Thursday, April 9, 2009

Decisions to Make

Since when did Thursdays in St. Louis become so popular? There is a lot to do tonight so now it's time to make that choice. Let me break it down for you.

With the economy being so jacked up, you never know when you are going to need a job so I stay correct on my networking skills. The Urban Mixer is the perfect place to rub shoulders and exchange business cards with St. Louis VP's and professionals. Plus anything that Vanita Applebaum Entertainment is involved in I'm there to give my support!

I would stop in the Loft to get some of those wings while I'm at Diva Thursdays and see what really goes down in there and to look for everybody that keeps hitting me up on Facebook about this event. I swear they have about 763 people promoting the same event.
Take a little walk over to Locust to show support to the gentlemen who have Thursdays on lock. Freetime, while they host Groove Theory at EXO. While I'm there gotta see what the Chef has cooking cause one wing plate never fills me up.
Then I'm skipping (yes I still skip) over to LUSH to see what those men of SYGU have cooking. OK wait I can't eat again but I will enjoy a drink or two at their FRESH event since this event is FREE all night
Right after I pop a no-doz pill I'm running red lights all the way to U-City to help Kyjuan kick off his Birthday Weekend at Escalade's. I gotta do all of this and still get home in time to lay my clothes out for The Fall Out with (my new Internet Prentend BFF) Vandalyzm which goes down Friday at the Gramophone.


Ave said...

Yeah that is alot for a Thursday but most people have tomorrow off. I'll be at Cicero's checkin out Black Spade that's if this rain lets up.....

Anonymous said...


Did I mention that I'm going to LUSH for FRESH

QUEEN B said...

^^^I wonder where you going^^^

I wanted to go out but after reading the above comment my eyes hurt. Damn get a billboard next time you wanna do that shyt

Anonymous said...

all shades of green at escalade's thats where the ladies gone be tonight