Saturday, March 7, 2009

Joe Torry acting like Chicago?

Remember when Joe Torry played the role of "Chicago" in Poetic Justice. He was the punk mailman that also slapped the hell out of his girlfriend right before Tupac beat his azz down.

Anyway, is reporting that Joe Torry got into a fight with female comedian, Vanessa Fraction. I don't have a clue who Vanessa Fraction is but she is claiming that Torry beat her ass while they were in Japan for a comedy tour. Of course St. Louis native and former Def Comedy Jam Host, Joe Torry is denying all reports and claims by Fraction. Instead he is saying that she is the wild one and that she got in his face and scratched him up.

Other comedians that were on that same tour and present during the suspected altercation are not speaking out. Although Torry was held by Military police for a short time while in Japan, no charges were filed and both have since returned to LA. Fracation is claiming that she will be filing charges against Joe Torry in LA court very soon. We are holding out hope that our hometown boy Joe Torry isn't going around beating on women. We are going to give him the same benefit of the doubt that we gave Chris Brown. It must be something in the water. As always we will have more on this story as it becomes available.

Friday, March 6, 2009

They WOULD look good in a Rams Uniform...

…who am I kidding they look good in anything, but the Rams could use them both. Vick should be out of the big house by summer and we all know that T.O. is currently unemployed.

The STL news bible (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) is reporting that Torry Holt wants out of his contract and I'm thinking since they haven't been winning any games with him, why fight to keep him. Let Holt go to wherever it is he wants to be and get Terrell Owens to join the Rams family. Sure he has a big ego, but one thing you can't deny is that T.O. does his thing on the field. Nobody complains about T.O. until they don’t win but you better believe when he is out there busting his butt on the field they all love him…well they respect him at least. When Holt gets his way and is traded, that will give the rams an extra $8 Million in the bank they could use to get Owens who will be a pricey addition.

Although nobody really made a big fuss about it, Trent Green was released from the Rams a few weeks back. I'm sure they needed that million dollars that was freed up when Green left but what they should do is sit Marc "I'm not really ready for the NFL and I get paid too much" Bulger out a few games and bring former Falcons star quaterback Michael Vick to get the job done. He just go out of jail and will be happy to play for anybody, so he can’t cost that much. I think it would be good for Bulger to get some hands on advice on how to become a successful QB from Vick.

How do you feel about the possibility of T.O. or Vick coming to St. Louis for the greatest show on turf?

LUSH is doing it BIG...again

They don't call it the BEST DAMN FRIDAY NIGHT....PERIOD for nothing. Monolply Promotions does it big every Friday night at LUSH and tonight will be no different. Join Mocha Latte and Boogie D as they host Teairra Mari tonight at LUSH.

Ms Teairra is also looking in St. Louis for someone to appear in her next video. The casting call is at I AM clothing store 5-7pm. So all you video models and wanna be famous chicks make sure you get your hair done and fits right and check out the casting call. While you are there buy a new outfit and meet us at LUSH.

CHINGY AT LUSH??? - you know we don't like to gossip here at suiteSTL so if you read it here you better believe it's the real deal. Just hours after posting Chingy's video yesterday we got word that he will be at LUSH on Friday, March 20th celebrating his Birthday. HOLD UP. That means that LUSH will have had Ron Brownz, Teairra Mari, Bow Wow (oh yeah he will be here next weekend), and Chingy all within 30 days! Most financial institutions are suffering in this economy but Wellz Fargo seems to be doing just fine at Lush!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Taking it BacK THURSDAYS: Chingy

I must admit that I kind of miss seeing Chingy out doing his thing. I last spotted him at the LOFT a few weeks ago, ironically that is the same place where DTP Madness will be held this Saturday. Although Chingy is no longer on the DTP label I hear that he is still working on his music and good thing cause I think he has a few more hits left in him. Now Chingy we are just One Call Away, and you know how to find us, so don't act brand new with us, we go way back. Hit us up so we can get you featured on the site in the V.I.P. Suite so the STL fans can see what you have been up to.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Between The Sheets: Up To No Good

I don't even know where to begin when I start to recommend that people read this book. This has gone done on my list as one of my favorite fiction books ever. Carl Weber's new book Up To No Good touch on so many different points and issues. You will find yourself seeing your life, or someone you know , quickly between the lines.

