Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Often we put so much into Mother's Day that Fathers don't get a lot of recognition. It may be the fact that a lot of time the father runs out and leaves the mother to do the job of two. But for some fathers who decided to take care of their responsibilities (like Carmelo Anthony pictured above with his son) we would love to give recognition.

from CryssRenee
"I love my daddy to death, and I don't apologize for having an undying love and loyalty to him. Yes at times he makes me so mad but then I think of the times when he wiped my tears, protected me from the scary monster under my bed, clapped proudly as I graduated, and even bragged about how beautiful his daughter is to everyone he know. I couldn't ask for a better man to be in my life. I love him and I am sure those of you who love your dad feels the same way....... "

from Jami B.
"My Daddy is there when I need him and around giving me advice before I even ask his opinion. No he's not perfect but in my eyes he does no wrong. Whether he was picking me up from from school when I was sick or taking me out to eat to the finest restaurants. And although some may say he gave me away on Oct. 4th 2008 I look at it as he is was giving my husband a gift, of the love that for so long only belonged to him. I will always be Daddy's Little Girl"

This Sunday Dad's everywhere will be celebrating the one day Hallmark has set aside to honor the men in our lives that give s life, strength and encouragement. Let us know how you will be spending this Father's Day. Take a pic with your dad on this Sunday and email it in to us at and tell us how you and your father spent Father's Day 2009. We will pick one entry and that Father lucky father will receive a FREE photo session with PINXIT Photography and a 11x14 print of there best photo (a $250+ value). This photo session can include Dad and child and will be a great memory to pass on for years. This applies to all Father's and children of any age!!!


Anonymous said...

That's what's up!

yomanwantme said...

luv da pic of carmelo he is so fine and the little boy is a cutie

stlnubianqueen said...

I love my papa too. I'm glad you guys are doing something special

Anonymous said...

Awwwww... how sweet is this post?!

My dad and I didn't have a relationship to speak of until I had to stay with him for a couple of months following Katrina. I must say now, he's a cool guy. I'm glad I gave him a chance.