Friday, July 3, 2009


We know everybody and they momma like to go out and party on the 4th but if you smart you would go out tonight then spend the 4th resting up and eating BBQ at your cousins house like we plan to do. It will be a busy night so please pay attention

10:00  - First Friday's We don't wanna stay long cause you know the crowd can be a bit of a mess around the holidays but since we got a sneak peak of the space we are eager to see how Harry and Fred lay the place out

10:30 - The Loft: Don't act like the you forgot that Boogie D will be on the mic from 11 - 1 so you already know we going up there to support. Oh and we hear he will have some shots of 1800 Tequila from 11-12pm for the ladies!

12midnight - Free Time We heart those guys so of course we will make sure to stop by Mike Shannons Outfield for their event they partnered with Koncepts for. When those two get together you are guaranteed to have a good time. I wonder is the flyer with the chick and that flag is legal...something about just doesn't seem right but oh well. It's free before 11 so you may wanna get there early cause when I show up at midnight I plan to bargain with security and see if I can pay next week when I show up for Groove Theory...hey 4 spots in one night I gotta keep some money in my pocket.

12:45 - Sugar Delux Magazine is hosting the official Launch Party of STL's newest magazine. We can't say enough great things about this magazine. The only problem we had is that suiteSTL was nowhere to be found between the sheets but don't worry we heard the next issue will be suite for sure. Come out and support Keith and the rest of the guys that had a vision to think outside the normal pages of a magazine and deliver something new to STL with one magazine that attracts all and covers all. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Photo Of The Week

Ex video vixen Melyssa Ford was here in St. Louis last week at the Loft. Head over to for all the pictures including the Gucci Mane performance at Blackmon's Plaza. Seriously if you haven't been to Louflicks yet then you are doing yourself an injustice. For all the hottest pics at the hottest parties is the place to find them

Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Getting Hot In Here

It's official STL summer is most definetly here and blazing it's heat upon our streets. And I am sure most of you are trying to stay cool and away from the heat. Sure watching t.v. together could be something to do, but here at suiteSTL we encourage you guys to get out an enjoy STL. We will pick several little spots for you and yours to just chill and enjoy each other and nature of course

The Japanese Garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden is absolutely beautiful. It's really a serene and romantic enviroment. The garden is meant to be peaceful, pure, and of clear harmony. You have to be a lover of nature to enjoy the beauty within the 4 acres. Now what you do once you get there is on you, but please know that St. Louis City will lock you up if you go to far. Lol