James, a devoted father and deacon of his church seems like a man who is every woman's dream. With a fear of commitment he goes from one relationship to the next running from love. He is known as the town's "whore" that is desired by many. However, his mishaps have deeply affected his children behavior. His daughter Jamie is on a fast track to ruining her relationship. Afraid that every man is like her father, her snooping may cause her to loose the love of her life. Unfortunately she has it easy compared to her brother Darnel. He is the complete opposite of his father treating his one and only love like a queen. After catching her and his best man in a rather "comfortable" position he snaps and all hell breaks loose. Trying to help his children James soon finds himself falling in love with a vixen that could be way to much for him.

I can't tell you anymore so just go ahead and pick up the book for yourself.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thicke and J-Hud are coming to STL

Get your money together now because tickets go on sale Friday for the April 23rd Concert featuring Grammy/Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson and Jason Seaver son's Robin Thicke (don't act like you didn't watch Growing Pains back in the day). These award winning artist will be live at the FOX Theatre for a sure sell out concert so make sure you get your tickets early.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Busy Weekend in the LOU

If I hear anybody else say that nothing is ever going on in St. Louis I want them to be in my shoes for just 24 hours and you will learn there is always something going on you just need to know the right folks...or make sure you read suiteSTL and you won't miss out on a thing.


Ludy, Young Dip and Will Franklin

First let me say that I have an issue with Mocha Latte and I hope she reads this because I have a serious beef. You made me miss my hair appointment Mocha!!! I partied so hard Friday Night at LUSH with the Promotions Queen that I slept right through my 7am flat iron moment. Everybody and they Uncle baby momma was in LUSH on Friday Night. Wellz "Slim" Fargo (pictured left with Ron Brownz) was there along with Kansas City Chief Will Franklin who I must say makes me proud! The HOT Squad was there to support and Boogie D was hosting...and from what I here LUSH will be his home on Friday Nights alongside Mocha. For more pics...check out the slide show on the right side of the page.

SATURDAY Afternoon: DJCF Fab 25
Saturday afternoon I had to check out my the Demetrious Johnson Charitable Foundation for their annual Fab 25 All-American Football Banquet. If you think you are doing it big and you are not giving back to your community then you really aren't doing anything at all. I was in tears at the Banquet as Darrly Burton and Joshua Kerr spoke to the kids. Both Burton and Kerry were recently released from prison after being wrongly accused of murder. There stories and messages to the kids were inspiring to everyone. KMOV sports anchor Steve Savard hosted with his fine self and the Keynote Speaker was former Rams (you know back when they were good) Aeneas Williams (pictured right with Ronnie Wingo who will be graduating form SLUH and headed off to the University of Arkansas).

SUNDAY NIGHT: Traffic Music Awards

Kyuan, Murphy Lee and City Spud

After the hour and half wait on the TMA's to start I enjoyed myself. I got some good laughs andenjoyed a great show. We presented the award for best collaboration and after almost knocking some guy in the head after he tried to argue with us for not giving the awardees enough time to get to the stage I had to check his little self and let them know they weren't even there. I'm being nice by not calling out who it was but if U C Me then I C YOU. Moving On!

JamiB. and CryssRenee
If anybody knows anything about me (Jami B.) then you already know that my favorite rapper right now is Murphy Lee so I was all good once he got on the stage and when he won his award for best Radio Song "My Shoes." Kyuan and all that bright green was all so there with City Spud who has been back for about 9 months now.

Tony J had on a white Tuxedo like it was prom and he had the nerve to change twice. I ain't mad at you Tony - GREAT EVENT. The funniest moments of the night had to be Darius Bradford crazy self on stage, he tore this one guy up calling him " Lil Dude". We would be wrong not to acknowledge the out pour of love for the beloved Lee "Rose Man" Nixon. His daughter (pictured left with the Rose Man's brother) was full of tears as the whole theater stood to their feet and chanted "Rose Man". However, I must say that for all the winners who were no shows but were in town need to be checked for being a little disrespectful in my book. April Simpson wasn't there and I know good and well Fox 2 didn't have her doing anything last night. Let me stop before I mess around and have to call out half of St. Louis. But we are not afraid to call out some people on their fashion. I understand that the country is a recession and some people had to cut back on expenses, but pulling out retro clothes from the past is not going to cut it. We saw some walking aluminum foil, crimped ponytails, pimp suits with kangols, and just some all around foolishness. Look out for our month long Arch Madness where if caught slipping you will be put on blast.