Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Often we put so much into Mother's Day that Fathers don't get a lot of recognition. It may be the fact that a lot of time the father runs out and leaves the mother to do the job of two. But for some fathers who decided to take care of their responsibilities (like Carmelo Anthony pictured above with his son) we would love to give recognition.

from CryssRenee
"I love my daddy to death, and I don't apologize for having an undying love and loyalty to him. Yes at times he makes me so mad but then I think of the times when he wiped my tears, protected me from the scary monster under my bed, clapped proudly as I graduated, and even bragged about how beautiful his daughter is to everyone he know. I couldn't ask for a better man to be in my life. I love him and I am sure those of you who love your dad feels the same way....... "

from Jami B.
"My Daddy is there when I need him and around giving me advice before I even ask his opinion. No he's not perfect but in my eyes he does no wrong. Whether he was picking me up from from school when I was sick or taking me out to eat to the finest restaurants. And although some may say he gave me away on Oct. 4th 2008 I look at it as he is was giving my husband a gift, of the love that for so long only belonged to him. I will always be Daddy's Little Girl"

This Sunday Dad's everywhere will be celebrating the one day Hallmark has set aside to honor the men in our lives that give s life, strength and encouragement. Let us know how you will be spending this Father's Day. Take a pic with your dad on this Sunday and email it in to us at and tell us how you and your father spent Father's Day 2009. We will pick one entry and that Father lucky father will receive a FREE photo session with PINXIT Photography and a 11x14 print of there best photo (a $250+ value). This photo session can include Dad and child and will be a great memory to pass on for years. This applies to all Father's and children of any age!!!

..:::Have A Good Weekend:::..

Star Power Marketing is introducing STL to the new venture with Tony (T-Luv) Davis, Abe Givins, Jamaal Jackson and Jamal Clark with a Star filled weekend of events. Friday gets going with Jermaine Dupri (and yes he is really going to be there he even said so on the bible...well not the bible but twitter) at HOME Nightclub. Saturday they are moving the party Downtown at the SKYBOX for a Pre-Fathers Day Affair with Liquid Assests and Close To Famous. This weekend I'm sure Star Power will make it's mark on the City.

Power Stiletto is trying something with "Sundresses & Linens" on Saturday at VITOS in Midtown St. Louis. Sheraine and Darisha have been making others turn heads and take notice with there original events geared towards the Young Professional. This is one event I don't plan on missing so make sure you catch us at VITOS in a cute Sundress and fella's step your game up and get you some nice Linen and show the ladies what you working with

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Between The Sheets: Shyt List

I don't even know where to begin with this book. Absolutely one of the best reads ever. In fact this book is so good I am not going to give you any details. I want you to listen to me when I say if you do not go and get this book you FAIL!! Here is a little hint, there is murder, sex, lies, and just some all around shocking events that take place. This book is like Zane's Nervous meets a Lifetime movie. Go ahead hurry run to the nearest book stores and while you are at it Shyt List II is out and I am getting that tonight. The first one was so good I finished it in 4 hours I am sure the sequel will not disappoint.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


With over 15,000 people in attendance Super Jam 2 was a success not only by HOT 104.1 but for St. Louis.
Hot 104.1 had been advertising SJ2 adamantly since the announcement of the lineup. The city was in full anticipation mode as Saturday June 13th approached. Pullin on the parking lot you could see the smiles on people's faces as they eagerly ran to the gates. In our mind they were trying to guess who was the surprise guest. As the music boomed through the speakers SJ2 began at exactly 4pm.

Joka who recently signed signed a deal with DTP started the show early which was followed by OJ the Juiceman and SouljaBoy. Starting a hip hop concert at 4pm sounds a bit juvenille but when you have over 15 artist on one stage it's the only way to do it.

After rocking the stage Soulja Boy he was kind enough to take a picture for us. He showed his appreciation by tweeting our picture to all his followers on Twitter speading the STL love and then jetted off to another show he had in KC. You could hear the crowd as they sang along to their favorite songs. On Pleasure P's "I did you wrong" STL took over the song showing why it stayed at the top of the countdown on Hot104.1.

We absolutely adore the spirit of UnLadyLike as they mingled with the crowd to show that even though they are on the rise they know where it all started. Local artist Aloha who we here has some new music coming and Shorty (pictured above) were there spreading their STL love as well. When Shorty stepped on stage as one of the Surprise Guest he let the crowd know he was now part of the HOTSQUAD! Not sure when we can expect to hear to him but I'm looking forward to hearing him back on the airwaves.

Ludy was part of the STL Mixtape and it was obivious that his relatioship with Grind Up Records has ended because him and his entire crew were sporting "Pac-Stein Records" shirt and his former manager Champ was no where to be found.

Day26 came in and completely took over the interview with improtu singing and dancing. These fellas are a joy to interview especially when they are in amped mode. When asked what's next with MTV and Diddy, Willie responded "we not sure what MTV and Diddy are doing" and went on to pub their current album which is doing well in stores. Not sure what that means but we sure do like those guys despite that a few of the members could use some ADHD medication. Love the way like they treat everybody like they grew up together. No pic could describe this so you all will just have to wait on the video!

Trey Songz took his time during his set and even showed the ladies what he was working with when he took off his shirt. I do wish we could have seen the entire Oceans 7 on stage in St. Louis but hey we still have next year. Yo Gotti and Pleasure P (pictured above) stopped through for pictures and quick interviews. As the heat beat down on the crowd the amphitheatre rocked as if the sun was absent. Gotti loves St. Louis so it was only fitting that the Memphis native drove in to surprise some of his biggest fans. Plies ripped through his set giving away money and putting on one of the best shows with his nasty lyrics and full speed vulgarity.

But nothing could prepare STL for The St. Lunatics in its entirety. That's right people Ali, City Spud, Murph, Kyjuan and Nelly were the biggest surprise guests of the evening after coming out following a custom video intro and although he didn't come on stage with his mask we did see Slo Down off to the side and backstage in his Murph Or Die gear. We tried to take pictures but had 2 stop and dance to some of our favortie hometown jams. The love that was shown to the Tics was incredible. It just goes to show you can travel the world but nobody will do you like your hometown.

Jeezy was last to hit the stage as the headliner and of course he done his thing. We would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge Boogie D and the entire Hot staff who worked hard 2 give STL the love back that is given to them daily by keeping their dial on the hottest station blazing the airwaves.

More SUPER JAM 2 pics when we recover....