Friday, May 22, 2009

It's Summer Time

Memorial Day Weekend is here and you know that means Summer is here! Thanks to "Belinders" who suggested this video to us via twitter. What a perfect  way to start off the summer and the biggest weekend in St. Louis. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

V.I.P. Suite: Pleasure P

When we got a call from Pleasure P, we were prepared with questions, but didn’t know what to expect from this young man. Although still young in age (compared to us knocking at 30’s door) his music and sound took a leap into maturity with Boyfriend #2, making young girls and women alike take notice of his work. He may have got his start with the former group Pretty Rickey but Pleasure P made it clear that's the past and he’s focused on the future which includes a new album on June 9th.

suiteSTL: Your songs are targeted towards women so how do the fellas relate to you?
PLEASURE P: Songs like “I Did You Wrong” They can tell their woman hey both of us made mistakes, we should stick this out and make it work. The fellas can relate to as well and there a plenty of more songs like that on the new album.

What artist could influenced you to sing?
PLEASURE P: Static Major, he wrote a lot of great songs, REST IN PEACE.

suiteSTL: If you could change radio for a day, what sounds would you like to hear more of?
PLEASURE P: More Pleasure P (said with a laughter but I know he wasn’t playing)

suiteSTL: What was your inspiration behind the songs on your new album?
PLEASURE P: THE LADIES…I just want to say things that nobody is saying, like the song Boyfriend #2. Nobody ever said that but sometimes in life it’s really like that. I’m Encouraging guys to step they game up and treat they woman how they suppose to be treated. Because what they won’t do, there a lot of men that will and are a lot of guys out there that don’t mind being that man on the side.

suiteSTL: Have you ever been the guy on the side?
PLEASURE P: I’ve been the guy on the side, in the front, the back, all around!

***takes deep breathe and wipes forehead cause after the “ grown man I will put it down on you” answer he threw me off my game and almost made a sister blush***

With an album dropping in just weeks. Music isn’t the only thing on his mind either, he’s working with Cuda Love (hometown Nelly's former manager) for his new clothing line, Jean Addicts. Ladies they go up to a size 16 so if you rocking that thick meat for the summer you can get you some of that good fashion too. He’s already worked with St. Louis native Jibbs and says that he wouldn’t mind working with more St. Louis artist in the future, including Shorty Tha Kid. The album "THE INTRODUCTION OF MARCUS COOPER" drops on June 9th and from what I’ve heard so far, you won’t be disappointed when you buy your copy. Don't forget you can see PLEASURE P for yourself at HOT 104.1’s SUPER JAM on June 13th.

Memorial Day Weekend Hotspots

(get it started early)

(take your pick)

You can never go wrong with a event by Koncepts. They always do it right and keep it sexy. Ladies rock your favorite LITTLE black dress and make sure you looking right because when Koncepts does an event the Rams show up in full force and we know you wanna get your groupie on for the summer so by the time the season starts you get those comp BE THERE. BE BEAUTIFUL.

We know our readers love to hate on Nelly but don't do the same to City Spud, go out and support his freedom as he host the All White (we said white people so do it) Party at the Skybox for the MoSpoon and Topher party. I'm thinking this event will packed so please get thier early and be prepared to stand in line cause they will also be celebrating Triky's birthday


we HEART Freetime and can't do anything but support these 3 brothers because everytime they have an event they make other promoters take notice. The crowd is always great, the DJ keeps the energy on high and they have Complimentary GREY GOOSE Cocktails before 10:30..what else could you need.

You already know that anybody who puts cupcakes on donuts on a flyer gets love from us. Forget the drama and stress and Indulge in ONE SWEET NIGHT OF DECADENT MUSIC at the Old Rock House. For $10 you get 3 great shows. Charisse Swan is sneaking int he hearts of many music lovers,Silky Sol has a style of her own that makes you want to call her Auntie and buy a CD.


stop by for a drink here...
We can't even hate on stlonfire. One of the first websites to give you an exclusive look into the nightlife of STL. Lucas Park Grille is one of my favorite spots on Washington. I will not tell you guys how yummy their appetizers are, nor will I tell you how sexy and laid back the lay out is.

End the weekend and start the summer off right with this legendary event...
There will be plenty to do all weekend long but the only event that will make you forget about work and all the other events you went to will be SYGU's TEESE event. We were there the first year and watched as the crowd thickened and the streets started to buzz. Now in it's 3rd Year, Teese is being called the official summer kick off event for St. Louis. Wear your favorite graphic tee to the event (NO WHITE TEES) and if you think you too cool to match the theme then make sure your too cool behind brings some extra cash cause you will be taxed at the door. Party starts at 9:00 and the location is at 1900 Locust inside F15teen. For more details and to find out where to get an original graphic tee check out the SYGU website. When we asked our readers who was the top promoter in town, SYGU got the vote and for good reason, there events are like no other, giving you a Chicago feel, crowd like NYC, variety like LA, but they put a flavor on it like only men from STL can do.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Our faithful reader and the first to comment on this site was Nicole, Inc. and she continues to support us to this day. Now it's time we support Inc. by wishing her HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Inc and Jami B. go way back to the 80's and if you think styling is something new to Inc., check her out back in 1985 in her fashion show rocking that Storman-Stufflin WE LOVE YOU INC.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Check The Label

Packed like Club Façade in 1998, BLACK LABEL was filled with everybody and they play cousin on Saturday for Precision LLC, SYGU and Liquid Assets joint party “Day & Night.” For $10 you got some decent music (the DJ was average) and a comedy show. 

I know folks are coming back with some of these trends from the 80’s and 90’s but some of the things I saw on Saturday night really made me feel like I was at Club Façade or Jay’s on The Landing. Straight up Circa 1998. Before the folks at Black Label and the promoters start sending us emails, we not saying that’s a bad thing. Club Façade was always a fun place to be. Never any drama and the folks inside always made you feel like you were at your peoples house for party and Jays on the Landing was known for the wild parties on the patio’s in the 90’s. and Black Label reminded me a lot of those 2 clubs.

We had a good time overall but if these “venues” are going to keep popping up around town and you have a DJ and you want people to actually dance and have a good time, please review your layout and make sure that your flow is right and you have a designated dance floor.


Nobody likes Mondays so we thought we would show some big love to get your week started right. Who needs coffee when you can read suiteSTL free. Have a Great Week!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Kenny Knox (above) performed at the Annie Malone May Day Parade on the HOT 104.1 float on Sunday. There were many photos taken that day but this one just screams SO ST. LOUIS. In one photo I can see his love his for his city and his passion for his music as he grips the mic and spits his radio and club hit "Git Ghetto"