Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nelly makes Stacks with Diddy & Biggie

Nelly didn't let the slow sales of Brass Knuckles keep him down. He has new music and is going hard pushing this soon to be hit featuring Diddy & Biggie. Check it out and let us know what you think.

What Label you rocking tonight?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

For The Love Of Money

Tonight Lure nightclub will have you seeing green with up to $1,000 in giveaways from i am clothing store. They will be out tonight to celebrate Kim's Bday. And as usual ladies are free till 11 and $10 will get you unlimited martinis all night long ladies. I'm sure will be in the building so go on a get your photo shoot on.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


An email with these Jordans with Michael Jackson pictures was sent to me today. I'm not sure if they are real are not. But just wow if they are. It hasn't been a month yet and I am sure more MJ merchandise that his estate will not see a dime of will surface. They are kind of hawt though. If they are the real deal expect to pay a pretty penny. If they are at your neighborhood flea market you can cough up probably no more than fifty bucks.

President Obama In On The All Star Madness

As the streets of St. Louis were crowded with tons of people. Highway 70 stood at a complete stand still. The only cars driving the highway from the airport to Busch Stadium was President Obama's entourage and St. Louis City and County's finest. He was here to throw the first pitch to St. Louis Cardinals player Albert Pujols last night at the All Star Game. His pitch was ok but that walk of the mound was hawt! Clearly the epitome of "cool".

Nelly's Midwest Swing

In many interviews we have heard Nelly talk about how he wanted a career in baseball. Well Monday night he was given his chance at Busch Stadium during Monday's Night All-Star festivities.

You already knew Shanti-Poo wouldn't be to far behind her man. She was also here in the Lou but playing for the opposite team of his. All is fun in love and war right? She looks like she is having so much friggin fun.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I had a chance to attend the All-Star Home Run Derby at Busch Stadium and I must say it was a great treat. Just so happens it was the location of our interview with Ginuwine for the V.I.P. Suite. The mood was great and although many fans came from across the country to attend the All-Star festivities there was a sea of red in the stands as they cheered on Cardinals All-Star Albert Pujols and St. Louis native Ryan Howard (pictured above at bat) who wears his Phillies uniform proud.

Following the sold out Home Run Derby, we headed over MLB's VIP Gala After Party. This was an exclusive event which included owners and MLB team sponsors of both the American and National League. Kim Massie kept the crowd entertained as they entered on the main stage while the smell of good Italian food from The Hill kept party goers full as they prepared for a full night.

Many MLB players enjoyed the night as the mingled with local stars including a few NFL players who were looking great. I didn't see any Rams out, ok I did but I've learned that if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. I will wait until the season starts to discuss my beloved Rams.
There were so many parties going on last night but I was NOT leaving that tent before I saw the St. Lunatics hit the stage. I thought Nelly was the only Derrty Ent member scheduled to perform. So when Murphy Lee tweeted that he was headed downtown to perform I was happy that I decided to rock some flats because I knew I was about to party. Good thing I was able to snap a pic of Nelly & Ginuwine before the show because once Nelly and the Tics hit the stage my poor camera didn't see the outside of my purse. I was having way too much to play photographer. They sang all their hits and I do believe they did more songs than they did at Super Jam. I even spotted Chingy off the side of stage rocking to the St. Louis classics and showing support, so even though they haven't said it I'm going to say that whatever silly beef Nelly & Chingy had is squashed and over so lets all move on from that old topic.

Music Legend Chuck Berry was set to take the stage next but after noticing that my strapless dress was showing some major cleavage I thought it was best to leave before the senior took the stage and I made the old school player lose concentration.

Lafayette Graduate is an All-Star

I love twitter. Without it I might have been left out of the loop on the Ryan Howard All-Star Bash. His people were great on making sure that we were in this exclusive event with Red Carpet access. Shouts out to my entertainment mental bff Kenya Vaughn from the St. Louis American for catching me up on what I missed. While I was back at the stadium breaking my new shoes I apparently missed the sexy Derek Jeter.

Once inside I got a glimpse of Ryan Howard thanking the crowd and introducing legendary DMC (of Run DMC) to the packed mixed crowd. There was some of everybody and they cousin up in Lumen. Charlie was doing his thang and good thing too because he had a house fool of folks to please.

After there I headed towards LURE but the traffic jams caused me to make a u-turn on Washington and head home. I don't know what if anything was going on at Sugar but it seemed empty and if anybody knows that guy that was outside with Rob Kirk that yelled some obscene remarks about 1am please let me know so that I can put some holy oil on his forehead right after I slap him.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Super Bowl in STL?

While the All-Star Games has the spotlight shining bright on St. Louis, could this be the start of a new trend for big time sporting events in STL? The City looks cleaner than it's ever looked before. The homeless who once took residence in many downtown parks seem to have all found shelter just before the start of Fan Fest. The potholes have been patched and trash on the streets can't be found east of Tucker.

I'm thinking if we get a bid for the Super Bowl of even the NBA All-Star (oh wait we don't even have a team) our city's downtown skyline will be as bright as St. Louis Center back when they were open.

Do you think our town is ready for the Spotlight? Can we handle it? Will we support major events in our city and what do we need to do to finally get the Super Bowl in St. Louis?

Sunday, July 12, 2009