Friday, April 24, 2009

Thicke and Hudson together in STL

The Fox was packed and all smiles as Robin "Mike Seaver Jr." Thicke and Jennifer "I'm might be preggo" Hudson performed radio hits and album favorites. Robin Thicke has some major flavor going on and had the ladies going crazy...until he started dancing. His dance moves may have been somewhat comical but his stage presence and connection with the crowd was undeniable. He did confuse me when he stopped the screaming so that he could acknowledge "Mr. St. Louis". We started looking around for Nelly and Derrty Ent, then Thicke started talking about Albert Pujols. OK. Really? Is #5 really Mr. St. Louis now? Anyway he got my attention back when he started singing a "Come and Talk to Me", a Jodeci throwback. Thicke put on a great show and if you don't already have his newest album "Something Else" which came out last fall you are missing out on a real treat.

Speaking of treats, either J-Hud had a few too many of them before she hit the stage last night or she is preggo. I love me some of her sanging but if I don't see her pop a baby out within the next 5 months I'm going to have ask her team to invest in a good pair of Spanx. Puffy belly or not, the former American Idol contestant rocked the stage and captured our attention with her voice. My new favorite song (until Murphy Lee drops that album) has got to be "Pocketbook". Hudson even brought out a fly red pocketbook with her on stage and playfully hit a willing participate on the front row with it. The only thing missing was Ludacris who is featured on what I'm declaring a hit with all women across the country. Jennifer shut the lights down and walked off stage which had folks rushing to the door to beat the traffic but those that left early missed the best part of the show, when Hudson came back and shut it down with "I Am Telling You", a Dreamgirl classic.

Never have I been a big concert goer but this one was a great show and one I'm glad I didn't miss. There were quite a few other folks who didn't want to miss it either cause the seats were filled with STL's who's who. Several Rams Players were there including Quincy Butler comes to the Midwest after playing with Cowboys. Also two of St. Louis' most well respecting writers, Kenya Vaughn of the St. Louis American and Kevin Johnson from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch were both in the house. I know they were working but with a show like that I'm sure they were having just as much fun as us. According to Johnson's music blog The Blender there are more great concerts coming to St. Louis this summer so make sure you check him out.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Taking It Back Thursday

This video comes to us from super star producer RONNIE NOTCH who posted the video this morning on his twitter account. And when he did he kicked off something new for suiteSTL. The only way we will post a "Taking It Back Thursday" video is if you suggest it to us via TWITTER. If you are not on twitter then you will just have to check back on Thursday's at noon to see what we picked. Thanks again to RONNIENOTCH for keeping it So St. Louis.

I loved this song and when the video came out you couldn't tell me this wasn't the hottest thing out from St. Louis. Video straight shot in the old Ambassador and in Leroy's (you know before they moved across the street to the bigger shop). Oh wow and all the colors and moving around the St. Lunatics was doing was too much but we loved them for it. If you think they didn't help put STL on the music map then you have lost your mind.

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Thursdays are RED HOT

We will be there cause we gotta see what the folks of Liquid Assets have going on but the real reason is to place my bet to see how long this new club at 1204 Washington stays open. Whatever the name and whoever the owner is this time around I really hope that this club can last than some of the other names that posted up on Washington & Tucker. Ladies in Red may get you free drinks until 11 but ladies if you know your body is not right please don't step out looking like a pitcher of red kool-aid. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Freetime caught on tape

Not sure why people doubt us when we tell them we only talk about the hottest events in STL, not just any event that sends us an email. We get the comments and questions asking us "what type of party will this be" or "I don't want to go someplace where the people will just be standing around." The guys of FreeTime are for sure to give you a party with out any doubt but filled with fun, good looking people and music that keeps everyone on the floor. Check out the video below from their Spring Training event.

Have you been to a FreeTime event, if so let us know how much fun you had.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

CHINGY responds

Unless you've been hiding under a rock somewhere in South St. Louis you've heard the recent drama about the tranny/rapper who says "she" (do I say she or he I'm so confused) had info about what "she" (yeah I'm just gone call her she) is claiming to be Chingy's secret lifestyle. Didn't believe this budget clip the moment I saw it on Media Fake Out but whatever. Below is Chingy's response:

Side Note: After getting a call of advice from someone I've learned to respect, about keeping our website positive, I've really remembered their words and we've prided ourselves about not feeding into the drama/gossip that can sometimes over shadow the greatness that is St. Louis. So we won't be posting the video that started this recent drama but if you really care you can google the foolishness for yourself. We don't believe "her" for one second. We would have to be in the room watch this foolishness go down, verify with two forms of id that the guy is Chingy, see "her" birth certificate verifying she was born a guy, and have "her" mother tell us that she use to wipe "her" little bottom and never saw a slit. (and to think our 200th post went on this ish)

Monday, April 20, 2009


HOT 104.1 has just announced what is set to be the biggest event in St. Louis for 2009, SUPER JAM II. Last year they took the city over and made history by bringing over 20 hip-hop and R&B acts to St. Louis on ONE NIGHT, ONE RADIO STATION and ONE STAGE for SUPER JAM II. There were over 12,000 people in attendance and this year is set to be bigger and better. The first acts were announced today and will be performing at the June 13th show at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. Make sure you get your tickets now for a special pre-sale at HOT 104.1 so you won’t miss YOUNG JEEZY, KERI HILSON, and SOULJA BOY. These are just the first names to be announced. There will be more big acts being announced at a later date. For more info make sure you visit and take advantage of those pre-sale tickets now. And if you don't have your money together today, tickets go on sale for the public on May 2. Make sure you continue to listen to HOT 104.1 for Super Jam updates.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Education is the Key

(from l-r) Charles Williams, Boogie D, Joe Williams, Kevin Chavous, Horace Sheffield, Dr. Ben Chavis, State Rep. T.D. El-Amin, Rodney Hubbard, Earl Simms, Ray Cummings, Aaron North, and Demetrious Johnson.

The Democrats For Education Reform gathered in St. Louis on Saturday at Harris-Stowe State University for a Town Hall Meeting with HOT 104.1. Demetrious Johnson and Rodney Hubbard moderated the event which brought together educators, national community activist, educators and parents. Charter schools and providing kids with the choice of education became the focus of audience members and panelist. Kevin Chavous, an author, national educational activist, and attorney who resides in D.C. spoke about how he is not against public schools but more focused on giving children a good education. I've heard the argument for years about why people think charter schools are a bad idea and how they claim they don't have any rules or anyone to answer to. The St. Louis Public Schools have to answer to plenty of people and they have been failing our kids for years. Not providing them with the tools they need to be prepared to further their education. Just because you have a Union, a board, doesn't mean you are the best choice for kids and should be the only choice for our kids. 

How do you feel about St. Louis Public Schools and Charter Schools. Is there a difference, should you have a right to choose the right education for your child.