Saturday, September 12, 2009

It Ain't Really Gossip, Just Some Ish We Heard In The Street

A St. Louis native and national recording artist could find himself in trouble with the law.  Not being able to let the streets go he has been in an ongoing family fued after a member of his camp shot a man twice, the artist who had a huge hit and video played on both BET & MTV was seen by witnesses speeding away in his hummer. 

WOW, Really? This story is getting thick already and trust me when I say we will have more details soon. The Police are on the case and so is suiteSTL. If charges are filed we will let you know!

Lauren London is now a BABY MAMA

Congrats go out to Lauren London who just gave birth to a healthy miniature Lil Wayne. The 7lbs 12oz baby boy is the first for London and the third child born for Lil Wayne. 3 isn't the magic number because in a matter of weeks, his other chick Nivea will be giving birth to add to the little monster clan. 

Lil Wayne and Neffe should be together, they both apparently love reproducing. Ok sorry that was wrong plus I just threw up in my mouth in a little at the thought of Lil Wayne and Neffe getting busy. 

Friday, September 11, 2009

May Jesus be a the end of Neffe having babies

May God Bless the Children and give the mother some free Birth Control

Thursday, September 10, 2009


After hanging out the girls the other night the conversation of course turned to men and the question was "Are there any good men out there?". My answer was a quick YES, but I think some people don't even know what they are looking for or when they find him they don't see it because they don't know what makes a Good Men for them.

What makes him a GOOD MAN?
Are there any good men out there?
Where are they

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Smoke Free St. Louis?


I'm working on a post regarding Smoke Free St. Louis and I want to know what your feelings are so we can address them all. Get ready because you know when I get going on one my "open letters" that means somebody will get it and I'm working on a good Open Letter to the Board of Aldermen regarding the Smoke Free St. Louis issue

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Meet Boqueshia!

The following is an excerpt from my old blog that I did about

 Boqueshia this chick that showed up and showed out at a Eric Roberson concert last year.


Now that I've been nice its time to let the real Suite B out and tell you about this crazy lady that was at the concert last night. Don't get me wrong, I was right at the stage singing and screaming and having myself a good time, but not everyone was on the same page. When he started singing Softest Lips this woman (who I will refer to as "Boqueshia") came running down to the stage out of nowhere and was screaming like her child had just been kidnapped. I thought she was having a panic attack until she started rubbing all over herself and trying to have a private conversation with ERRO while he was performing. Yes this chic was really talking to this man like he was listening while he was on stage. Anyway Boqueshia wouldn't stop with the comments and ERRO being the artist/comedian that he is, jokingly (I really think he was serious) called out for "security". He may have been joking but I was looking for someone to take this woman away. I go through the concert without letting North St. Louis come out of me. When we were line to get CD's and get pics taken, Boqueshia comes out of nowhere and just jumps the line and spreads some towel down on the table and insist that he sign it. When someone yells out, there is a line..Boqueshia screams out "this is ya'll first concert, me and Eric have a history together". At that point I knew I was dealing with someone would later be featured on the show Snapped. She was so crazy, she took her towel and rubbed it all over his face, then rubbed her hands all over this mans face. I had a great time at the concert but I swear next time I'm going to have to ask them to provide better security. When you get a chance visit some of the links in this post and enjoy! If you see Boqueshia...RUN.