Saturday, December 20, 2008


This couple always makes me smile. I feel like I grew up with Mary even though she is older than me, I guess you can call her my big cousin. As with many others I rocked to the heartbroken Mary. When my heart was hurting it was nothing for me to play My Life cd and just let her take my mind to another level. I can shamefully admit that at first I was hesitant to the "happy Mary" but I now know that her and Kendu is most definetly a good thing. Every woman wants to be loved and happy, I am glad that she feels complete now. Ok so some of you have been doubting the list, you can't deny this one right here. I dare you try. Lol!

Friday, December 19, 2008


This right here is love. Over a decade and still going. The second picture at the top is during her Martin days. Even though people love to gossip about Duane swinging the other way, Tisha stands by her man. You can't tell her nothing and I don't blame her. So basically she is saying kiss her tail because she knows that her man is all man and the only man for her. I wish them a million more decades together.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I must admit that I am a reality show junkie. Making The Band 4 is a show that I had to watch every Monday. Yeah I could go a lifetime without the extraness that comes from Puff, Diddy, Puffy, Sean, or whatever he goes by these days. However, in watching that show I found a love that I was really interested in. Dawn from Danity Kane and Q from Day 26 love seemed genuine in the midst of all the other scripted stuff. Hopefully they will make it because watching him sing You Are So Beautiful to her brought tears to my eyes.

We all know and love Malinda Williams from various different movies and my all time favorite Soul Food the series. She use to be married to the Mekhi Phifer according to reports he wasn't being a good man, so she got herself a new one. You have to be really young not to know D-Nice. I knew plenty of girls who had a crush on this 90's rapper. He's a D.J. now and the two recently got married. We here at Suite STL do not discriminate, you don't have to be an A-List star, sometimes the sweetest loves are not in the spotlight as much.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What is STL's top song - OF ALL TIME?

O.K. so I'm listening to Boogie D on HOT 104.1 and they are talking about what they think are the top St. Louis songs of all time. Now with Boogie D being from New York he is going to need all the help he can get with his countdown for the HOTtest song of St. Louis. Now don't come nominating Tina Turner and Chuck Berry people, they are asking for the top songs of the past 20 years. When I went to there website and checked the list this is what I found...
#1 Country Grammer - Nelly
#2 Trick Wit A Good Rap - Sylk Smoov
#3 Nina Pop - Da Hol 9
#4 Whirlwind - Taylor Made
#5 Tipsy - J-Kwon
#6 Right Thurr - Chingy
#7 Put It In Ya Face - Ebony Eyez
#8 Pop Lock, and Drop It - Huey
#9 Money Snap - Beano
#10 Chain Hang Low - Jibbs
WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE #1 SONG OF ALL TIME FROM A ST. LOUIS ARTIST? GO TO HOT 104.1 TO VOTE and make sure you let us know in the comment section as well. Who do you think should be #1...LET US KNOW

So You Think You Have Style.......

Do you always get compliments on what you're wearing? Do you have to have the hottest bags, shoes, clothes, etc... well let us be the judge. SuiteStl is calling you out, we want to see what you are working with. Email us three pictures of must have items this winter. We would prefer for you to take the pictures in your closet so that the world can see how you are living. This is for men and women, don't be shy. Again we are looking for three pictures, hit us up at!!!

Girl Fights are a KNOCKOUT

No, Brooke Valentine was not in town but there was definetly a girl fight going down at KNOCKOUT Bar & Grill on Tuesday night for the for the championship fight. When I was first asked about going to this event I wasn't to keen on the idea of watching two chicks fight in tight clothes. But when the bell rang and Sugar Ray and Honey got to work, the idea of 2 ladies rolling around was replaced with a serious battle inside this North County venue. I wasn't the only one there to watch the fight, Derrty Ent was all over the place with City Spud acting as one of the judges. DJ Cuddy, Meghan O, Tracy Denise, ZO, Boogie D (who also served as a judge), and Darasha of the Hot 104.1 family was there as well to watch a little girl on girl action. I even saw a former St. Louis City Mayor in the house getting in on the action.
Knockout Owner Kevin Cunningham is keeping busy when he isn't in the ring alongside Devin Alexander who was also there. I gotta give it up to Kevin for bringing something new to the area.

