Friday, October 30, 2009


Looks like the folks at Clear Channel are moving to a new beat, this morning everyone on staff at 100.3 The Beat was let go including all on-air personalities as the parent company made a choice to change formats. Hmmmmm to what format you ask. Oh but of course Halloween Music? Uh yeah ok Clear Channel you may be fooling your listeners with this one but not us. Don't be fooled by the Halloween logo and next month when they start ROCKing Christmas music because it is all temporary folks until they go ROCK all the time which we are predicating will be January 1st. 

Alright STL its time for you to sound off...tell us how you really feel or do you even care.  Also we wish the best to the entire staff who was let go and if you have KIND words for them post them and show support STL.