Saturday, February 7, 2009

STL Black History: Central Baptist Church


Join Jami B., co-host of The Demetrious Johnson Show (HOT 104.1 Sundays 8-10am) and writer for suiteSTL tonight at Nubia Cafe as we discuss LOVE and Relationships in "The Age of Obama."

Friday, February 6, 2009

SuiteSTL's Did She? Moment Of The Week

Ok, me being a member of the chunky girls clubs I try to never talk about a "healthy" person. But stuff like this just makes me mad. I have a million questions running around my mind and I can't find one single answer. So please help me out, tell me what to say, where to go, and what to do. I know this country is in a recession but I am sure she could afford to buy more fabric.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I. Love. You. Three simple words that alone have no true meaning. However, say the words together in one sentence and it becomes a powerful statement. Everyone loves to see real true love. A glance between two partners that scream we are the real deal, a fist bump between two that say We dreamt this dream together and We have done it, or even a kiss, although silent it speaks loudly to the masses that love is possible. As I watch the chemistry between President Obama and First Lady Michelle I often wonder what happened to BLACK LOVE?
In my opinion somewhere between the Civil Rights Movement and the rise of drug use, black people lost their sense of love. Being tired of a system that did not work for them a lot of black men turned to drugs, either as users or pushers. Working an honest 9-5 and trying to support a family was very hard. Drugs played a big role in relieving the black man from his normal daily “problems”. Signing up for the drug game is giving your soul over to the dark side. The life gets flashier for the pusher and worry free for the user, raising a family became less important. A lot of black families found themselves being raised without a father in their households. Mothers trying desperately to feed their children and keep shelter over their heads felt their love turn bitter and cold. For reasons known only to the users, a lot of black women turned to crack cocaine. From the few that I know who was/is on the drug stated it was to relieve them of stress also, if you remain high you don’t realize that your life is in shambles and your children are suffering trying to survive. For the first time ever young black kids were raising themselves, if another family member did not step in. As a child growing up in situations like this you vow to never go through it, so u place a sheet of ice over your heart. Hopefully life won't defrost your heart easily and cause you to get hurt repeatedly. Young black men are taught that showing emotions or being affectionate is lame and for men who are weak. Young black girls begin to use their body as a form of receiving love that is not really there. You will often hear the “ I love you” but never the “ I’m in love with you”. That’s the difference with the relationship our President and First Lady have. They are in love with each other, they march to the same beat and sway to the same tune. My question is how can we change this? Is black love not important enough to declare a state of emergency? Is it to late and just a waste of time to try? I sure hope not because unprotected sex now days is just another form of black on black crime. If you knowingly have unprotected sex with multiple people and you don’t know your status or theirs your killing yourself as well as them. Don’t be a part of the problem. If none of this applies to you and you are a decent black man or black woman, then stand up and let it be known that real true love does still exist!

Make your comments below and then lets continue this conversation on Saturday 8:00 - 10:30pm at Nubia Cafe (5860 Delmar) as The City Forum presents THE LOVE FORUM, sponsored by suiteSTL and B. Free Paparazzi


Come out on Friday to the LOFT to help Celebrate HOT 104.1's YOUNG DIP's BIRTHDAY. It's an all POLO affair and if you wear your POLO attire you will be able to get in free before 11. This party is sure to be HOT party. Dip is bringing out the NFL, KC Chiefs star Will Franklin will also be there. Also I just got word that there may someone from the Super Bowl Champs Pittsburgh Steelers in the house.

NOTE: We will be picking our PHOTO OF THE WEEK from YOUNG DIP's Party so make sure you are there for your chance to appear on suiteSTL.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

SuiteSTL Tribute To African American STL Natives

Maya Angelou was born in St. Louis on April 4th 1928. After her parents separation when she was just a toddler she was sent to live with her grandmother in Arkansas. She remained there until her father came and returned Angelou back to her mother in St. Louis. Although childhood tragedies like being molested by her mother's boyfriend (who was later murdered) Angelou stopped talking out of fear that her voice was the reason he died because she told on him. In her autobiography I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, she speaks of her life in an effort to reveal some of her past demons. The book brought her national success. Since then Angelou has written a serious of autobiographies as well as poetry, plays, and public speaking. Her collection of poems in Just Give Me A Cool Drink Of Water Fore I Diiie was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. She has more than thirty honorary degrees and she was given a Presidential Medal Of Arts. Here at SuiteSTL we would like to honor Ms. Angelou for all her many accomplishments and for being a classy lady.


DISCLAIMER: we have so many issues with posting this put since we both love a good comedy show we are going to post and go the event because there is sure to be some good laughs.
Have you seen anybody in St. Louis that looks like Beyonce lately? I already know that this contest is going to be pure comedy so please join us at the LOFT Thursday night for the 1st Ever Beyonce Look Alike Contest and see who takes home the $500 Grand Prize.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


HOT 104.1's BOOGIE D is celebrating his birthday today.

"Boogie D is from the Big Apple New York City (pictured left with fellow New Yorker, Sheraine of Power Stiletto) and comes to St.Louis as the Operations Manger/Program Director for HOT 104.1 and Foxy 95.5 from his last job working at Virgin/So So Def Records. Boogie D. also work at KJYK Power 1490 in Tucson, AZ were he worked overnights, the morning show, and afternoon drive. Boogie D then went to Greensboro NC to WJMH 102 Jamz where he was the morning show co-host and then went to afternoon drive. After five years at 102 Jamz Boogie D went up the road to charlotte N.C. to work at WCHH HOT 92-7 to do afternoon drive. The Big Dawg soon there after went to Washington D.C. work at WPGC 95.5 as the Music Director. Boogie D. is a proud member of the MIX Squad, So So Def DJ's and the world famous BIG DAWG PITBULLS. Check him out on HOT 104.1 M-F 3-7pm

Monday, February 2, 2009


After spending the weekend in various venues in St. Louis, we believe it is our civic duty to address some of the foolishness that we saw over the weekend. We no longer want to see the following in the streets in St. Louis

*no more 8month pregnant women in the club dropping it like it's hot

*if it's winter and you want to wear a dress that was in the shirt section...please don't

*Showing out in a rental car....we can see the sticker on the window

*if you waited an hour at Goody Goody to be seated then be prepared to wait for your food. You already know the deal so stop causing a scene.

This has been a PSA brought to you by suiteSTL.

Sunday, February 1, 2009