If you thought that these girls were going to be slapping each other around you were WRONG. Sugar Ray (she is on the right in both pics) who came here from Connecticut went up against Honey from the Northside. I don't think I need to say who won this fight. You know how the Northside gets done!

Champ, CEO of Grind Up Records (check Ludy's new video on their website) served as a judge and kept a close eye on the belt before it was given away. Boogie D and City Spud seem to be trying to talking about which girl they think won. Boogie picked Sugar Ray 2-1 while City Spud and Champ went with Honey 2-1 who took home the belt.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


You can't deny it, we have all been here. Nothing like puppy love. The first relationship were you can truly say that you love that person and mean it. I love Chris and Rihanna, they stick to themselves we never see her dancing drunk on top of tables or him in strip clubs throwing stacks of money. Simply put, they are just cute. They work for me. What do you think?

Monday, December 15, 2008


With 2009 vastly approaching, the who's who for 2008 will start popping up left and right. Not to be outdone we here at Suite Stl will be doing various different hottest of 08 lists. Each day we will post hottest couple, song, style, and any other we can think of. We will start the countdown with one of 2008 hottest couples;

When I see this couple together I have to constantly chant to myself "I am not jealous of Serena, I am not jealous". Truthfully though I think this couple is a good look. A couple of years ago Serena was quoted as saying she was done with black men, because of the games they play. Well she must have been dealing with black "boys". There is a huge difference between a man and boy and I am sure Common has helped her realize that.

Cancellation Policy: LUCAS SCHOOL HOUSE

When we said we wanted to do a suite about those venues and businesses that closed it's doors, never did I think that our first post in this suite would be about Lucas School House. It's the home to Cafe Soul and lovers of real music. The venue seemed perfect, but I guess in this economy nothing is. Lucas School House is set to close it's doors on Dec 31st. 

Go check out Kevin C. Johnson's Monday edition of the Blender online to read the full story. If you are not a daily ready of the Blender then it's about time you came out of hiding because Kevin Johnson is a dynamic writer who is never behind on what's ahead.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Open Letter to the RAMS

Dear Rams:

I became a fan the moment those old school blue and yellow uniforms played in Busch Stadium in 1995 for the first time. Yes we have 1 superbowl championship to our name but the team that played in that game is just about all gone, some players may still remain but the heart of that team doesn't beat any longer. Now 10 years later I have to watch my hometown team go 2-12 and all but give away a game to the Seahawks. You were doing so good, with leads throughout the game. Then you lose it at the end of the game and give up what could have been your 3rd (and maybe final) win to a team that came in with the same sorry 2-11 record. There is nothing worse than having somebody else trying to tell you how to do your job but if you keep playing like that I'm going to become a volunteer coach and make some serious changes with the team. All starters will now be replaced by the Hazelwood East Spartans, with former Ram Mike Jones as Head Coach I'm sure they will be o.k. playing on the NFL level. The second string team will now be the Herbert Hoover 12 light. Don't worry those kids have heart and have so far won more games this season that you all have in the last 2 years. All current players will still be on the team but you will be forced now to live at Rams Park until you can prove that you know how to score and block. Oh and sorry but there will be no partying. You don't get to hang out at EXO (I saw you all Friday night) and party like you're winners when you have only won 2 games. TWO GAMES! Do you really think it's o.k. to party just 48 hours before a game when you have only won TWO GAMES? NO! I will still plan to support you but now I will have to do it in the privacy of my own home. I will no longer be wasting my gas to travel down to a half-filled Dome to watch in horror as you play like a little league team. Please understand that I still love my team but I am extremely disappointed in your performance. If there is anything that we can do to help you further please let us know.

suite STL

ATTENTION suiteSTL readers: If you see a Rams player out at the grocery store, movies, club, church, etc, please tell them to get they behind back to Rams park because they are on lockdown until the 2010 season!