Saturday, March 14, 2009

Steve Harvey In The Lou

Steve Harvey will be here tonight at the Chaifetz Arena. His special guest is his nephew Tommy so you know the two are sure to act a fool. The show starts tonight at 8 o'clock.

Friday, March 13, 2009

It Sucks To Be A Rams Fan

Today the Rams did the unthinkable they let go of one of the last remaining players who put the St. Louis Rams on the map. That's right they released Torry Holt. Now Holt may be happy because last year he was really pissed at how the team wasn't really doing much of anything. But as a die hard fan and STL native I am left feeling some kind of way about this. Earlier this week we reported the release of Orlando Pace. Now the Rams have a free 14 million dollars to recruit new players. Now the question remains if the fans will come out to support these new players. If not, the Rams may have just made the biggest mistake ever. Why not build the new team around Holt? His age may have played a factor but need I remind them that Kurt Warner was just in the Super Bowl at the age of 38. I just hope and pray that the new young bucks don't dissapoint us, because when we "hate" here in the Lou we go all the way hard.

Suite Reservations: BOW WOW at LUSH

So lately I've been spending my Friday Nights at LUSH and I must say, I'm loving it. There are so many different level and hideaway spots in the place that some nights I get lost. Mocha Latte and Slim have been doing so much lately that I'm going to have to ask them to help Obama with his economic plans because I swear Monopoly Promotions and LooseCannon hasn't seen a drop in business. In fact they got the nerve to bring a different celebrity to STL every weekend. I can't do anything but respect and of course support that! Make sure you check out BOW WOW who will be celebrating his 22nd Born Day tonight at Lush. 22? That means he is full and grown and will have all of STL finest groupies in full effect.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Is In The Air

Casual Day
Casual Day - by suitestl on

golden goddess
golden goddess - by suitestl on

I wanna party
I wanna party - by suitestl on

flirty casual date
flirty casual date - by suitestl on

I know it may be cold today but you all tasted that weather last weekend. Even with the rain I must admit that it left me wanting more of that warm weather. Spring and Fall would have to be my favorite seasons. Not to hot, not to cold, and for some reason it just makes you feel girly and flirty. I put together a few outfit ideas for looking your best this spring.


You already know that if there is something new coming to STL, suiteSTL is going to be the FIRST to let you know. There is a new club in town and the first major event will be held on Saturday, March 21. Boogie D will be on the mic and DJ OK on the 1's and 2's, so you know the party will be HOT. The gentlemen of FreeTime and Koncepts have partnered up with the The FACTORY to host the first major event at the hottest new club to hit Washington Ave.

You know we love us some STL and we love it even more when everyone can work together to make some things happen, and that's what this event is really doing. I already know that when you hear something new the first thing folks wanna know is "who is behind it." THE FACTORY is hot and that's all you really need to know but I will say that it has the magic touch of Mario Wayne.

Did we mention that this event is FREE for ladies before 10:30pm. Ladies please make sure you come in the spot dressed to impressed cause there will plenty of fine men there trust us. Fellas make sure you come out cause you know that means the place will be packed early. For Bottle Service and VIP information check out Free Time.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WTH Wednesdays?

Those are some bad shoes I have to admit. However this look right here passes killing me softly. He stabbed me right in the heart. I can't and I won't today. I don't have the time or patience to address this husky ashy knee of a mess.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Who's Next???

We've been talking about the rumors on how Holt reportedly wanted out of his contract but all along the Rams Front Office had something else in mind. They have released Orlando Pace, who has been with the rams since 1997. First they get rid of Issac Bruce and now they kick the seven time Pro Bowler and outstanding offensive lineman go. WHY? O.K. I know that the Rams have been playing worse than Soldan High School these days but PACE? Really? According to Billy Devaney, the Rams GM "he has been a true professional and will always go down as one of the finest Rams of all time." With that said why did you release him, oh that's right they need that extra $6million they now have to rebuild the team.

