the spotlight away from Patrick Swayze but to let people know that this thing called CANCER is a beast. It is something that could be as close to claiming the life of your favorite actor, favorite uncle or even a friend. If you know someone battling cancer right now, understand that while treatment is getting better, there is still a risk and those living with Cancer need your support. Sorry if this was too long for our daily readers or not as humorous as we may be but this was important for me to share. Thank you for allowing me to share my personal story with you. Its Cancer people. It's a terrible disease and we all must do what we can to help find a CURE. 


Jesus wants me to tell Lil Mama to go sit down some down place. Who told Bow Wow to put on all that make up and go join Jay Z and Alicia Keys. Let me go call A&E Intervention right now so that they get Lil Mama some help. One thing is for sure her Lip Gloss was poppin.

VMA: Lets Wrap It Up

Madonna started things out by doing a tribute to Michael Jackson but I swear she ended up talking more about her damn self. Was it just me or was Madonna on some other stuff and why didn't she bring her accent to the awards with her. The much anticipated Janet Jackson tribute was over before we knew it and it makes me wonder with all the time they had to prepare, it still feels like nobody can really do a MJ tribute the proper way, but really who can stand up against the legend. Oh and did anybody see Laurie Ann dancing behind Janet...I bet Diddy was so proud LOL.

We all know what Kanye did, yeah he a fool, no we not surprised, and we all
 know mainstream america is going to teach Kanye a lesson about that one. But he did
 apologize via his blog of course. Take it for what it is, but to be honest it really didn't even upset me that much...maybe the drama queen in me likes it when things get messy. 

While Kanye did disappoint many, after Beyonce got done slanging her lacefront and Carter Cat all over stage she tried to make things right by allowing Taylor Swift to have her shine. But Taylor lost a point by not thanking Beyonce or at least her padded hips during that moment. 

The ultimate epic fail of the night was having Russell Brand host. WHY? Who thought that was a good idea? And will they be fired tomorrow? Those ultra low rise ultra tight pants made me sleepier than a Rams game. 

I know everybody and they momma love them some Lady Gaga but she scares me just a little. I feel like she should have been on the finale of True Blood instead of the awards. She does the most, even more than Pink with her left titty hanging out while she was flying all over the stage. Really Pink girl boo go sit down someplace and hate on Kanye. 

The night couldn't end in NY without a performance by Jay-Z. His dramatic entrance was a bit too much but whatever. Once on stage he rocked it out with Alicia Keys. Just when Beyonce threw up the Roc sign and the world was happy, Lil Mama and her nostrils popped on stage. Who told Lil Mama to come on stage and just how in the hell did she even get a ticket to the awards? I know that pic is old hell of Lil Mama it best describes what a mess she is. 

Suite Spotlight: Ms. Sdot

Congratulations are in order for Ms. Sdot (not her real name but it might as well be...some may know her as Shanika) for gaining R.N. Status to her name. This Cali native who has a strong background in radio got her entertainment start at KKBT 100.3 The Beat in LA. While radio and entertainment are her passion anybody that knows Shanika knows that helping others comes as natural to her as the world of radio. While in St. Louis and staying busy working hard for HOT 104.1 and Foxy 95.5 she has also been a full time student. After being with the Radio One family since 2000, Ms. Sdot is now a proud graduate of Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College. One day she hopes to become a pediatric nurse preferrabley in the inteive care unit. That sounds all good but I told her she should be stay at Radio One so when Young Dip and Tony J kids get sick they can just bring into the studio and she can work her magic. OK maybe not. 

CONGRATS MS. SDOT - continue to do your thang and know that your dedication inspires us all! Oh and anybody that can get Maino to laugh like that has got to be good people. We love you Ms. Sdot!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kanye West is well Kanye West

Was he being rude or just himself. Do you think that little stunt Kayne West Pulled on stage taking the shine away from Taylor Swift just killed his career or keep it going for another year until he pull another jaw-dropping stunt. Well whatever the case is, I do think that the bottle of Henny he had on the red carpet may have played a part on his behavior