Wednesday, September 2, 2009

...::::MURPHY LEE IS FREE:::...

Murphy Lee has a new mixtape, and its titled over his new situation "I'm FREE"! OK folks, ya'll already know we about to get down to the nitty gritty of this and see what STL's favorite rapper is working on. 

Thursday Night Throwdown

With House of Comedy in it's new location, JE Ent will continue bringing you Soul Sessions, and I'm thinking being on Washington the crowd may pick up for them. With a $5 cover you can get some reggae, neo soul, comedy, spoken word and maybe some praise dancers. OK maybe not the praise dancers but I do know they have a wide variety of entertainment so check out this low key event. New location of House of Comedy on Washington and 20th (just next door to The City).

The Rams will be playing the Chiefs on Thursday (and yes you can still get tickets). And we know Liquid Assets loves to put a theme behind Red Hott Thursdays so go get you some of the KC vs STL edition hosted by "Randy McMichael and all his teammates." OK groupies you know what this means, money will be in the building so wear your tightest low cut dress and see if you can become a baby mama before Christmas.

My first stop will be at Groove Theory so I can help those men of FreeTime say goodbye to their successful Thursday Night event at EXO. They've been doing it for a while but all good things must come to an end. Don't think that this is the end of Free Time, they are working hard on the their next event already. Think New Jack City in St. Louis, you know how they do it.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Lauren London speaks That's just my baby daddy"


I know they say Pregnancy gives women some type of special glow but the only thing I can say of this pic of Nivea (pic taken by: Freddy O, and was first spotted at is NO NO. This dress doesn't work and it kind makes me sad. I was starting to hate on Lil Wayne for not being seen with at least one of his baby momma's but now I know why he didn't want to go out with Nivea...she look like she ate up Tiny & Toya.

Status Update: It's Complicated

If you're on Facebook, I know you know a couple that goes though this and if you don't then that means YOU are the person that goes through all the facebook relationship status changes LOL. It's nothing worse than seeing folks announcing they are in a relationship via Facebook, then it go to "It's Complicated" then they go to being single and folks comment all day long saying "what happened". Please people stop letting facebook ruin your relationships.