NOTE TO THE RAM: I know a way you could get a whole lot more money and this move would be worth it and won't piss off the entire town. RELEASE MARC "I'm not ready to play in the NFL" Bulger

***more on how I feel about the Rams***

SO St. Louis

Do you remember...
...when Northwest Plaza had stores in it
...going to the Venture across from Clocktower for school clothes
...Velvet Freeze on Martin Luther King Dr.
...ShowBiz next door to Halls Ferry 14
...taking the bus to St. Louis Center
...Club Facade before it changed names every 18 months
...when The Esquire was the nice theater

When I look back at old memories it always reminds me of how we use to show support and love for our town before it became known by many as a hater town. But 2 upcoming events are
showing love to the city that is like none other. Make sure you check out both events and support STL the right way.

Suite Soul Spot is by far one of the best events in town to hear the music we all love to hear but may not hear in rotation on the radio. Vanita Applebum Entertainment is trying something new with the NEW themed concert series at Suite Soul Spot and we are loving it!

I've been seeing the 314day info so much on Facebook that I swear it's showing up in my dreams. Naturaly I just had to post this on the blog...that and my "Lil Step Play Brother" Young Dip is hosting it. March 14 will also read on the calendar as 3.14.09 - ok now you get it...if not then that means you slow. But anyway check out this annual event which will be held at the world famous Busch Stadium inside the Champions Club.

..::Check In: STL Socialite turns 30::..

Sheraine of Power Stiletto is turning 30 today. Sheraine moved to St. Louis from her native NYC to take a job with Radio One, St. Louis and she quickly made a name for herself in town. While holding things down during the day, this superstar socialite also knows how to party at night. Sheraine along with her business partner Daraisha started Power Stiletto and it has quickly become one of the premiere Networking events in St. Louis. Saturday at EXO Sheraine will say goodbye to her 20's during Privilege Saturdays as she celebrates her 30th Birthday with family and friends. Join us in wishing Sheraine a happy 30th Birthday!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Amber Alert

If you know the whereabouts of Inc and Icee please notify us. I can't sleep or eat. I've been up pacing the floor. Let me find out we have to give their spot of most dedicated commenters to STLnubian queen and Power couple. Please come home, we miss you. lol

STL's America's Next Top Model

Now while we all have heard that famous phrase of "There is only one photo remaining" in that over dramatic tone that only Tyra Banks can do, Cycle 13 will be different from all the rest. All models must be under 5'7. Upcoming model Leah Bourne was one of over 500 girls that went to the audition in Fenton and she is now one of the 11 finalist. Bourne is not just a pretty girl, she also is a recent graduate of Fontbonne College and she has a personality full of life and laughter.

Please cast your vote today at CW11 so that we can see Leah B. make it big.

Start the week off right

There is nothing I love more than some good St. Louis Rap. When HOT 104.1 did their countdown of the hottest St. Louis Songs of all time, many including myself were surprised that the song "Nikki" didn't make the list. PlayBoy Ro who made that song the hit that it still is today didn't let that stop him from his grind. I got a chance to see him on stage during the Rip The Runway event and I gotta admit that with all the pretend rappers that are running around town these days I didn't pay much attention to him while he rested against the stage awaiting his performance. When that intro beat to the song came on I swear my inner North Side hood chick started doing a dance as I sang along during his entire performance. He is still working the St. Louis scene hard and will be performing at Cusamano's at the H2 Cafe tomorrow night. I have yet to check out this event but from what I've heard it is a sure fire way to start the week of right. And with Ladies free before 11 I'm happy this is in my budget!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Look Of Sophistication

I know that this blog is generally STL based but I just had to post this magazine cover of First Lady Michelle Obama and First Lady of Media Oprah Winfrey. No other person has graced the cover of the O magazine besides Ms. O herself, I guess exceptions are made when you are as fabulous as Michelle. I love it!